Many managed IT service providers struggle to thrive in the IT industry despite having the much needed experience, expertise and capital. Start cataloging IT Services: Each person in the organization should be on the same page on the different service offered and various technologies they involve.
Create Instructions: You don’t want your staff to spend several hours each day trying to scan through books, tutorials and help material to solve each IT support issue, do you?
Use Established Standards: Tried and tested standards such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) must be adhered to. Create a Configuration Management Database: A configuration management database or CMDB makes it easier to identify, manage or track a given technology that forms the basis of different IT support services or managed IT services your company provides.

Get the Right People Onboard: At the end of the day, it’s your team of developers, business analysts and other professionals that will deliver “value” to a client.
WPTidBits is a website that focuses mainly on Wordpress development and very small part of issues that may be out-of -topic. Often, trained professionals (including CIOs) at these companies tend to ignore the best practices followed by the most successful IT companies in the world. Well, these are tried-and-tested methods that ensure you spend time and money trying out methods you aren’t sure of.
A service catalog can help you do exactly that and also enable you to address users’ requirements in a satisfactory way.

It may include tutorials, web trends, general news and technology, how to’s and list of inspirational sites on the net.

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