College students have the additional benefit of Medical Leadership concepts integrated into the curriculum—a foundation that provides students with an opportunity to gain skills that can help them to stand ahead of their peers in standard medical programs. The high school student program runs for 10 days while the Medical Leadership component of the college student program extends the program for a total of 12 days in Grenada. Students are advised to arrive the day before the scheduled start date and depart the day after.
The Program Fees include accommodations, transportation on the island, all meals, medical instruction, and field trips.
Plan your summer around one of these educational and cultural experiences by sending in your application while space is still available! An Ontario Summer Camp near Toronto offers a leadership program for teens where participants learn about working together as a team, develop strategies for leading children, and build skills in teaching and instructing. Summer Camps in Ontario offer a chance for children to build confidence, increase their independence and develop new skills in an outdoor setting.
At Kettleby Valley, each ‘LIT’ goes through the process of completing an application, much the same as someone would if they were looking for employment. Once the successful candidates are enrolled, the ‘LIT’s’ take part in a three week program, either in July or August, that combines a summer day camp experience with an overnight summer camp experience. Kettleby Valley is an Ontario summer camp and outdoor education centre located north of Toronto. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Background: I am a born and bred Londoner, and typical of a vet student, I have wanted to be a vet since I was about two years old. Interests: I enjoy Rugby, jogging, music (playing the flute and drums, going to gigs and reviewing), reading, horse riding and snowboarding.
Career Goal: My science degree gave me an insight into a world beyond simply general practice, and I became involved in several different projects at my university, including a study of the relationship between pedigree dog breeds using the Y chromosome and an investigation consequently although I have continued my interest in the practice of veterinary medicine, I have developed a taste for research. Because the Somali Canadian community is relatively new in Canada, it is faced with new systems of education. Also Somali-Canadian youth of Edmonton face serious challenges in their attempt to integrate positively into the larger Canadian society and its institutions.
In order to combat the issues mentioned from above and help the youth with their academic and their leadership skills, the Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton has created after school program. The goal of the after school program in partnership with the community, parents, seniors and other stakeholders is to support Somali Canadian youth, to help them stay away from problematic activities that can lead to deadly crimes and to provide the youth with educational, employment, extra curriculum activities and social opportunities that will encourage the youth to learn throughout their lives and make positive choices that will benefit them in the end.
Our goal for this years summer program was also to build and provide a foundation of leadership, activism and faith within the Somali Canadian youth population across the Edmonton region by developing and encouraging Somali Canadian Youth to be at the forefront in the development of their communities and become productive citizens. This year was Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton has taken 147 youth for summer camp for 5 days.
Our goal for the summer program is to build and provide a foundation of leadership, activism and faith within the Somali Canadian youth population across the Edmonton region by developing and encouraging Somali Canadian Youth to be at the forefront in the development of their communities and become productive citizens.

By providing guidance and sound foundations, SCCSE will build the community’s capacity to cope with the ever-changing issues facing the community.
Interests: I love the theatre, especially being involved in backstage work and stage managing. Career Goal: I plan on returning to Singapore at the end of my vet degree and will work for the government, in the infectious diseases department.
Background: I grew up in Michigan and headed off to the University of Michigan for my undergrad. Interests: I enjoy running with my dog, surviving my rodeo horse, reading, spending time with friends and family, and generally being outside. Background: I was raised in North Andover, Massachusetts, and earned my BS in Animal Science at the University of Delaware.
Interests: My interests include traveling, hiking, exercising, and competing in local running races.
Career Goal: My primary goal is to become involved in the fields of emerging zoonotic infectious diseases, international veterinary medicine, and public health. Leadership Program class members are Bryanna Barnett, Makayla Bowman, Zy’Asia Johnson, Rabbiatou Sumbundu, Katera Croker, Morgan Carroll, Carly Beckmann, Sophia Riley, Kelsey Newman, Mai Cameron, Aaliyah Clark and Grace Branton. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Parental Consent Form. Qualifying participants will receive college credit through the School of Arts and Sciences from participation in lectures and clinical practicals.
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and a completed application with deposit payment is required to reserve your spot. However, there comes a time when children are too old to be campers, but too young to be a staff member.
Once the application is received, the individuals are contacted to arrange for an interview.
During the program, they learn about working together as a team, developing strategies for leading children, and building skills in teaching and instructing. They provide both day camps and residential overnight camps to families all over York Region.
The educational support and Extra Curricular services of the Somali-Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (SCCSE) is as old as the organization itself and is tailored to the needs of Somali Canadian immigrant community families and their children. Our aim is to inspire and cultivate organized activism, leadership skills and develop role models amongst young generations of Somali Canadian youth. Running, Canoeing, and kinds of sport. They were given opportunity to create all kinds of arts including stand up comedy.
This program offered 4-day sessions, for four weeks, for students entering grades 1-8 in September. I've wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember and was offered a scholarship to do so at the University of Sydney when I completed my 'A' Levels.

I also have a minor obsession with cooking, enjoy riding my bicycle and can't live without music (but can't play an instrument to save my life!).
I will probably go back into clinical work at some point to help maintain my professional and clinical veterinary skills.
On a campus that covers the beautiful True Blue peninsula overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this exceptional program has balanced a challenging academic program rooted in SGU's 38 year history with extracurricular activities selected to highlight the culture and innate beauty of Grenada. Skills like completing an application, arranging for references and presenting yourself in an interview are applicable to any job. Throughout the program, each participant is presented with two evaluations to help hone their skills and improve their performance as a leader.
The SCCSE provides individual and group educational support to the community when needs arise.
In addition, a significant number of these youth show signs of truancy, poor academic performance, and gang affiliation, which often lead to increasing involvement in crimes and negative behavior.
The after school programs is intended to keep the youth from falling through the crack at their early stage. The summer program promotes education and the growth of children both intellectually and physically. I took a year off between finishing my 'A' Levels and starting university and in that time, I taught chemistry to year 11 students and travelled extensively. Both high school and college student  experience is further enhanced through adventurous and educational off-campus excursions, including snorkeling, hiking and island touring. At Kettleby Valley, the ‘LIT’ summer camp program for teens is geared toward people who have finished 9th grade.
They are also provided with a list of potential questions prior to the interview so that they can prepare if they choose. Further, apart from anecdotal and fragmented pieces of information, there are no reliable sources about the strengths, the needs or available resources for the youth.
The program has been running the last 11 years and has significantly reduced the troubled youth and increased the number of students who are finishing high school and perusing higher learning.
To achieve this we decided to use various methods such as leadership training program, summer youth camps, workshops, youth summits, and take home projects. It’s a unique program that focuses on specific skills and subjects, in order to boost the students confidence where needed.
I really enjoyed my vet course and decided to extend it by doing a research project in exotic bird nutrition between my fourth and final years. This was done by placing Emphasis on language art, math and Somali as a second language using instructional strategies suited to meet each student’s needs.

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