Jennifer Smith, first year Undeclared Engineering major, dives during the first diving event against SUNY Geneseo on Saturday, January 16. Stepping into the Gordon Field House on January 16, the air was thick and damp, much like stepping outside after the rain on a hot summer day. Spectators were thin at the diving end of the pool, but those who were there cheered for everyone, no matter the team. Wendt received the highest scores on a single dive, with an 8 and a 9.5 on his inward one and a half somersault pike on the 1-meter board.
On the women’s side, Cat Jones, a fourth year American Sign Language Interpretation major, put on a strong performance, scoring double 7s on her forward two and a half somersault tuck. As soon as the whistle blew at the other end of the pool fourth year Accounting major, Caitlin Burr, went on to break records.
Outside of individual competition, Burr continued to shine with her fellow 400-yard medley relay teammates.
Despite great performances from the women’s swimmers and divers, in the end, the Lady Tigers fell to both SUNY Geneseo (226-73) and New Paltz (167-121).
The men’s swim and dive team held their own in a close match against New Paltz, defeating them by six points (150-144).
Third year AJ Broderick, an Electrial-Mechanical Engineering Technology major was another exceptional competitor for RIT.

This meet was alive with energy; with three colleges competing against one another, the stakes were high. The swim and dive team’s next home meet will be on February 6 against Nazareth College. Rochester Erotic Arts Festival from Rauncie Ryan on Apr 12Thank you for coming to ourfestival Nicole. The Case for Cousin Marriage from DI on Apr 7In addition to the last comment,the ban was made before geneticswere even understood.
SUNY Geneseo was the only competition for the dive team, as New Paltz had no divers at the meet. He, like Wendt, consistently scored well with the judges, receiving an 8 and a 7.5 on his inward one and a half pike. Then they paired up with first year Interior Design major Rachel Redfearn and second year Graphic Design major, Courtney Schwarting for another fast moving team. On that day, the Tigers were set to go up against SUNY Geneseo and New Paltz in a triple swim and dive meet. RIT’s dive team consists of five divers (three men and two women), with Evan Wendt, a third year Mechanical Engineering Technology major, as the stand out. Even on a 15-minute break the swimmers kept swimming and the divers kept diving, trying to stay warm and on their toes.

The stands were filled with parents and supporters from each school, all watching to see who was going to touch the wall first. He was precise with his dives, barely creating a splash and consistently earning high scores from the judges. And Kaemmerlen, Broderick and Wendt couldn’t have brought the team to victory against New Paltz alone. It is with this intensity that the Tigers prepare for the next meet against the Nazareth Golden Flyers.
First year Mechanical Engineering Technology major Ryan Brannan swam into third in the 100-yard butterfly, finishing with a time of 54.77 seconds. In the 50-yard freestyle second year Physics major, Kevin Christiansen took third place with a time of 22.11 seconds.

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