Barrow County Emergency Services recently hosted a critical incident stress management class that taught students how to assist others in a one-on-one, peer-to-peer support system. The class was not only attended by staff of Barrow County Emergency Services, but firefighters from Athens-Clarke County Fire and Emergency Services and law enforcement officers with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office and Gwinnett County. Barrow County Emergency Services is leading a push to develop a critical incident stress management team that consists of public safety personnel from multiple counties as well as mental health professionals from the area. The team will not only be training in response to critical incident calls such as a child’s death, but will also be developing education programs to help the public safety professionals learn how to deal with the stress of the jobs. Related PostsDrug arrests made after search warrant executedChamber honors community contributors including Rep. The Plant Wellness Way takes your business to Operational Excellence and in doing so you maximise your operating profits. The Plant and Equipment Wellness Way enterprise asset management methodology makes all previous industry and enterprise asset management and plant maintenance management methodologies obsolete. The Plant Wellness Way delivers rapid operational performance improvement by focusing your energy and efforts on doing the right things that bring operational success. I will use the image below, showing the business effect of the Enterprise Wellness Way, to explain what the Plant Wellness Way does to an operation to recover lost and wasted operating profits. Your Company produces products that are meant to be of a set quality, but occasionally there are errors that need to be fixed, or money is wasted on needless quality.
The errors, wastes and excesses you see in your business result from your business system design. Deming was warning us that all your business, operational and maintenance problems are caused by the design of your company systems and its work processes.
We have known about the problem of designed-in business process waste, errors and loss since the 1920's when Walter A. The black, outside distribution curve in the Enterprise Wellness Way image represents the current range of outputs from your operation. What Enterprise Wellness Way does for a Company, and Plant Wellness Way does for its Operation and Maintenance, is drive the existing performance closer and closer to the optimal, so that more and more of your production is ideal.
Using the Plant Wellness Way quickly increases operational profit, slashes maintenance costs, stops work quality problems and gets much more production from your operation.
Lifetime Reliability Solutions (LRS) Consultants use the Plant Wellness Way asset management methodology to create simple, highly efficient and effective business, operational and maintenance processes that stop your operational problems and make excellent product. We also show you how to lock that operational success into your business DNA and ensure your new operating triumph is sustained forevermore. We have developed a robust and comprehensive collection of engineering asset management processes that lets you create a successful engineering asset management solution incorporating world class engineering asset management systems and high reliability processes into your business.
You adopt Plant and Equipment Wellness as the one and only way to do maintenance and reliability in your company. The problem with all previous enterprise asset management methodologies is that they do not tell you how to surely create reliability. The Plant and Equipment Wellness Way has made all previous enterprise asset management and indusrty maintenance management methodologies obsolete.
The vital difference between other enterprise asset management methods and the Plant Wellness Way, is that PWW tells you HOW to get outstanding plant and equipment reliability so that you are sure to reach operational excellence performance.
The Plant Wellness Way is a systematic physical asset management methodology that provides a sure operational excellence solution and world class reliability results for every company that uses it. For world class operational excellence you need the right combination of tools, techniques and methods that gets your people and business focused on doing the important things that deliver highly reliable operational assets. By using the PWW Physics of Failure based enterprise asset management and maintenance management method, you discover exactly how to make world-class operational performance happen for your company. With Plant and Equipment Wellness you select the correct life cycle practices, apply the important Lean tools and the use vital ACE 3T quality assurance to produce outstanding and lasting plant and equipment reliability. The ways and methods for successful, lasting life cycle enterprise asset management are what you get when you follow the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way.
Plant and Equipment Wellness is an enterprise asset management methodology based on Physics of Failure science. With Plant Wellness you do not maintain and repair your equipment, but instead you create the right conditions for your operating plant and machines to stay well all life long.

When you have a physical asset management methodology with the word Wellness in its title you have to look at maintenance in a totally different light. The great power of the Plant Wellness Way is its simple approach—one methodology to create exceptional equipment reliability that works for every operation. Plant Wellness lets you introduce and sustain the proper business-wide discipline you need to quickly improve your plant and equipment maintenance performance, lower your maintenance costs, lift your plant uptime and create new operational profits because your equipment always performs reliably. World class equipment performance needs the right reliability improvement practices in your operation at each stage of your plant and equipment's life-cycle.
You create reliability and maintenance excellence that rapidly takes your business to world-class maintenance management and operational performance. Plant Wellness instils best-practice maintenance and reliability excellence throughout the life cycle. Human Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being that is disease-free.
Plant Wellness is a systematic method for generating maximum operating profit (maximising potential) through failure elimination (disease-free), risk management and proactive maintenance (seeking complete well-being), Lean waste removal (integrated and dynamic performance) and work quality assurance (self-responsibility). Plant Wellness is a perfect metaphor for industrial maintenance and asset management success.
Plant Wellness gets rapid reliability improvement and low maintenance costs because it makes you apply what we call 'Series System Reliability Improvement Property No. The 'Stress-to-Process' engineering asset management model below explains the business processes that you need to put in place to produce world-class maintenance and reliability results. Prevent stress, fatigue and contamination of your equipment parts — your machines only stop when their parts fail. Control work quality and task accuracy throughout the engineering asset management life-cycle to protect against 'human factors’ and human error in industry.
Build lean, life-cycle asset management processes full of defect elimination and zero breakdown strategies.
The 'Stress to Process' asset reliability model lets you build an engineering asset management system to deliver the low stresses your machines need for a long, failure-free life. You can certainly have best-practice maintenance and world-class reliability results from your business. The unique Plant and Equipment Wellness Methodology uses the 6-step IONICS process to control the five important issues in successful engineering asset management - variability in outcomes, prevention of failure, life-cycle risk control, work quality assurance and process step value contribution. Plant and Equipment Wellness uses the six systemic IONICS steps to deliver a lifetime of outstanding reliability and maintenance management success. You will be wonderfully surprised at how simple it is to create your own industrial asset management success when your maintenance and reliability system forever eliminates your plant and equipment reliability problems. If you want to apply Plant and Equipment Wellness in your operation please ask us and we will provide you with all the information you require.
Plant Wellness is a proprietary solution and the methodology is available under license to consultants, and to individual operating sites and businesses to use. The Plant Wellness Manual summarises the business quality framework you establish to unleash the power of this physical asset health creating and fitness sustaining operational excellence methodology.
Examples of selected techniques used in the Plant Wellness Way methodology are available at the Plant Wellness Way Tutorials webpage. The class is part of four core classes required for those wanting to be part of a multi-county team. Mental health professionals with Barrow County Schools as well as several in the private industry attended the class as well. Both lectures and breakout sessions, where students used what they had learned, kept the class interactive.
The main goal is to have a program in place that will help the public safety professional’s deal with the accumulative stress that goes with their job.
Shewhart of the Bell Telephone Laboratories developed the first work process control tools. Your operational performance becomes the red distribution curve hugging the Optimal result. With world-class processes, practices and behaviour you cannot help but get world-class productivity from highly reliable plant and equipment that have the lowest maintenance costs.

When you put the right maintenance processes and reliability practices into your maintenance and reliability system you will fix your reliability and maintenance problems. The return is around ten to one—for every dollar you save in equipment failures you make an extra ten in profit. With this scientifically-based model you can design and build the least cost, least manpower and smallest enterprise asset management systems and processes that produce sure operational excellence.
The health of your equipment parts fatally impacts any chance you have for operational excellence. Mistakes, misunderstanding and ignorance by people during design, manufacture, selection, storage, installation, operation, and maintenance cause 70 to 80 percent of your plant availability and reliability problems. A successful life-cycle asset management system naturally produces the first two requirements. With the right business processes you can surely bring operational excellence and world-class asset maintenance and reliability results to your business.
You need only select the right blend of best-practice engineering asset management, combined with efficient, lean process improvements, and then lock them in-place with a truly effective work quality assurance system.
It has just one focus—to build the smallest and fewest life-cycle asset management and maintenance management solutions that always deliver best practice maintenance and reliability excellence TO your equipment. This is inevitable when you create life-cycle maintenance and reliability systems and processes that produce best practice maintenance performance and maintenance and reliability excellence in your organization. Contact Us today about developing a Plant Wellness maintenance cost reduction and reliability improvement plan that changes your business processes to deliver industrial asset maintenance management and reliability excellence. The information presented on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information found on any product label or packaging.
This education will teach family members what to look for if their loved ones are having problems and how they can assist them in dealing with stress. It gives your business the methodology and structure to build the culture, systems, processes and practices that create the world-class equipment reliability you need for low cost production with low cost maintenance. You will stop your production problems with business processes and maintenance practices that remove the defects which cause your plant and equipment failures. It makes you create a best-practice maintenance and reliability culture across your operation that leads to quick reliability growth and a rapid fall in maintenance costs seemingly overnight. Those big, new profits make a very powerful business case for bringing high reliability to your organization. New profits from your operation will pour into your bank with your new world-class competitive maintenance and reliability system. Use Plant Wellness to introduce life-cycle profit asset management, precision operation and precision maintenance quality assurance into your operation that create a best practice reliability and maintenance system. You will be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get best practice maintenance performance and rapid reliability growth from your operations. You should always consult with a qualified health care professional before starting any exercise, diet or supplement regimen. Another advantage is this system can be utilized in other areas, including Barrow County Schools.
Edwards Deming learnt from Shewhart and explained it to Japanese managers and engineers in 1950. The information on this site is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research of Pamela Alboher-Ray and North Star Health Center. We encourage you to make your own health care choice based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. North Star Health is licensed to distribute the professional nutritional products manufactured by Premier Research Labs, Austin, TX.

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