It seems like drummers are taking center stage these days with the help of one major tool, the drum cover. Drum covers can be considered the ultimate outlet for artistic expression.
This may seem obvious, but so many drummers want to stay underground, or think they’re too cool to cover popular songs. Post production is the most time-consuming part of the process, and it usually causes people to give up on a project. Once you have the song down, it’s time for a sound and video check – don’t skip this step!
Once you’re ready to go, try to think of something that will make you and your video stand out. Once your video is uploaded, send it to everyone you know and post it to your social media sites. With so many digital tools, everyone has the opportunity to become a star, but remember, it takes hard work and patience. Not only can you share your unique drumming style, but you can also create a visual masterpiece to match. In this crash course, you’ll learn drum cover basics, along with the essential steps to build your fan base, get discovered, and be the star of your own show. This can be a smartphone, a GoPro, a camera, or your computer, if it has recording capabilities.

There’s nothing wrong with this mentality, but if you want to bring people to your channel, you need to play popular songs.
I like to get to a point where I can play the entire song without listening to the song. You can avoid a lot of editing and post-production work if you know the song really well. There’s nothing worse than playing your drum cover perfectly with all the fills exactly how you want them, only to realize the lighting was bad, your head was out of the frame, or the sound is off. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but little signature moves, sounds, styles, and filters can help you create a memorable, crowd-pleasing drum cover.
Do you want to be the drummer with great hair and crazy gospel chops (Luke Holland), the drummer who does a backflip off his chair (Dylan Taylor), or the guy with the awesome accents and mash-ups (Cobus)? But don’t just imitate other drummers – highlight your unique gifts and come up with your own thing. This way, if people search for specific brands or lyrics, your video may pop up in the search results. It doesn’t have to be perfect (it will never be), just do your best during practice and give it your all!
Of course, if you have access to high-quality video equipment, feel free to use that. If you don’t, no problem, just focus on putting 100 percent into your drum cover.

Read the manual – every little tip and trick makes a huge difference in sound quality. If you want to get noticed, then it’s important to pick the songs that people want to hear. Include the song title, artist name, “no copyright infringement” statement (very important; you can research what other drummers list in their descriptions), and your social media pages and website links in the video description. She earned a degree in Percussion from the Musician’s Institute, and has been teaching private lessons since 2004.  Learn more about Maegan here! Not knowing the song is also a waste of time and energy because you have to keep stopping and starting over.

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