Molloy College will be closed Monday, May 30 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday and will reopen on Tuesday, May 31.
Campus life at Molloy College is vibrant and growing with more than 50 clubs and societies. Doing well in college is often a balancing act: you are learning so many new things, being exposed to new ideas and people, making friends, and having fun. By learning the material in an organized, methodical way you will be in very good shape when exam time rolls around.
Remember, college is a unique experience, so make the most of it by studying efficiently so you can both succeed and have time for extracurricular activities as well.
Did you know that there are different skills needed to study math as opposed to other subjects? The Music Therapy Club, the Gaelic Society and the Performing Arts Club are just a few of our exciting clubs.
Having good study skills will ensure that you both succeed in your classes and also make the most of your study time, so you also have time to experience the many other facets of life that college offers.
College is a time of great exploration, and learning requires making errors and experimenting. Most college students wait until the last minute and then try to cram a few days before exams, but if you put in a few minutes a day of focused learning, you will be much better able to learn large amounts of material.

Do you know where your strengths and weaknesses are in math - not just the content but in the approach that you use to do mathematics? As a professor at a large university, here are some tips I offer my students to enhance their study skills for college. The key is to use any confusion you encounter as a jumping off point for digging deeper into the material. Consider these individuals part of your path of learning, and you will reap great benefits from their advice, knowledge, and experiences.
You would be surprised - sometimes as the saying goes "we are our own worst enemy." There are many surveys out there on the Internet to help you find out these things. Welcome confusion as a chance to understand something more profoundly instead of becoming frustrated and giving up. If you’re struggling with an assignment, reach out to another student or the teaching assistant in the class to troubleshoot.
This is one of the best study skills for college students to establish, as your notes will serve not only as a study guide later, but also as a way to concretize your understanding by writing the ideas in your own words.
College is an opportunity to develop a true sense of curiosity in learning, rather than simply memorizing material. If you’re studying for an exam and don’t know how to approach the huge amount of material, sign up for a session at the study skills center.

Or, perhaps you’re writing a paper and need help finding rich source material; check in with the librarian who may have excellent ideas for how to locate good materials.
If you’re having trouble finishing the reading assigned for all of your classes, consider taking a speed reading class, which may be offered at your study skills center.
It only takes a few minutes and will help give you a good start on what you need to change to be successful. As a professor, I am always appreciative when students bring me challenging questions with the desire to further their knowledge and understanding.
Then, when you are finished, read through the next page and see if you can answer any of these questions. It is also very clear to me that students are deeply invested in learning the material if they visit me during office hours to discuss any questions they have about the material.

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