Keep in mind that this process may take some time and that large changes are made possible by small incremental improvements over time.
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Competitive Greatness is having a real love for the hard battle knowing it offers the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required.
The great competitors I have played for and against, taught and admired all shared a joy in the struggle itself - the journey, the contest and competition. A leader must convey this to those you lead: a tough fight can bring forth Competitive Greatness.
Poise means holding fast to your principles and beliefs and acting in accordance with them regardless of how bad (or good) the situation may be. There is no stronger steel than well-founded belief in yourself; the knowledge that your preparation is fully complete and that you are ready for the competition. You must monitor Confidence because it can easily turn into arrogance which then can lead to the mistaken and destructive belief that previous achievement will be repeated without the same hard effort that brought it about in the first place. Mastery of the skills you need in your job requires learning and it is why leaders and those who are high achievers are lifelong learners. This block of the Pyramid addresses a most important characteristic: selflessness which is the opposite of selfishness.
I did not want a person on our team who was reluctant to sacrifice for the good of the team. Getting to the top and staying there (somewhat different tasks) present unique and formidable challenges.
I viewed Self-Control, both personal and by our team, as a sixth Bruin on the court during my years at UCLA. There is activity going on around us at all times from which we can acquire knowledge if we have Alertness. Basketball is played as much between the ears - Alertness - as between the lines on the court. If you have Intentness and your ability warrants it you will eventually reach the top of the Pyramid.

I have not known, heard of, or read about any individual anywhere who achieved real success without working extremely hard. Grantland Rice, a sportswriter and poet, understood this fundamental characteristic of achievement. Thus, I sought and valued these two particular qualities of Friendship in my relationship with individuals on the UCLA men's basketball team. Loyalty is part of our higher nature and it is also part of the nature of leaders who achieve higher goals. Sharing ideas, information, responsibilities, creativity and tasks is a priority of good leadership and great teams. Two strong field horses could not pull an empty baby carriage if they work at cross purposes. The two cornerstones of my Pyramid of Success, Industriousness and Enthusiasm, provide strength individually but much more strength when combined as one. If you can improve 1% per day, or get 1% closer to your ideal career or your ideal life each day – in just one month you will have improved 30%, and 90% over a three month period. Integrating his background as an elite athlete and coach, he works with individuals, groups and organizations looking to effect change, develop potential and achieve success. Poise is a powerful gift you give yourself when you acquire the qualities of the Pyramid in the supporting tiers beneath it. True abiding confidence is earned through tenaciously pursuing and attaining those assets that allow you to reach your own level of competency; that is, excellence. All three are components in this block of the Pyramid because you can't have one without the others. I mean by this that you are eager to sacrifice personal glory or gain for the greater good, namely, the welfare and success of your organization, your team, your group. Too often we get tunnel vision and don't see the full picture which precludes learning things that are available. It is the ability to stay the course even when that course is most difficult and the obstacles seem insurmountable. In fact, the great successes we all know about are individuals who almost always have greatly outworked their competition.

To me these are the most noteworthy characteristics of true Friendship as it pertains to leadership.
The power of Loyalty is the reason I placed it in the center of the Pyramid's foundation. If you have a desire to create your best life, career, relationship, or the ability to perform at your highest level, Joel is committed to helping you achieve your vision.
Don't get rattled, thrown off or unbalanced regardless of the circumstance or situation. As much as I value experience, and I value it greatly, I'd rather have a lot of Skill and less experience that the other way around. This characteristic within the Pyramid of Success addresses the importance of controlling yourself in all areas - avoiding temptations, avoiding emotionalism, avoiding peaks and valleys of effort.
Think how much you'll give when asked to do so by someone you respect and with whom you share camaraderie.
Most people, the overwhelming majority of us, wish to be in an organization or part of a team whose leadership cares about them, provides fairness and respect, dignity and consideration. It must be ignited, lit afire by something that will raise it to the extraordinary level required for success.
It is the ingredient that transforms Industriousness into something of great magnitude - the engine that powers all blocks of the Pyramid. It is why I chose Industriousness and Enthusiasm as the cornerstones of my Pyramid of Success. When properly prepared you will rise to your highest level and achieve Competitive Greatness.

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