Sacramento, CA - The SuperLotto Plus winning numbers from Wednesday are 11, 13, 17, 24, 47 and Mega 10. No one won the jackpot for the February 29 drawing and the $8 million cash prize will be rolled over to Saturday's game, according to California Lottery officials.
Marv DumonSan Diego Lottery ExaminerMarv Dumon writes daily columns on a range of subjects including national policy, business, literature, sports, and gaming. Details:Lotto selector is a simple to use lottery number generator that uses ball Placement probability theory to select the numbers.
Lotto selector uses ball placement probability theory to find the best numbers to play which ensures higher ball hit ratios than using simply random numbers.Ball Placement Probability Theory come about as the result of two years research in to number wheeling when writing the Lottery Statistic Analyser.

The game was well received due to its delightful gameplay, cute lead character, and innovative level design. It was discovered that subsets of numbers have different hit ratio percentages, some excessively larger than others.
01 06 16 37 38 46 has 70,007 chances of hitting 3 numbers in the positions laid out in the ticket.
Standard Dutching spreads risk evenly so that an equal profit is made whatever the outcome.
70,007 - 36,541 = 33,466 33,466 is a massive probability increase from a single ticket but the math shows this possible.

Neotys License ServerNeotys License Server is required when using Shared or Floating licenses with NeoLoad.

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