At the outset, youth should plan their personal growth and job placements while in the campus.  As students who have considerable time and freedom at your disposal, it is generally possible to overlook wastage of precious time which should otherwise be used for achievement of short-term and long-term goals of life. Please read this article where we have highlighted the approach as to how youth should prioritize their avocations for personal growth.
Never conduct yourself with haughty behavior which may detract your mentors in extending their support to you. Never get disappointed at failure.  Failure is the stepping stone for success when you learn the reasons for failure and when you attempt to rectify the reasons in your next attempt.
The most important responsibility of youth is to know about themselves as to what they are, what they want to be and how they can realize their plans.
The discussions highlighted on the perfunctory practices of imparting education by educational institutions and the casual approach of students in their educational pursuits.

What is the benefit of indulging in regular chit chat on movie gossips, frivolous interactions in coffee shop or roaming online?
What is that you will do when you end-up on the roads with a cyclostyled resume where you yourself don’t know anything about its contents? What is your feeling when you draw a blank face during interviews?  Especially when you fail to say about yourself for a minute even. What is the purpose of doing Engineering PG or Science PG when you yourself at times compromise for a small job in a call center?
What is going to be your answer when your employer finds that you gained entry through a fake experience? What is going to be your answer to your spouse or your children in later years about how you wasted your time?

What is your answer to your parents, to the society who cherish to see you in a leading position.
As a student you have all the resources online like e-Learning, Free-Online education, Free-Tutorials, Free Tutors, Free study material, Free guidance, Free case-studies and Free mentoring.  Why don’t you use these resources instead of complaining on the educational system or teaching community?  There are many performing students around you who are simultaneously engaged in both work and study.  Why don’t you take them as an example?  Why you end up being dependent and go frustrated when you don’t find aspired results?  Is it the fault of your false aspirations or fault of you becoming dependent? You can achieve quality on your own.  If you don’t perform well as a student you may probably repent the rest of your future for losing the most precious part of life.

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