Ahead of the 1994 Lillehammer Games, Tonya Harding's former husband hired a man to break the leg of U.S.
Hermann Maier survived one of the most dramatic crashes ever witnessed in skiing history after catapulting 30 feet into the air before landing on his helmet at over70 miles per hour (112.65 kph). Immortalized by the popular film "Cool Runnings," the Jamaica bobsled team became a huge hit with fans at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. In nine days in February 1980 at Lake Placid, Eric Heiden claimed five gold medals after dominating the speed skating events.
Leading by a huge distance going into the penultimate jump of the first ever women's snowboard cross final at Turin in 2006, U.S. Steven Bradbury claimed gold in the 1,000 meter speed skating event at the 2002 Games after a last corner pile-up saw the rest of the field crash out in dramatic circumstances. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean became the highest-scoring figure skaters of all time after receiving 12 perfect 6.0 scores following their Bolero routine at the 1984 Sarajevo Games.
Austria's Franz Klammer will be best remembered for his incredible downhill run at the 1976 games at Innsbruck. Thousands of athletes from over 80 different countries are ready to descend on Sochi as the 2014 Winter Olympics begin in Russia. The 17-day sporting extravaganza is being dubbed as the most expensive Olympics ever, with the Russians having spent $50 billion on turning the faded Black Sea resort into a rejuvenated host venue.
Here at CNN, we've put our heads together and come up with our top 10 definitive moments in Winter Olympics history. Facing the Soviet Union in the semifinals -- a team which had won the four previous gold medals -- the U.S.
It had been beaten 10-3 in a warmup game two weeks before the Olympics, though the Americans did qualify for the last four without too many problems courtesy of wins over Norway, Romania, West Germany and Czechoslovakia. Then, in a contest which went down in history as one of the greatest ever, the host nation did the impossible -- it defeated a team full of world-class professionals 4-3 in a pulsating contest. The success was captured on the big screen with the release of 'Miracle" in 2004, as Kurt Russell played the role of coach Herb Brooks. It was an attack which shocked the sporting world and laid the foundations for one of the most bitter rivalries ever witnessed on the ice. But her entire world was turned upside down on January 6, 1994, just six weeks before the Olympics. After leaving the practice rink, she headed to the changing room where she was attacked by a man with a metal bar. The blow to her knee left her screaming in agony -- and so began one of the most famous "whodunnit" cases in Olympic history. Kerrigan's doctors told her that had she been hit just a centimeter lower, her kneecap would have been smashed, possibly rendering her unable to walk again. The FBI launched an investigation and linked the attack to the ex-husband of Kerrigan's skating rival Tonya Harding.
Jeff Gillooly and Harding's bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt stood trial alongside the man who wielded the metal bar, Shane Stant. Harding denied she had taken any part in the attack but did issue a statement for failing to report the incident. While the drama continued to unfold, Kerrigan made a remarkable recovery and secured her place in the U.S.
With television cameras constantly on both women and the Olympic Village full of gossip, Harding and Kerrigan went head-to-head on the ice. It was Kerrigan who came out on top, finishing second to take silver, while Harding was way down in eighth.
But Kerrigan's joy was shortlived -- she received death threats and was told to stay away from the closing ceremony as she posed a security risk. Harding was given three years' probation, 500 hours of community service and a $160,000 fine for hindering the investigation. The Austrian downhill skier, who was favorite for the gold medal in Japan, was sent hurtling after attempting a bend and flew horizontally through the air at over 70 miles per hour (112.65 kph). He landed some 50 yards away before crashing head first into the safety nets -- it was a moment where everybody feared the worst.
Somehow, Maier escaped with minor bruises and with injuries to his knee and shoulder and was back in action soon after where he won gold medals in the giant slalom and super-G. Nicknamed "the Herminator," he went on to become one of the most successful male skiers of all time, winning three world titles, silver and bronze at the 2006 Games at Turin, plus 54 World Cup race wins -- second only to Ingemar Stenmark's 86. They were four men who captured the hearts of the sporting world -- and the tale of the Jamaican bobsled team still remains one of the most romantic in Winter Olympics history. After holding trials in their home island, a team was selected and traveled to Calgary in 1988 for a test run on ice for the very first time. With the freezing temperatures and ice a complete culture shock to everyone involved in the Jamaican setup, they faced an almost impossible task of competing with the world's best. As the four men got out of the sled and began to walk towards the finish line, they were greeted by handshakes from the sidelines and cheering. India's Shiva Keshavan once more has his sights set on the Winter Olympics, with Sochi to be his fifth appearance in the luge competition. The best Olympic finish of his career was Turin 2006 in Italy, when he defied the odds to be 25th overall following his two runs. At Vancouver 2010, he climbed up the order from 31st place from his first run to end up 28th overall.
When competing, he can hit a top speed of 135 kph, with just a small sled and his protective clothing between him and the ice track. Keshavan took up the sport at the age of 15 in cricket-mad India after becoming inspired by the visit of a luge ambassador. Keshavan had the honor of carrying the Indian flag four years ago, but will have to compete under the Olympic banner in Sochi. Keshavan lacks the technology of the majority of his peers but is in discussions with Formula One team Force India about a possible link-up. One of his biggest struggles has just been getting together the funds in order to make the start line in Sochi, which he has now finally ensured via the IOC and sponsors. Skjellerup has produced a badge that he intends to wear at Sochi 2014, with the rainbow a symbol of the LBGT community. Skjellerup, who came out after competing at the 2010 Winter Olympics, reached the quarterfinals of his event in Vancouver. The New Zealander will soon find out if he has qualified for Sochi 2014 and this be able to launch his open defiance of Russia's anti-gay laws at the Winter Olympics. There is more science behind the world of curling than first meets the eye, a sport that may be played out on a rink of 30 meters in length but that is often decided by mere fractions and centimeters . The curling stone is made of Scottish granite and slid along the ice, usually with one to three rotations in its trajectory to curve it past what are known as guarding stones as teams battle for position.
When margins of victory are so tight, scientific researchers from both Sweden and Scotland have argued their research can fractionally help but also give players greater logic in grasping their natural instincts. The purpose of sweeping is done to create friction on the ice, the motion of sweeping both harder and faster extending the journey of the stone, which can be as much as one meter with the use of sweeping. Eve Muirhead's British team is among the favorites to win Olympic curling gold at Sochi next year, in what will be her second Games leading out her side having previously failed to make it into medal contention in Vancouver. Speed skater Eric Heiden's performance at Lake Placid in 1980 is arguably one of the finest ever witnessed. He was just 17 when he made his debut at Innsbruck four years earlier, finishing seventh in the 1,500 meters and 19th in the 5,000m. He won all five speed skating events from 5,000m through to the 10,000m and set an Olympic record in every one.
When it comes to snatching defeat from victory, Lindsey Jacobellis' 2006 Turin nightmare is likely to haunt her forever. But with victory seeming inevitable, the American appeared to showboat on the penultimate jump by grabbing her board. There was one problem facing Steven Bradbury at the 2002 Games at Salt Lake City -- he couldn't skate as fast as his rivals. The Australian knew he wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest of the field and so he had a choice -- go at full pace and risk embarrassment or hang back and wait for the rest of the field to crash. With the finish line of the 1,000m in sight, his four rivals managed to collide with each other and allow Bradbury to stroll over the line to win Australia's first ever Winter Olympics gold medal.
Not bad for a man who earlier in his career was sidelined for 18 months after a skater's blade sliced through his thigh -- leaving him needing 111 stitches.
In 2000, Bradbury had also been told he'd never skate again after breaking his neck when crashing into a barrier during training.

But his Utah triumph was reward for 12 years of hard work and determination -- and a tale which will never be forgotten. The "Relive the Miracle" featured video clips of the Miracle on Ice game, taped interviews, and photos. At the end of the program the players turned around and faced the large American flag draped behind the stage and put their hands on their hearts during the national anthem.
Wrote best-selling true crime book "Deadly Innocence"Follow on TwitterEmailprintcommentLAKE PLACID, N.Y.
Spectators at the Miracle on Ice reunion were handed American flags to wave throughout the ceremony.
The incident, which took place at the 1998 Games at Nagano, Japan, somehow left him with just minor injuries.
Despite crashing out on their only competitive run, the Jamaicans won the hearts of millions across the world and qualified for the next two Games.
Bradbury, who was never in contention for a medal before the incident, came from the back of the field to shock everybody.
The favorite for gold in both the 500 and 1,000m events at the 1988 Games, Jansen received word that his sister had passed away after battling leukemia. In front of his home support, Klammer, the final competitor to take to the course, produced one of the most daring runs ever witnessed to defeat defending champion Bernhard Russi. Figure Skating Association banned her for life and stripped her of the 1994 national championship title. India's Olympic association was suspended by the IOC and will not be reinstated before the February 7 opening ceremony. Here Great Britain's Muirhead is in action as her side take on Sweden in a battle of skill and science judging by the two nations' research. Professional Cycling Championship before competing at the Tour de France a year later, though he did not complete the sport's premier race. She fell to the ground and watched on in horror as Switzerland's Tanja Frieden sped past to win gold and leave Jacobellis in second.
I think every now and then you might see something like that," Jacobellis told media following the event. Please click to become an NCPR supporter today.Spectators at the Miracle on Ice reunion were handed American flags to wave throughout the ceremony. Please click to become a supporter today.The "Relive the Miracle" featured video clips of the Miracle on Ice game, taped interviews, and photos. The Americans qualified for the semifinal at the 1980 Games where it met the Soviet Union, a team which had won gold in each of the previous four competitions. The attack, which shocked the world of sport, left Kerrigan with a badly bruised knee but did not prevent her from claiming silver.
The news came through on the day of his opening race and although he took to the ice, he crashed out and blew his chances.
The Soviet Union had just invaded Afghanistan and there was talk of boycotting the Summer Olympics in Moscow. Olympic team won an improbable hockey game against the mighty Russians en route to an equally unlikely gold medal.And that's part of the magic, no? For the second year in a row they waited until the last game of the year to let Bearcat fans know their playoff fate.
Four years later he missed out again and after he failed in the 500m at the 1994 Games, everyone thought his opportunity had gone -- until he won gold in the 1,000m and realized his dream.
To get to the championship game, they had to beat the Soviet Union, and that is when the miracle happened. Thousands of people packed the Herb Brooks Arena Saturday night, some wearing red-white-and-blue U.S. Last year, they won their last game but lost out on the playoffs when Granbury snuck in upsetting O. He has been in this building, now named the Herb Brooks Arena after the team's iconic head coach, many times since that fabled tournament. During Saturday's afternoon press conference, Team Captain Mike Eruzione, who scored the winning goal against the Soviets, said the reunion was bittersweet because Suter would not be on stage with the rest of the team. Wyatt There would be no such drama this year as Aledo rode the hot hand of junior guard Dawson Gates. We had a bunch of kids that were dreaming about representing the United States in the Olympics and got a chance to do that. Herb treated me differently than he treated David Silk, or than he treated Mike Ramsey, or Neal Broten. And then they prepared themselves, and when the opportunity knocked, something special happened. So as a coach I really think he did take the time to get to know the inner workings of each player. After beginning the season 4-0, they hit some hard times the second half of district with five of seven games on the road. We all had different relationships with him, but ultimately the way it turned out after a seven-month period with him and seven Olympic Games here in Lake Placid, I think all of us would agree that it was probably one of the greatest development years of our lives as players. Aledo had lost four straight and were 1-5 in the second half of district.The Bearcats reached back and did what they needed to turn back a hot South Hills team. It was gut check time for the Bearcats and they fulfilled the promise they showed earlier in the year in tough District 7-4A. Carl Williams scored 11 and Luke Bishop was also in double figures with ten points.The Bearcats will face District 8-4A Champion (24-3) Everman Bulldogs Tuesday February 18 at Brewer High School. Everman is currently ranked # 14 in Class 4A.It will be a repeat performance for the Bearcats in the playoffs under Coach Steve Smith. Holbrook knew Mike Ramsey, a member of the 1980 team, from their shared days with the Buffalo Sabres and asked if Ramsey was interested in attending.
Ramsey said he was but wondered if his pal and fellow Miracle teammate Dave Christian could come along. And so the idea of gathering the teammates for a special reunion grew, and it was decided the 35th anniversary would be a perfect touchstone.After some debate about having the Blackhawks host the event in Chicago, it was decided that a return to Lake Placid would be fitting.
This year, Aledo is in the driver’s seat and can control their own playoff fate with just one more victory over surging South Hills. Granbury has been eliminated at 5-8 with a 47-45 loss to South Hills last night. The victory for the Scorpions was their third in the last four games and has propelled them into the do-or-die final showdown with Aledo on Tuesday night. Aledo got off to another slow start against Arlington Heights.
The Bearcats could only manage 19 points by halftime and were down 27-19 at the end of the first half. The Bearcats have been a second half team all season and Friday’s Senior Night home finale was no different. Arlington Heights pulled away in the fourth quarter to spoil Aledo’s Senior Night with a 52-43 victory. The game was delayed one day due to bad weather Friday night. It was the final home game for Aledo seniors Josh Bell, Sean Church, Chandler Dean, Matt Dunn, Alex Stockdale, and Carl Williams. Leading Bearcats vs. Southwest (8-5) and Arlington Heights (8-5) are currently tied for second place in the district. The two teams could still tie.For Aledo (6-7), it all comes down to the final game against South Hills (6-7). Unfortunately for the Bearcats, these are two teams going in opposite  directions in the second half of district play. Since Aledo beat South Hills at home 56-44 on January 17, the Bearcats are 1-5 while South Hills is 4-2. The Bearcats will be playing their fifth road game out of seven in the second half of district. With Williams in the lineup for that game, we would most likely be talking about the Bearcats already clinching a playoff spot. It is what it is and what it is isn’t that bad at all.
If you recall last year, the Bearcats had to win their final game on Senior Night to have a chance at the playoffs. Nick Losos will miss the remainder of the season with a knee injury. The Bearcats are already going through a rough stretch on the schedule playing their third straight road game and four of the last five away from home.
On top of the schedule, they had to play undefeated district leader Trimble Tech. This will be the last trip for Aledo to the historic Billingsley Field House in Fort Worth as a member of District 7-4A.
Unfortunately, the Bearcats did not leave on a winning note as the Bulldogs defeated Aledo 64-54. The Bearcats stayed with the quick and athletic Bulldogs in a fast paced first quarter. Carl Williams tipped in the Dunn miss. Moments later, Matt Bishop snaked through the lane and scored on a nice drive through the lane. The Bulldogs scored five more consecutive points giving then an 18-0 run to end the second quarter. The Bearcats have a few games where there have been some offensive lapses, but nothing compared to Wednesday night at Billingsley Field House.
Spencer Franklin is a space eater in the lane and an intimidating presence as a shot blocker in the middle.One word this Bearcat team just does not have in their vocabulary is “quit”.
Aledo fought back in the second half and solved the relentless full court pressure by the Bulldogs. Braxton McCoy hit three long range bombs in the third quarter and Matt Dunn added another as Aledo won the third quarter 16-14.

In the fourth, Carl Williams came alive with ten points and Dakota Fisher played excellent basketball on both ends of the court. In the jumbled District 7-4A playoff race, all that has really happened is Aledo dropped from second to fourth in the district. It is a dubious position to be in because two games remain on the schedule and five teams have a shot of getting the last three playoff spots. Trimble Tech has clinched first place. Aledo (6-6) has another huge game at home Friday night against Arlington Heights (7-5). Emotions stayed in check but some Granbury fans acted like they just don’t get out that often. It was at times a rough and ugly game held in check somewhat by the officials. Aledo was fighting from behind the entire game but kept clawing back to almost win the game. After Bishop’s basket, Granbury scored six of the next eight points with a Nick Losos basket sandwiched in between. Granbury led 13-8 and increased the lead to 15-9 at the end of the first quarter. Aledo started a comeback beginning in the second quarter.
The Bearcats went to work on the offensive end with two free throws by Stockdale. Granbury scored on a nice finger roll after the two Stockdale free throws. Nick Losos scored a basket and Carl Williams got his first basket of the game with 4:29 left to play in the first.
Braxton McCoy missed the front end of a one-and- one, but Alex Stockdale got an offensive rebound and scored pulling Aledo within one 21-20. Luke Bishop sank two free throws to give Aledo its first lead of the game 21-20. Granbury was already in the one-and-one and hit both ends to go up 43-36. Aledo went on a 7-0 run to tie the game at 43-43. Braxton McCoy followed with a tremendous drive down the lane scooping in a left handed layup. The good crowd helped the atmosphere for the Bearcats. Granbury scored again to go up by two points. The bad news is there are a lot of teams now who can strip Aledo of a playoff spot. Whoever designed the schedule for the second half of district was a mean person. The Bearcats have to play five road games in the second half and will play their third road game in a row Wednesday night t Billingsley Field House. Aledo has lost five District 7-4A games by a total of 19 points. Aledo lost that game by six points without the services of their top scorer and rebounder Carl Williams. The Bearcats have a tough schedule the rest of the way. They return home on Friday to play Arlington Heights who defeated Aledo 57-53 in the first half. The final game is against South Hills who have shown some improvement in the second half of the season.
Aledo defeated South Hills 56-44 in the first meeting at home. Here are the remaining games for teams either 6-5 or 5-6 in district.
They play at Granbury on Friday and stay on the road for a Tuesday night showdown with district leading Trimble Tech (10-0) Tuesday at Billingsley Field House. District 7-4A is like a soap opera. All the teams are so evenly matched the games are close making predictions almost impossible.
The loss puts Granbury at 4-6 in district.The game Friday at Granbury is the biggest game of the season for Aledo’s playoff hopes. It would clinch a playoff spot for Aledo if the Bearcats are tied with Granbury at the end of the season. Arlington Heights is at 5-4 in district.
It was the largest margin of victory so far in district play and the best defensive performance limiting the Cougars to 28 points. Three Bearcats were in double figures scoring led by senior Matthew Dunn with 15 points. Point guard Luke Bishop had his best game since coming back from football with 10 points. There are no easy wins in District 7-4A. Even though the Cougars are dragging the bottom of the district, they have played some teams tough this season.
Western Hills only lost to Granbury by three and played much better in the first game against Aledo when the Bearcats won 54-50. Friday night, the Bearcats made sure there would be no late game drama outscoring the Cougars 28-15 in the first half. Al the other teams in district have at least an outside chance at the playoffs. Aledo is currently in second place and control their own destiny at 6-3.
The Bearcats are 1-2 on the road this season in district play. This is a huge week for the Bearcats playing two teams on the road who are still in the thick of the playoff hunt. Aledo would own the tie-breaker over both Southwest and Granbury with two game sweeps of both teams. Arlington Heights was in the state tournament last year and are playing strong again with a 5-4 record and tied with Southwest for third place in district. Last year Arlington Heights, third place in district, made it to the state tournament. Despite losing three senior starters, Aledo had reason for optimism entering the 2014 season. All-District players Travis Gough, Alex Riner, and Kyle Gromann all graduated off a team that tied for a playoff spot but then lost out when Granbury upset second place O.D. Taylor Johnson also led the team in rebounds, steals, and assists. Coach Smith still had some solid players returning from varsity but replacing Johnson left an unexpected big hole to fill. A high school team does not usually lose their star player before his senior year. Coach Smith already knew he would be without the services of point guard Luke Bishop until football was over. Little did he know Bishop would quarterback the Bearcat football team all the way to the Class 4A State Championship. The Bearcat basketball team also had another setback when senior Alex Stockdale decided to play football during his senior year.
It was a heartwarming story about a player who never played football in his life deciding to suit up during his senior year. With Travis Gough and Matthew Ogden gone to graduation, Aledo was already a little “short” in the post position.
Stockdale is a physical player who has no problem guarding taller opponents using his strength and creating position on taller players with his wide body. Bishop and Stockdale missed the first 13 games of the season including the first two district games. It takes players a few games to transfer from a football mentality to a basketball regiment. Despite all the adversity, the Bearcats finished the first half of District 7-4A in second place with a 5-2 record. It was an amazing accomplishment considering all the obstacles. The key player for Aledo during their renaissance this season has been high flying senior Carl Williams. He leads the team averaging 15 points per game while shooting 64% from the floor and leading the team with a 78.9 free throw percentage.
Aledo had to play the first game of the second half of district without their star player. The Bearcats easily defeated the Chaparrals in the first half of district 73-63 with Williams pouring in 31 points. Every game counts in the tough district race. Coach Smith has found a way to make lemonade out of lemons his entire tenure as the Bearcat head basketball coach.
Alex Stockdale is getting his basketball legs back and has averaged 4.7 rebounds per game in six district contests. Luke Bishop leads the team with four assists per game in district play. Catch the Bearcats at home this Friday at Bearcat Gym against Western Hills.
Worth, TX—The Aledo Bearcats went on the road and lost their second close district game in a row 57-53 against the Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets. The loss comes on the heels of a heart breaking loss to Trimble Tech 48-46. Aledo started out the season 4-0 and still is in great position for a playoff spot in District 7-4A especially if they can get back to their winning ways against South Hills at home on Friday night. A win would put the Bearcats in a commanding position for the playoffs with a 5-2 record during the first half of district play. Aledo took a 23-33 lead into halftime before being outscored 19-13 in the third quarter. Aledo’s first basket came on a three-pointer by Matthew Dunn with 4:30 left to play in the first quarter.
He made one of two free throws sending Alex Stockdale to the bench with his third foul. Nick Losos came in and crated some excitement for the crowd with a blocked shot and steal. To make matters worse, a horrible charging call on Carl Williams with 5:36 to play waived off a basket for Aledo. The Bearcats came up with the ball after a mad scramble and a tie ball with the possession going to the Bearcats. Besides being down by two points, the other problem for the Bearcats was the clock. The clock only resets to seconds, not tenths of seconds. In the pandemonium over the clock, fans and some players from Trimble Tech drifted over and would not leave the Aledo bench area. Aledo scored seconds later putting the Bearcats up by three.Bearcats Complete Improbable Fourth Quarter Comeback to Defeat Granbury 41-37Behind by six with under three minutes to play, Aledo goes on 9-0 runBig game vs. Nick Losos kept Aledo in the game with six first quarter points off the bench. Alex Stockdale did the heavy lifting in the third quarter with five points as Aledo’s defense shut down the Pirates allowing only six points.
The basket and free throw not only cut Granbury’s lead to one, the foul was on Granbury’s big man Mitchell may sending him to the bench after fouling out.Aledo made a defensive stop and Coach Smith was able to call a time out retaining possession for Aledo before the referee called a jump ball. Matt Dunn put the game on ice hitting one more free throw to give Aledo a 41-37 win.It was a huge win for Aledo to keep them undefeated this season at 4-0. The Bearcats play undefeated Trimble Tech at home Friday night for sole possession of first place in District 7-4A. Arlington Heights is also a factor in district play at (3-1) and still have Aledo and Trimble Tech in the first half schedule. Aledo still has Heights, Trimble Tech, and South hills in the first half of District 7-4A.
Trimble Tech Cedar Park- Game 1 Bishop Amat- Game 2 Monterey Tech- Game 3 Joshua- Game 4 Burleson Centennial- Game 5 Everman- Game 6 Crowley- Game 7 Burleson- Game 8 Granbury- Game 9 Cleburne- Game 10 Byron Nelson Scrimmage Tanner Heppel # 3 Sr.
Boswell Playoff Game # 3- Canyon Playoff Game # 4- Wichita Falls Playoff Game # 5 Ennis Playoff Game # 6- Brenham Denton Guyer Scrimmage 2013 Game 1-Highland Park Game 2- Stephenville Game 3- Prepa Tech Game 4- Arlington Heights Game 5- South Hills Game 6- O.D. Wyatt Game 7- Western Hills Game 8- Southwest Game 9- Granbury Game 10- Trimble Tech Brock Parker # 1 Sr.

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