The individuals listed below have invested a great deal of time and effort to become experts on The Student Leadership Challenge and Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. The most important personal quality people look for and admire in a leader is personal credibility. Building community, sharing ideas, engaging in developing the next generation of exemplary leaders our world needs—we invite you to join us on this special journey and welcome you to the inaugural issue of The Student Leadership Challenge eNewsletter. We are happy you’re here to ring in the New Year with what will be our way of sharing stories, examples, and information about The Student Leadership Challenge.
Many educators and administrators have come to rely on the comprehensive library of books, assessments, and workshop programs in The Student Leadership ChallengeTM catalog. The Student Leadership Challenge website—completely devoted to all things student- and educator-related within The Leadership Challenge family.
New Products, like the recently launched Self-Paced Foundation Course, which is a great introduction for anyone new to The Student Leadership Challenge. We hope you find the information in this eNewsletter informative and useful in your work with today’s aspiring leaders. Whether sorting canned goods at the local food bank or organizing a recycling campaign on campus, Florida State University students are giving back to the community and demonstrating the power of exemplary leadership. Moved by her own experience of the power of education and the generosity of others to change lives, Erna Grasz has embarked on a successful mission to bring quality education, and leadership and life skills training to students and teachers in Tanzania and Kenya that is building the capacity of communities to take their future into their own hands.
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This week’s state elections got us asking: What are the characteristics you most look for in the leaders you admire? Learn more about what makes leaders admirable and credible in this introductory chapter of The Student Leadership Challenge, Second Edition. Start using the Student LPI to measure your students’ leadership behaviors and improvement today.
If you’re just starting out with The Student Leadership Challenge, begin with this handy guide. Roll The Student Leadership Challenge out to your next incoming class, a specific department or cohort, or your entire campus. We are looking forward in the next few months to offering you some new tools to enhance your collection of leadership development aids, developed based on the feedback we got from educators like you.

First, at the end of January, you may have noticed the fresh new design for the Student LPI Online reports. You also may have noticed that we changed the name of the online instrument slightly, now calling it the Student Leadership Practices Inventory® 360 Online. Next, coming in May, we’ll be releasing a plethora of new tools to help you teach The Five Practices. The Student Leadership Challenge: Facilitation and Activity Guide gives facilitators an overview of the model and provides a flexible, modularized format for teaching students how to apply The Five Practices. The Student Leadership Challenge: Student Workbook and Personal Leadership Journal is designed to be used with the The Student Leadership Challenge or the Student Leadership Practices Inventory. Updated and newly designed versions of the Student LPI Self and Observer instruments in print form, including slight modification to the 30 behavior statements, as I noted above. New edition of the Student LPI Scoring Software that will include the reworded statements and refreshed reports with new norming data. Erin Null is editor and program manager for The Student Leadership Challenge as well as other student leadership, personal development for students, student affairs, and online teaching and learning products and services from Jossey-Bass.
They have successfully completed The Student Leadership Challenge Certified Facilitator training program which is the only program that is recognized by the authors and publisher of The Student Leadership Challenge to certify those who are dedicated to this leadership model and the development of students and young leaders.
Grounded in over 30 years of extensive research, they have identified The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® that are common when leaders are able to make extraordinary things happen. And with our new eNewsletter, there is now one more valuable resource to help keep you connected to the latest products and tools available. We will be regularly updating current content that includes information on The Five Practices model, the Student Leadership Practices Inventory assessment, books, training opportunities, events, and videos. It provides guidance and tools to help you develop as an individual leader and to learn ways to begin liberating the leader in the students you teach. They are modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act as change agents, and encouraging one another through the process. As an administrator with a large Hispanic student population, how and what things are essential in preparing this set of students? At a purely technical level, when we look at the data we see that what matters most is how people behave as leaders, not whether they are Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Black, or White (nor does gender, or academic major, or GPA make a significant difference). Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

The Student LPI measures the frequency with which students engage in 30 distinct behaviors that are the foundation of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.
Our custom training and services will enable students, faculty, and staff across your campus to become fluent in a common language of leadership, participating in a consistent, in-depth experience.
One of my resolutions for the new year is to make renewed daily effort at practicing my leadership behaviors, as I suspect is the same for many of you and hopefully the students with whom you work.
For just $7.00, this option could be a better fit for students who may not have sufficient leadership experience to gain insight from the 360 inventory that includes Observer surveys.
It will help students go deeper into the actual practice of leadership, guiding them in better understanding and embodying The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in a meaningful and relevant way. While the modifications don’t change the meaning of the items or the validity and reliability of the inventory, they will be more universally understandable and applicable. All administrators and students will have free access to the modules about the Student LPI administration, facilitation, and interpretation from the Facilitation and Activities Guide and the Student Workbook and Personal Leadership Journal, respectively.
We’ve listened to your ideas and feedback over the years and are delivering on the promise to offer you the best leadership development tools for your ongoing and ever-important work with young leaders. Plus check in often to access free instructor resources, such as case studies, activities, sample syllabi, lesson plans, and more. With detailed scripting and a Personal Credo Worksheet, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner offer the tools you need to help your next group of aspiring leaders launch their credibility journey. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo more text here and there consequat. As facilitators and educators, this product also may be a better choice if you prefer not to begin with the depth of assessment detail that Observer surveys provide. These resources are more relevant, up-to-date, and suitable for use with the online versions than ever before. We hope to help you make 2013 your best year yet for liberating the next generation of leaders!
Let us know how we can provide more of the tools and resources you need as you continue on your own leadership journey.

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