It is also one of the self paced stress management courses online and therefore it will not stress you with deadlines. Relaxation techniques are a central component of effective stress management since they can counter the body’s stress response by activating its relaxation response and thus reduce the symptoms of stress that may develop when someone is in a stressful situation. If you sincerely cannot afford to buy any of our books but you really need it, please send us a note using our Contact Form.

This basics class was originally taught to a group of first responders with a focus on trauma. Links have also been provided for additional information and to to help you obtain some of the items discussed in the course.
We hope you use this information to spark some personal healing and dive in deeper with our full classes for download, via live stream and in person!

It also helps you teaches you how to establish daily morning and evening as well as weekly relaxation routines so that you can incorporate these relaxation techniques into your lifestyle.

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