This course is aimed at anyone required to supervise safe systems of work using lifting equipment. Offering 109 Supervisor training courses in Indianapolis from 4 training providers including SkillPath, American Trainco, Inc, National Seminars. Door security guard duties involves controlling access, checking for identification, checking for weapons and illegal substances. Besides obtaining qualification for a security licence, the aim of the training is to ensure that door supervisors have the knowledge and understanding for their roles and its responsibilities. The SIA in conjunction with examination awarding bodies, provides a comprehensive syllabus that would best prepare you to become a Door Supervisor. You’ll find below a typical structure of what you will find on a Door supervision training course.
The completion of the Door Supervisor training course and exam will qualify you for an SIA Licence.

Our expert service combined with our online learning platform will take your training program to the next level. The concepts taught in this program are practical concepts that every supervisor should have in their tool belt. I’m finding that the relationships with my staff are improving tremendously, and the all around quality of the security program has increased as a result. During the Drager CSE training employees learn and practice safe working in confined spaces.
Target groupsSupervisors will acquire a basic knowledge of the hazards and dangers associated with working in confined spaces, create a safe system of work and are familiarized with the rescue techniques. Tailor-made seminarsDo  you have special wishes and aspects to be dealt with during the seminar? The participants acquire the necessary knowledge to select, use and handle devices for the direct detection and direct concentration measurement of toxic gases and vapors as well as combustible gases and vapors for the clearance measurement of confined spaces.

The hazardous substances database Drager Voice offers information to more than 1,600 hazardous substances and their physicochemical characteristics. It is recommended that prior to attending this course individuals should have some experience of working with lifting equipment. This position carries a great deal of responsibility and only suitable personnel should be selected.
This position carries a great deal of responsibility and only suitable personnel should be selectedexperience of the use of cranes to meet the requirements specified in British Standard 7121 Safe Use of Cranes.

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