Tips and tricks to help you study effectively for the best results!.Learning Preferences-VARKMr Hegarty's VARK Presentation FileWe all learn best in different ways. BUT right up there is the lack of vision and goals.The message in the first two clips is that without goals it is difficult for you to become "the best you could be" and that you need to take charge. Tell them the specific goal, how you will know you have reached your goal and when you want to reach your goal.
It is very hard to self-judge as to the stage we are consistently making moral decisions at and we all make moral decisions at a variety of levels, however, imagine how different a school would be if all the students were operating at stage 4 rather than stage 2. The links below will teach you how to google like a pro and save hours of time that you could have spent wading through spam.
Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster.
Kevin has edited encyclopedias, taught middle and high school history, and has a master's degree in Islamic law.
What Is the Quick Access Toolbar?Let's say that you've been using Excel for a while, but still doing things very much by the book.
Achieving BalanceNeedless to say, there are a lot of options that are available on the Quick Access Toolbar. They are widely accepted as being a useful way of describing moral development; they could also be used in personal goal setting. There are many different commands that can save you hours of wading through endless spam about $2.50 laptops, to find the actual page you are looking for. Don't worry though, you can still take steps to make sure you'll be revising super-effectively. It might seem like a good idea to cram through the night into the early morning but you just have to make up for the time in sleep the next day. Some people can read and memorise, some need to rewrite and summarise their notes and others use diagrams to symbolise concepts. However, Excel does have a very quick way to do basic operations, such as saving, undoing, and printing--the Quick Access Toolbar. That means whenever you want to start a new document, you go to the file menu and select new. The information here guides you through a process of discovering your learning preference and the implications for how you should best study.Vark Questionnaire URLLearning Preferences mp3 FileLearning Preferences wordle URLAbove are audible and visual versions of the text above.

Thoughts on Goals ForumSmart GoalsIt’s fine having goals but they need to be SMART goals if they are going to be achieved. The aim would be to become more mature by mostly making decisions based on as high a stage as can be achieved.
Likewise, if you want to insert a simple formula to find the sum of a set of cells, you go to the formula tab of the ribbon and find it under arithmetic formulas. Some people may find comfort having a full lineup of Quick Access Toolbar icons at the ready. There are tools on the internet that can convert text into audio MP3s and create visual wordles that you can use for revision. When you decide on a goal the next step is to write it down and check it against the SMART goals headings.
Taking exams can be a time for stress and anxiety if you have not studied during the year; you will find yourself cramming for each test and studying late to find the best time and place to study so that you can use your time effectively.
When we don’t share a goal we are saying to ourselves we are going to fail and we don’t want to be embarrassed.
For those of you using older versions of Excel, it is located below the menus, and is one of the most useful aspects of Excel.
Everyone has different preferences so here are some resources to finding yours into the night. Some users will have moved the toolbar to the highest part of the Excel Window, at the same level as the options to close, maximize, or minimize the window. As you can imagine, these two have very different results, especially if one forgot to save their work first. With a little time management during the school year, you not only minimize stress at exam time, but maximize productivity and results!
Not that I'm speaking from experience therea€¦ In short, it is wise to only include the most used icons on the Quick Access Toolbar.
In this lesson, we'll assume that you know where the toolbar is, mainly because I just told you.
Many users choose to only include options to save, print, undo, and redo, limiting their ability to create any bigger mistakes in the future.
However, what we will largely focus on is the ability to customize the toolbar to make your own interactions with Excel that much more efficient.

We saw that it allowed users to quickly perform many of the most common operations within Excel. Uses of the Quick Access ToolbarFirst of all, let's discuss what the Quick Access Toolbar cannot do, even with the best of customization.
We also noted that it was located either at the top bar of the program or just under the ribbon. The Quick Access Toolbar cannot magically save you from having to enter all of the data you have to. Further, we learned how to customize the toolbar for a number of uses, as well as focused on realizing that there is a point where too much customization may hurt productivity. Nor can it be used to easily produce complicated formulas based off cells from all over a sheet.
However, it can serve as a quick access point for very common functions so you don't have to change ribbons while performing. For example, if you were going to add a complicated formula, you would probably want to save your work before you proceeded. Due to the quick access toolbar, you can hit the disk icon, and it will be instantly saved.
Customizing the Quick Access ToolbarDifferent versions of Excel ship with different functionalities already on the Quick Access Toolbar.
For you, that means that you may not immediately have a summation button, represented by the Greek letter Sigma, or a quick print button. To add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar, click the arrow pointing down to the right of the toolbar. A drop-down menu will offer a variety of options that can become part of your customized toolbar. Likewise, if you don't see something you like, you can click the option to select more commands at the bottom. Just the same, if you prefer for the quick access toolbar to be lower on the screen, you can select the option to place it below the ribbon.

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