This quiz and corresponding worksheet assess your understanding the communication skills of good leaders. For a better understanding this subject, review the lesson called The Importance of Strong Communication Skills for Leaders. Today these skills are becoming even more important for leaders due to the amount of distractions.
With a large portion of leader interactions done virtually these days, listening is even becoming harder.
I would also recommend using appropriate language on conference calls, even when others can’t see you. This is also important because it says to the one you are speaking to that you really want to listen and that you care.
And always, if you don’t understand what is being said, ask those you are listening to, to repeat it or explain it more. If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email or Google + by using one of the buttons below.

Answer questions about the components of strong communication skills and the benefits to listeners.
I can remember several years ago sitting in a colleagues office and sharing some special things about my family. I would venture to say that most leaders on conference calls do their fair share of multi-tasking (which doesn’t work as well as some would like to think) and miss important information. You will be surprised how much easier it is to formulate a better response when you have listened to everything being said. You will be more prepared to listen when you tell your brain through the use of appropriate body language that you are engaged.
The better we can listen as leaders, the greater understanding we will have and the more care we will demonstrate. You can start by applying the tips above in the next conversation you have with someone whether at home. I must have been boring, because in a matter of a few minutes he was pulling out his phone going through email.

Most of us are trying to be understood without really taking the time to understand what the other person is saying. Try to anticipate what they are leading to and any conclusions they are attempting to draw. We are formulating a response to what the other is saying and miss most of what is being said. Many years ago I was in a job interview and one particular person on the panel just stared at me in a slouched position with her arms folded. If you know you will have to restate what is being shared, you will be more focused on listening to what is being said. I ended up getting the job, and it turned out she actually did like me, that was just her body language when she was in any meeting.

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