Series processors Intel Core i3, based on the architecture Haswell, endowed with a good graphic part, the performance of which corresponds to the Core i5. 2D performance is optimized by internal changes in the processor and the new regulations, under which finally debugged program. The high cost of the competition, the same AMD A10-6800K is 20% slower than in 2D, but at the same 20% faster in games. Cost of new dual-core Intel solutions is higher than those of competitors, and the need to not only buy a new CPU, but also to replace the motherboard.
I would hope that nobody seriously uses any Intel CPU for any kind of primary gaming off the IGP. Now for casual angry-birds type gamers, or someone whose only game they play is ancient (CS:S, DOTA, Diablo 2, whatever), sure.
I actually thought the igp would be closer to the A10, but I was expecting the HD4600 with 20 units. I would think new motherboards you buy now should have firmware support for these CPU's baked in, depending on how much inventory a vendor was carrying.

I don't think too many people were saying that when the IVB i3's came out (ie, watch out, you'll need to flash an older but compatible LGA1055 board) - it seems like a weak argument. That die would be pretty useless for a laptop, given what Intel wants to do, although I can't imagine why Intel wouldn't put out binned igp-disabled parts for relatively cheap prices instead. As a result, the dual-core i3-4340 solution is often a potential challenger i5 3xxx last line. They've improved just insanely over the years, but even better IGPs like the A10 still suck for gaming. Too close in price to the i5 if you want good performance, and a cheaper pentium is good enough if you want just a basic box. But you are right, something like the Athlon x4 with a HD7750 is still far superior to either igp for desktop gaming at nearly the same cost.
I would like to see one example of FM2 board that has no official BIOS CPU support for this model.
How much would it really cost to produce a completely new quad core die with no gpu, and maybe even a smaller cache?

This isnt right because you'd think an i3 two generations newer would be faster, but its not. I was considering also the A10-6700, but really can't trust it to stay within the thermal limits of a small enclosure without more data.
It's not really a redesign of anything, so I'm thinking the cost would be pretty reasonable. Why should programmers bother implementing AVX, when the lowest common denominator for Haswell is still SSE4.2? Any pc gamer would call that the sweet spot and its a money maker for intel because its such a small die.

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