As Life, Relationship and Business Coaches, we  have given guidance to many business owners and entrepreneurs over the last decade.
Based on our interaction and experiences with these individuals, we formulated what we believe to be the 10 most important questions any entrepreneur wants to ask him or herself on a regular basis to create the results he or she desires. Question 2: Do I treat my business like a business?  Most people who say they own a business treat it more like a hobby.
Question 9: Do I have gratitude for who I am and do I accept where I am right here and now?
KIP: The pressure is just an expectation, and the expectation that we have of ourselves is greater than what anybody can put on us.
KIP: Every time something big happens, [Head Women's Swim Coach] Cyndi Gallagher '83 gets everyone together. CC: And someone like myself, who would love to have a family and kids, I'm watching that— OK, how do they do that? CF: When I have a child on the phone or something comes up and I don't know what to do as a coach, I can always go to Kelly about juggling the family thing. The answer to this question will give you a good indication of the direction your business is going.
Treat your business with the respect it deserves.  Your business is a reflection of how you treat yourself and ultimately how others see and treat you.

If you do, your subconscious mind will assist you to create events that reinforce those thoughts and beliefs. As Business Coaches, we ask entrepreneurs if they have a clear vision for their business, and most important, do they put service first above everything else, including the money. As Life, Relationship and Business Coaches we often discuss the clients’ relationship with money.
Gratitude and acceptance of what you have and what is in this moment are the two greatest catalysts for positive change.
As Life, Relationship and Business Coaches, we witness time and time again, clients who refuse to give themselves permission to succeed. It's nice to have that sense of camaraderie, even though we may not always get to spend time together outside of what we're doing.
They are all  important and relevant questions to ask yourself if you are seeking positive change and improved results.
Know where you are today, so you can create positive changes for you, your life and your successful business tomorrow!
The first thing [Senior Associate Athletic Director] Petrina [Long] said to me was, "It's going to take you five years, honey, to win a championship. As Life Coaches, Relationship Coaches and Business Coaches, we have witnessed entrepreneurs operating from fear: fear of failure, success, commitment or rejection.

When your talents can bring you money and you feel undeserving, you will sabotage your success. If you have a poor self-image you cannot outperform it unless you are willing to change it.
And the reality is that not only have I not won a national championship, but women's basketball has not won one since the AIAW [in 1978]. You're not measured by the championships you win, but by the effort you put in making sure everyone understands how important and special it is to be a Bruin. Be willing to constantly expand, grow, unfold and re-invent yourself as the CEO of your life and business. And some people look at that like, "Do you feel pressure to make that happen?" No, I'm inspired to make that happen. This doesn’t mean ‘better’ than you were yesterday; it means being and giving more of who you are to the world.

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