Find the best activity that works for the people in your group depending on your resources and the personalities of the participants. The actors will put on a skit, which may be based on a reenactment of a real-life situation that made one of the group members angry when it occurred. After the skit is over, the observers can share their notes with the group while the actors can share their feelings about what they experienced.
Brainstorming is a conceptual tool often used in business but it can also be used therapeutically. Each member should list at least ten possible answers within a selected time-frame, say 10 to 15 minutes. A decision should be made on the best answer or the best collection of answers that can be applied to solve the problem. Field trips are often associated with school field trips, where students get a chance to visit places where they can experience the things they have been studying in class.
Of course, the field trip could also be to a court room, a juvenile detention center, or any other place where members can see what can happens when anger is not properly managed. If enough members of the group are interested in going on a particular field trip, contact those in charge of the facility or organization that you are interested in visiting to arrange the details.
Bringing in outside speakers to discuss therapeutic topics, such as licensed professionals, authors or those who have overcome psychological issues can be beneficial. Contact the people on your list until you find someone interested in talking to your group.
Arrange a time and place that works for everyone and ask for volunteers to set up the event. Prepare a formal introduction for the speaker, as well as some way of thanking them for their talk after it's over.
Charades is a word-guessing game, but the person who wants others to guess the word they have in mind acts it out.
Designating group sessions as a 'quiz night' once in a while can raise awareness about anger management topics in a fun way. The group should be divided into those who will ask questions, keep score and otherwise run the event and those who will participate as contestants. Determine how many questions are needed, and have the members who will write the questions keep them related to anger management topics, including ways to solve anger-related problems.
It's best to use a mix of activities and games to engage members' interests and increase a sense of group bonding. It's best to start a group with an activity that provides information and stimulates insights when members are most receptive, and then introduce games when interest begins to wane.
Some stress relief games include Sudoku, Chess, word games, casual sports, the floor is lava, disc golf, Ultimate Frisbee, 20 questions, I have never, card games, red rover, and whack-a-mole. Stress relief games should be a side project to gaining control of your stress and improving your stress management skills. Once we gain control of our upset we give ourselves a great self-empowerment and a strong life skill. Stress is one of the most undesirable feelings in life, usually stemming from being over-worked, or having high expectations constantly set on you. Constantly working and thinking about working can pay a huge toll on your physical and mental health, often times causing you to be restless and eventually turning your life very stale with little to no excitement or happiness (after all you are spending all your time doing undesirable activities). In order to successfully carry out your leisure activities without any thoughts or work or guilt you need to set yourself up with a time plan for your day; this is required in any stress management plan. Stick to your new daily stress management plan and you’ll be well on your way to living stress-free and happy. Jogging, swimming, yoga, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, playing sports, pilates, dance, and many more choices are yours. Take your exercise to a new level and implement stress relief and stress management techniques into the workout.
Take some time reading about new strategies for dealing with stress and trying to mix it up.
Aside from exercise which I feel is the most effective and simple of all the stress management activities there are so many choices. Anyways thought you might enjoy that last part, but if not get some exercise and enjoy your life! There are many steps you can take and they all depend on your individuality and your workplace conditions. People can be happy and content in relatively poor working conditions if they have the right perspective. The following handouts and worksheets are from my Tips and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox series by mental heath publisher, PESI.
For book recommendations for clinicians as well as clients, see my recommended Bibliography page. Visit me on Facebook at my new Tips and Tools Facebook Page where we can share resources with one another! Although PESI is a Continuing Education Provider for mental health professionals, anyone interested in mental health and self help can sign up and benefit from these practical life skills web casts (and the books below) that are geared towards therapists to help clients. The following psychotherapy resources are some examples of psychoeducational materials such as free therapy handouts and therapy worksheets that therapists can use and download for use with their clients.
Since they are self-explanatory as stand alone resources, really anyone interested in self help can enjoy these various materials. Life skills are the common everyday skills you need to manage your life effectively and cope with life challenges. Below are some sample free therapy handouts, therapy worksheets, self-help quizzes and therapeutic group activities.
For the public I offer personal development plans, stress management techniques, positive thinking strategies, practical life skill strategies, and more.
For counselors I offer psycho education strategies, counseling skills, social media for mental health professionals, making counseling groups innovative, and more. Traditional Guatemalan toys that are small, colourful little people that a person places under their pillow after telling the doll something that is bothering them.
The 5-point scale is an intervention strategy which teaches students social understanding and self-regulation. A bowl of rice can be used for some students to calm down and relax by running their hands through the grains. Sayings can be taught and used as an automatic response when students are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
Filled with different sensory objects for students to calm down when they are feeling anxious or stressed.
This music can be used in whole class situations or for individuals as it can foster a calming affect in students. These laminated flip books use different images to target a certain part of the body for relaxation purposes. Implemented as a whole school or whole class approach, Stamp Out Stress Day is a day that recognises the effect of stress and the implication for student life. They can also teach people how to deal with their frustration, irritation, and anger before they build up stress, create conflicts in relationships, and cause chaotic situations. Observers will see how to handle an anger-provoking situation while role players will learn how to control their emotions. The lines don't have to be memorized; the main thing is to have an idea of what to say or how to respond.

His or her role is to respond to the other person, while at the same time noticing how they feel when they feel attacked, accused, demeaned, or misunderstood by the other person.
The group should then come to a conclusion of how the situation could have been handled better and make some generalizations of how similar situations can be handled in the future. When used in a group for anger management, it offers someone wrestling with an anger management issue a new perspective. This question should state a real problem they are having with anger management and ask for a solution.
This is better than everyone simply shouting out an answer as it occurs to them, because every answer influences everyone else and it will be harder to come up with original ideas. Through mime, the other players make educated guesses until they narrow down what the actor has in mind. Planning for and conducting quiz night games can also help create a stronger, more bonded group.
If there are a large number of contestants, you can even create elimination rounds to select the best team to compete in a final round. You don't want to over-stimulate people with too many group activities, and you also don't want to bore them with too many lessons. Paying close attention to your group and its needs is the best way to determine what you should do to help them. The lungs work overtime, the heart kicks into overdrive, stress hormones are released, and all non-critical body functions stop. When we are stuck in traffic or have a high workload this stress response occurs, along with its repercussions.
There are plenty of stress relief games out there and obviously you’ll want to find the ones you enjoy the most. There is much to learn in this regard and focusing on building these skills will not just give you stress relief but it will build a foundation upon which you can empower yourself!
That answer is rarely yes and more than not we don’t realize the effect it has on us. Adapting to change and learning new skills is the constructive and thoughtful way to live our lives. All of the rigorous activities you perform on a daily basis will eventually get tiresome and usually cause tremendous stress if the right stress management steps aren’t taken. While there’s no doubt work it good and actually necessary to live a stress-free life, it needs to be done in moderation.
You need to plan ahead of time how long and what hours you’ll be working, and how long and what hours you’re free to do as you please. Just remember to keep yourself on track, only using your work time for work, and your free time for leisure activities. Meditate as you run to a phrase such as “I am in control of my life” or “stress has no power over me”.
What are your coping techniques, do you use defense mechanisms, how much do you let it initially affect you. You might be surprised at how powerful some of these stress management techniques and coping skills can be. We all have those activities we love to do and we all have those ones that are specifically stress management activities.
We’ll start with the ones that take effort, they tend to be the most effective (and productive). The invigoration of jumping up and down like we are some kind of moon creature is a thrill rivaled only by being a moon creature.
Weather it’s a difficult client or customer, maybe the demands of you are to great, perhaps your working overtime or even two jobs the stress will be there. If your in an office a start can be to remove the clutter and add some enjoyable ascetics to it.
Here is a video I made for PESI to introduce my books and offer some practical tips and tools you can use with your clients. Although the following links are no substitute for therapy, they can reinforce important life skills concepts and can provide structure and practice between sessions. Since we are not born with instruction manuals about life, and formal schooling focuses much more on academics than personal adjustment, learning life skills is essential to developing our emotional intelligence, resilience, work-life balance, and much more. Visit back soon as more links are added to help you fill up your mental health life skills and therapy toolbox!
Clients go to therapy wanting to change, but often they have no inherent knowledge of how to change.
Through blowing bubbles and either popping them or watching them float around the room, the student is concentrating on their breathing which is a known stress relief technique. These caddies should include a range of different tactile materials such as play dough, colouring in kits, bubbles etc.
This is a good to keep as a record, for giving some 'cool down' time, getting all sides of the story and also allowing teaching to continue uninterrupted, until the teacher is ready to deal with it.
The corner may contain comfortable cushions or a bean bag, relaxing music through headphones, calming colours and several colourful and happy pictures displayed. For instance, at its worst, anger can lead to someone committing a crime out of uncontrolled rage. Often speakers may do pro bono work or ask for a nominal fee because they want to contribute. Body functions such as immune system regulation, cell production, and cell regeneration are put on stand by.
Our immune system is weakened, our heart and lungs have unnecessary stress put on them, our mind shuts down. The cortisol, the adrenaline, and the host of other hormones released during stress causes damage and hormonal imbalance. Making this paradigm shift in thought is one that brings us to a higher level of self-empowerment.
One of the key components in a stress management program is giving yourself time to relax, whether it be in the form of a hobby, a nap, or even meditation .What the relaxing activity is isn’t really significant.
In order to properly moderate yourself you should set aside a specific time for work, and then set aside specific times each day to go about doing whatever it is you enjoy doing in your spare time. Choosing your work time usually isn’t up to you, but if it is it’s suggested that you put aside around 8 hours daily for work. The benefits definitely don’t end there and I feel the benefits received are much more than the effort exerted. Mediate on your breathing, keeping it steady and as deep as possible while exercising, be without thought.
Is what we are doing working or do we need to change gears or directions to be more effective in our stress management. Jogging, cycling, yoga, backpacking, rock climbing, swimming, weight lifting, or even just a nice long walk.
We also all have stress management activities we haven’t ever thought of, heard about, or considered doing. For some people it just comes from working at one place for to long and getting burnt out with the same stuff day after day and feeling trapped. The visual enhancement of your space will really affect your stress levels and productivity all the while projecting good things to your co worker and more importantly your boss. It can also be lowered with proper stress management, combining the two will yield great results for you.

These free downloadable therapy handouts, worksheets, self help quizzes and life skills activities provide psychotherapeutic resources that ensure continued growth and personal development. Skill building through these free downloadable Cognitive Behavior Therapy worksheets and Communication handouts help your clients put to practice what they learn in the therapy session. It’s up to the therapist to build a well-stocked toolkit of life skills and psychoeducational strategies.
These are then tied off and faces drawn on with a permanent marker to represent an emotion.
However, this technique will not work for all students and you may end up with rice everywhere. The images on the cards are used to remind the child what relaxation techniques need to be employed in order to help calm the student down when they are stressed. So, a field trip to a prison to talk to inmates who are incarcerated because of things they did out of anger would be a very powerful, sobering experience for the group. If these objections cannot be properly addressed, then a new field trip should be proposed.
The game helps raise awareness about anger issues, and it also helps to create a playful, bonded group. With the proper stress management strategies, with mindfulness based stress reduction, and with building new habits we can take the higher road and overcome the debilitating affects of stress. We should understand that when things go aerie, adapting to the new happening will give us the power of the situation back to us.
What is significant is that you have some way to wind your day down calmly doing something you enjoy. This helps balance you mentally, and give your body a rest from all of your day-to-day work.
As for free time schedule at least an hour or two to do whatever you like and wind your day down peacefully. Health would be at an optimum level; peace of mind and happiness would be second nature to us. There are all kinds of ways we are dealing with stress but not all work and some are even counter productive.
To effectively role with the punches and also enjoy those great days to the most we should look at our beliefs and our techniques we use when dealing with stress. Once you do you can plan the stress management activities out better and use them to your advantage.
These are multi beneficial activities and once you get in the pattern they kind of just flow in and out of your day. This is where I want to dive into and explore some stress management activities that you, for one reason or another, haven’t done.
Stress management activities and techniques, counseling worksheets, counseling activities for individuals as well as group counseling sessions, all provide valuable life skills information and opportunities to practice new skills. For those interested in group therapy activities, there is also a couple sheets here that are perfect for interactive group activities.
Stamp Out Stress Day can also be used to include members of the community and bring forward the issue of stress in society. Not to go off tangent but Risk, in my experience, ends with someone flipping the board over and fights. This idea is a stress reducer, it prevents the need for stress relief because we cut stress off in its path. Finding or reconnecting with a way to exercise that you enjoy should be a focus of yours if you want all these benefits. To find what the best approach is for dealing with stress we need to see how well what we are doing is working and what we can change and add to this. It’s not always a bad thing and if used constructively with thoughtfulness it is a very good thing. There are also those stress management activities that are just that, and planned for that exact purpose. If you’ve never been one for fitness consider it if for nothing else the personal gain you will receive. Burn some old work papers and that junk-mail trying to sell you things you don’t need.
Whatever it may be workplace stress is almost always more excessive then it needs to be and changes can be made to improve your work life. The conditions you change can both be external and internal, internal being much more effective.
Chronic stress gives us high blood pressure, arteries clog with plaque, the cardiovascular system becomes weak, the immune system is compromised, we develop a poor memory. Trying new things can be a stress reducer and it will help us grow, not to mention gaining new life experiences. Exercising is something nature never intended us to be separate from.  Reconnect with yourself and workout!
Try to judge the effectiveness of your coping skills and how you have programmed your mind to react to stress (your initial reaction). If you tell yourself day after day you hate your job and you dread going into work, it’s going to get worse and worse.
We can take many steps to avoid this stress and we can take just as many to conquer the response to it.
It is very important, not just as a stress management activity but for your general health and well-being. Trying joining a group that exercises, like an intramural sports team or a trail runners group. Overall just be mindful of what you do when your dealing with stress and what you could do to improve this. Combined this with music to get you going, make yourself a reward system, find an exercise buddy, or just commit a block of your time to do it and when that time rolls around you just do it. Continue to evolve and break out of those habits to continue to grow and fit the part of your life you are in. Not because the workplace is getting more stressful or more difficult but because you keep telling yourself that it is. Also don’t let it stop there, you should be looking for ways to avoid stress and ways to not let it arise in the first place. This is not only a very low-cost high-benefit choice but of all the stress management activities it takes the cake.
It was written about in a previous articles for stress management activities so I won’t go into a whole lot.
All of us are capable keeping our upset in check which makes stress management much easier.
So much can be accomplished with a fitness activity and it doesn’t have to take a whole lot of time.

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