The Certificate of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is an online professional development course that focuses on the way that strategic thinking can be applied to human resource management. The Certificate of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) introduces students to the key factors of strategic human resource management, including strategic planning, managing diversity, applications of SHRM and best practice. This online course also introduces students to the theories, ideas, controversies and challenges involved in managing human resources in contemporary work organisations.
This course is delivered completely ONLINE via our elearning system, with printed materials available for purchase (optional and subject to availability).
Prof Alex Siow is currently Professor (Practice) in the School of Computing, NUS and concurrently Director of the Strategic Technology Management Institute (STMI). Prior to the current appointment, Prof Alex was the Managing Director, Health & Public Service at Accenture Pte Ltd. Alex is a Board member of Temasek Polytechnic and a member of the Edusave Advisory Committee.
In the community, Alex was the Chairman of the Aljunied Kembangan Citizen’s Consultative Committee and member of the Aljunied Town Council.
Reporting to the Vice-President Academic and Provost, Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is responsible for academic-related processes and services for future and current students, professors, academic staff, alumni and the general public. Information on everything you'll need to do throughout your studies, from choosing a program of study to getting your diploma. Contact one of our customer service outlets for support with any of the academic essentials or search for a topic using InfoExpress, the simplest, quickest way to find the information you need.
For questions related to admission to graduate studies, please contact the Graduate Studies Office of the faculty offering the program you are applying to. Search for a topic using InfoExpress, the simplest, quickest way to find the information you need. Similar geographic locations and climate conditions can have a big impact on a variety of categories, based on something as simple as the climate within a region.

Attributes are based on the consumer – things like demographics, for example income, age or ethnicity. Consumer purchase behavior is another attribute – loyalty can be measured – so a retailer may want to cluster their most loyal or heaviest buying consumers. Each of these attributes can be significantly different at a category level, which in turn drills much deeper into understanding that all important consumer.  The thought of clustering at a category level can be a daunting task. A combination of robust consumer data provided by the supplier and a retailer’s store POS data will help to create some of the basic consumer clusters.
Knowledge of how to create different types of clusters using multiple attributes,  calculations like demand indexes, product demand indexes and sales indexes to create store clusters based on demographics, and an understanding of geodemographics and location intelligence. Check out our popular blog post on "8 Ways to Move to More Advanced Category Management Analytics" Category Management Knowledge Group's blog is moving!
For ten years prior to forming McGuire Asia, he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Auditor of OCBC Bank, and before this, Senior Vice President and Chief Auditor of UOB Bank where he headed a team of about 200 auditors posted in various countries in Asia.
Larry is the President of the Singapore Chapter of Information Systems Audit and Control Association with over 1,500 members in Singapore within a network of over 90,000 members worldwide. The course focuses on the link between an organisation’s overall business strategies and an organisation’s HR strategies, policies and practices. Alex started his career as a Structural Engineer in the Housing & Development Board in 1981 and rose through the ranks to become the Chief Information Officer in 1989. On the keyboard, press COMMAND + to zoom in, COMMAND - to zoom out or COMMAND 0 to reset.ChromeIn the toolbar, select View > Zoom In, Actual Size or Zoom Out. Approximately 20 percent of a retailer’s categories generate 80 percent of its revenue.  Therefore, retailers should focus on strategic categories that significantly impact business. Larry Lam is the Managing Director of McGuire Asia which provides consulting services and training in the areas of financial investigation, anti-money laundering, Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) implementation, information technology assessment, internal control review, fraud risk management, credit risk & control management advisory and corporate governance advisory.
Larry was a voting member for five years, now honorary member of the International Banking Security Association (IBSA) where he networks with ex-law enforcers now heads of corporate security, audit or anti-money laundering functions of some of the largest banks in the world.

In 2003, Alex joined the private sector and became the Senior Vice-President in StarHub Ltd. In the past, he held various board member positions in e-Cop Pte Ltd, National Computer Board, Certis Cisco Pte Ltd, Cleantech Pte Ltd, Science Centre Board and National Infocomm Competency Centre. On the keyboard, press COMMAND + (Mac) or CTRL + (Windows) to zoom in, COMMAND - (Mac) or CTRL - (Windows) to zoom out or COMMAND 0 (Mac) or CTRL 0 (Windows) to view actual sizeFirefoxIn the toolbar, select View > Zoom > Zoom In, Reset or Zoom Out. In addition they include important details, like their own encounter, licensing, hyperlinks for their websites, and much more.
From 2005 to 2008, Alex was the Head, Business Markets where he was responsible for Enterprise Sales.
He was the first President of the Singapore Chapter of the Project Management Institute and served from 2001 to 2012. On the keyboard, press COMMAND + (Mac) or CTRL + (Windows) to zoom in, COMMAND - (Mac) or CTRL - (Windows) to zoom out or COMMAND 0 (Mac) or CTRL 0 (Windows) to view actual sizeInternet ExplorerIn the toolbar, select Options > Zoom > Zoom In, Custom or Zoom Out. In which incorporate reviews to focus on precisely what other individuals think of distinct organizations.
From 2008 to 2011, Alex was the CIO of StarHub and from 2011 to 2012, Alex was Head, Enterprise Risk Management.
He was the Secretary General of the South East Asian Computer Confederation from 2001 to 2002 and the Assistant Secretary General of the Asian ICT Confederation from 2002 to 2005.

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