The Academic Advising Center is located on the first and second floors of Richardson Building. Richardson Building was among the first four buildings constructed in 1894 when Tulane University of Louisiana moved from downtown New Orleans to the current uptown campus across from Audubon Park. Charles Avenue and Freret Street, between Richardson Memorial Hall (School of Architecture) and Stanley Thomas Hall.A  It is across the quad from its twin, F.

Originally built for the department of chemistry, Richardson was later expanded in 1908 to also accommodate the educational needs of medical students who were then moving uptown into the new Richardson Memorial Hall next door.
It was after the 1908 expansion, which included the large amphitheater-style lecture hall, that the building was named the Tulane Richardson Chemical Institute. The additions to the uptown campus in 1908 were funded by a generous donation from Ida Richardson, wife of the late Dr.

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