A goal setting worksheet can clarify what you want, and using a goal setting worksheet can make achieving your goal easier when life gets in the way.  Here’s our goal setting worksheet and some tips for using it. Specific: it’s not vague, meaning you can it explain easily, clearly, and quickly to somebody else, as though you were giving an elevator speech about it. Measurable: there are numbers attached to the goal, like writing a 300-page novel, spending less than $75 a week, or learning 10 new recipes.
This goal setting worksheet we’ve designed emphasizes the same things that you’ll encounter in the SMART goals system. Rhianna and Paige took a lead role at the recent R-12 assembly and lead us through the formal introduction and acknowledgement of all student leaders.

The student voice focus has developed a culture of regular class meetings, fortnightly year level student leadership meetings and fortnightly Student Executive meetings. This Plan, Do, Study Act Cycle will train our students to tackle problems and plan for well defined ways forward to reach the solution. Students were involved in one day of training in the use of the Quality Tools and using an improvement cycle to address school improvement issues.
After the training on day 1 the multi aged student groups then identified a problem to work on. All the teams were required to write reports on the process and what was going to be actioned to address the problem.

The Leadership Training Sessions provided a great experience for our 60 student leaders where they developed skills and processes they can use in all life situations whether it be at home or in the community not just school. Congratulations to the 96 students who have been nominated as leaders representing their year level. Also congratulations to those students who were then nominated to be on the HCS Student Executive for 2014.

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