TTCN-3 was piloted due to the need to improve the design based unit test phase due to poor reliability and the cost of maintaining an own built test framework.
TTCN-3 was chosen based on performance and scalability and support for code-orientated style of testing. Key requirements were support for automating translation of message types between the product and the test product whilst also supporting very short build times. Wider deployment started after improvements in TTCN-3 environment reduced average build times.
In response to a predetermined condition, the UE is operated in a power saving mode involving disabling all radio functionality for a first period of time during which no connection is maintained with a cellular communication system serving node.
After the first period of time, the UE ascertains (305) whether any attempts were made to contact it during the first period of time and if so (307) whether any of the attempted contacts is characterized by an attribute that matches a predefined attribute.
If any of the attempted contacts is characterized by the attribute that matches the predefined attribute, then a user alarm is activated (309).

The method comprises obtaining an indication that it is desirable to avoid that a communication terminal (5) of the system (12) enters a power saving mode, the power saving mode being entered upon expiry of a timer of the communication terminal (5). The method further comprises allowing a scheme of scheduled periodic exchange of data between the communication terminal (5) and a node (8) of a network (10) of the system (12), intended to periodically reset the timer before its expiry by means of said periodic exchange of data.
The method comprises scanning (101) at least one frequency band to identify available RATs which the terminal can use in view of a configuration of the terminal. The method also comprises measuring (102) at least one predetermined parameter of each of at least two of the available RATs, said parameter being related to the end-to-end performance available to the terminal via each of the at least two RATs. The method further comprises establishing (103) which one of the available RATs provides the best performance, based on the measurements of the predetermined parameter.

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