The Bridge Gallery, a unique space bridging two wings of Brodie Hall, exhibits student work. In 1871, Geneseo welcomed its first students to the Wadsworth Normal and Training School, offering instruction to would-be teachers. If you’re not familiar with classic Saturday Night Live, then this post is probably getting even weirder for you.
The College Union with all the flags representing the countries at which Geneseo students have studied abroad.
I think everyone should have the chance to go back to college in their forties, when they’re old enough to really appreciate all the opportunities it offers. Oh, and there’s also that thing about appreciating the opportunity to study the geography, history and culture of another country as well. We went up into the village for lunch and I recognized the bronze bear statue on Main Street from my college days! These places would be a precursor to that whole mess of stupid that befell me right before my sophomore year. Zoe is not going to be allowed anywhere near these places if she goes to Geneseo, even if I have to install an invisible fence all around her body. And if she does choose Geneseo, her father Dave, Nate, Helena, her fiance Josh and I will all attend her graduation and clap enthusiastically and I’ll take loads of pictures as she walks across the stage and receives her diploma and summa cum laude honors. And I’ll make sure to get a crisp, clear shot of that little bronze bear scampering off into the wild blue yonder.
So, in conclusion, no matter how irritating your family may’ve found you, you were already a million, billion, squillion times cooler than my parents were when they took me to visit schools back in the Dark Ages (aka the 80s). But I’m going to go through the whole book, page by page, and hope that at least a couple fit the bill.
Do you think they have the same presentable tour guide for all the tours, to lull the parents into a false sense of security?

What a fun experience, I look forward to doing that with my daughters, kind of, I really don’t want time to fly that fast! For the record, I was the one who thought you were adorable (in a totally non-cougarish, platonic, mom sort of way, mind you.) Zoe wants it stated for the record that she had no opinion about you whatsoever other than you appeared to have a natural ability to talk and walk backwards at the same time, without injuring yourself. I just noticed your comment and thought I’d give a little bit of perspective from a current Geneseo student. Well, an employee just posted a link to your blog on Facebook so expect a lot more comments from alumni who loved your post! These student teachers were so bad, that like you, I quickly lost interest, and the party scene and bars of Geneseo provided a stronger allure than any form of intellectual stimulus, which actually despite what I was told on the tour, did NOT exist. At that time as well in my major, another problem was the faculty if you were lucky enough to get one.
Championship ProgramThe NCAA is introducing a new, digital program format this year for the NCAA Division III Soccer Championship. Lederer Gallery and posted in the Art Blizzard online gallery.  Donations of $20 can made on site or online and the donor shall receive a work of their choice.
Which was fine because I liked Brockport well enough but I adored Geneseo and one of my biggest regrets in life is that I graduated from a college that I would have dated and maybe even slept with had I been drunk enough but never, ever would have considered marrying. Then I would have graduated from Geneseo and wouldn’t have typed anything remotely resembling an admission to having drunken sex with an entire institution of higher learning.
I mean, c’mon … show me a twenty year old who is going to recognize the value of being able to wake up in Mykonos and order hot, meaty dolmades with avgolemono sauce all over them for breakfast?
Legend has it that if a virgin ever graduates from Geneseo, this bear will climb down off the fountain and run away forever. Mister’s Broken Wings without being bombarded by strobe lights and tasting shots of Sex on the Beach in my mouth and automatically checking to make sure no one is rubbing up against me, spreading some communicable disease on the back of my shirt. Ergo (yay!), the moment I took the shot, my kids immediately moved to the back of the group and pretended they didn’t know me.

They won’t see a supportive family, only a potential student with two giant dollar signs sitting beside her.
Another bonus: All the girls end up with stellar legs because of hiking up heart attack hill and rushing across the tundra!
In fact I took my niece on a tour of the campus in April as she is transferring from another school (she discovered that her Aunt was right about Geneseo and that Albany was just too overwhelming for her). The program can be found here, if fans wish to download prior to this weekend's games. Brodie Hall and the Lockhart Gallery on Main Street present both contemporary and historic rotating exhibitions, including works by local, regional and national artists, and by faculty and student artists.
Let me tell you, when I went to Geneseo, they didn’t have nearly as many options for food as they do now.
Without having to wake up in Southern Pines, pretend that it’s Mykonos and ask your eighty year old mom to make them for breakfast, only to have her yell HELLO?
Namely, (a) my mother made me dress up for each school visit, even if I wasn’t meeting with any administration-type folks for an interview, so I had a skirt, blouse and hose on as we tromped about campus after campus after campus. It was wonderful to be back on that campus and take her to lunch at the Big Tree (which was the place my parents would take me for lunch or dinner when they came to visit because God knows I didn’t have the $$ for a meal there). If you do not complete this stage your artwork will not appear in the Art Blizzard online gallery. I can vouch for our having electricity in those days, but we didn’t have computers yet – just IBM Selectric typewriters and (gasp) rotary-dial phones! Barry Sundance swithced from being an indie book seller to being the campus book seller, but his was a cool place.

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