July 17, 2013 by Jack Canfield 4 Comments My life’s purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower people and organizations to live their highest vision in the context of love and joy. I especially appreciate "a coach needs a coach" in your list of principles under the coaching spirit section. Chicken Soup for the Soul is a registered trademark of Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC. Garfinkle Executive Coaching has worked with more than a thousand coaching clients in twenty-five countries and has been recognized as one of the top 50 executive coaches in the U.S.
Joel’s 17 years of experience in developing, producing and implementing executive coaching programs have proven valuable in knowing the top five factors to consider when creating a successful executive coaching program.
Joel’s coaching helped me identify and implement new strategies that allowed me to take my career to a new level. Garfinkle Executive Coaching takes into account your organization, its culture and your specific work relationships. As you receive practical, real-time feedback and counsel from the executive coach, you will be able to identify specific behaviors that can be improved immediately. Note: When companies and organizations look for an executive leadership development program, they should make sure the coaching firm under consideration has a strong track record of delivering in all three areas described above. As a talent development specialist, Joel will help you advance your career quickly, create lasting change and experience long-term success.
The relationship you and your executive coach build together will help you understand your needs, values and belief systems, as well as help you gain a greater awareness of your strengths and limitations. Success comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values and how they best perform. Drucker is right: to be a self-aware leader, you must know what you feel and think and be aware of how you act. When employees leverage self-awareness, they improve their performance by capitalizing on their strengths and minimizing the number of mistakes.
When you look closely at the specific, measurable results as well as the intangible benefits of our executive coaching program, you’ll easily be able to identify the value and return on your investment. Career Advancement BlogSign up to receive the blog via email and get a free tool that tracks your value to the organization.
Joel Inspirational Speaker Learn Why Joel Garfinkle is Sought-After Professional, Motivational and Keynote Speaker.
Any company operating in multiple countries or having employees with different cultural backgrounds must adapt to cultural dynamics, in order to be successful, and to keep employees motivated and performing at their peak performance. Global Success Coaching supports leaders in the complexities and paradoxes of working with multi-national cultures and organizations. Global Success Coaching is part of an international network of professional Coaches and Specialists from a range of private sectors, with a wide span of international experience and expertise.

We are particularly specialized in supporting organizations, teams, and leaders in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region. Thanks to working with Cornelia, I acquired Cross-cultural Identity and Cross-cultural Sensitivity. Angela was a senior executive of a European multi-national company, sent to an Asian country to head the Executive Management Team. Performance Coaching can help individuals to address a variety of issues in their lives e.g current job performance, a new career path, improve key relationships in their company, influence key decision makers, improve their work-life balance or tackle any issues that the client feels will add value to their life.
In all cases we offer clients a complimentary first session in which we can assess the client's needs and design programmes to achieve their specific objectives.
It is then the client's decision if they want to follow our proposal and at what pace they want to progress. One-to-one sessions can be held at our offices at Beechwood House or at the client's work or home.
Academy students study an extremely rigorous curriculum which requires them to adopt new approaches to learning.  With this in mind, QACI implements the Success Coaching Program (pastoral care program) to ensure that all students achieve to their potential through developing a range of strategies and behaviours. Under the program each student is assigned to a Success Coach who acts as their on campus parent. Meeting with each student one-to-one on a regular basis to discuss progress and provide mentoring.
The Success Coaching Program is the key mechanism for ensuring the well being of all Academy students. The role of Success Coach is to support and advise the students on their overall Academic organisation and performance.  The focus is targeted to meet the needs of high performing students in an environment of higher learning.
I’ve been coaching and training for the last 40 years of my life and have built an entire coaching division of my company where together, we’ve been able to successfully coach thousands of people to get past their roadblocks and create massive success, joy, and prosperity in their lives.In my latest book, Coaching for Breakthrough Success, my co-author, Dr.
I know very well what it takes to be a coach and i must agree that these are all key to my success as a coach! I worked for a large restaurant chain when I was in my twenties that evaluated its middle and senior management based on how well they had coached and managed their management team, and how well the management team coached and managed their restaurant staff. As an executive coach, Joel has extensive first-hand experience working with many of the world’s leading companies, including Oracle, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, The Ritz-Carlton, Gap and Starbucks.
Joel provides valuable guidance and perspective and his passion is evident in every session. You’ll learn what motivates and inspires you and become more honest about what you are capable of achieving.
Through coaching you will learn to be in touch with your needs, values, belief systems, emotional and intellectual intelligence, strengths and limitations.
Self-aware employees develop excellent decision-making abilities as a direct result of their self-knowledge.

As an executive coach with two decades of experience, Joel makes sure that an outcome-based action plan is created and followed.
This will enable you to understand and manage diversity in order to manage across cultures successfully while feeling fulfillment.
This helped me shift from “same rules, same generic process around the world” mentality to being more flexible on local market needs. The coach's role is to encourage the client to understand themselves, their values and beliefs, their gifts and skills and to set themselves realistic and challenging goals. The coach plays the role of the navigator while the client has responsibility for driving towards the ultimate destination. Peter Chee, and I provide business professionals with various coaching principles that they can put to use every single day. I learned early that it was my responsibility to coach myself and those who worked with and for me in order for me, my team and the corporation to continue to grow. The coaching partnership provides a solid context to make changes and implement developmental goals. Lack of strong internal sponsorship by top management, key stakeholders, human resources and the executive’s immediate boss is the number one reason why coaching programs fail. The value and bottom line impact of the coaching program will be clearly seen in an extremely quick time frame.
He starts by ensuring the client is fully committed to the coaching process and dedicated to taking the necessary time required to create success.
I can now say that I am confident in my role and I keep delivering results globally and locally.
I still use those lessons and principles and am grateful you have put them into a book we can all use as a reminder to practice these principles on a daily basis. Having the boss support coaching by being actively involved throughout the process is critical. You’ll be truthful and honest about who you are and what you can do — your capabilities, performance and potential. When obstacles or roadblocks appear, Joel will work with you to take concrete and positive steps forward.
In addition, senior management needs to actively advocate for the program and its importance. All the players need to notice and express the progress, successes and continued improvement directly to the coaching participant.

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