The Leadership Skills for Supervisors course gives people in these positions a broad range of skills and the confidence to help them lead their teams to achieve desired outcomes.
Coaching and upskilling team members are arguably the most important functions of a Supervisor.
USGS firearms policy and training methodology have continually improved since the tragic incident in 1977. With supervisory permission, any employee or volunteer can be authorized to carry a firearm while on official duty once he or she has completed the following requirements, as specified in Chapter 29 of the Occupational Safety and Health Program Requirements Handbook, SM 445-2-H.
USGS Firearms Instructors must be able to independently and effectively teach the fundamentals of firearms safety and safe firearms handling. Document Accessibility: Adobe Systems Incorporated has information about PDFs and the visually impaired.

Management and Leadership SolutionsIn a recent large-scale global survey of CEOs and senior executives, 76 percent of those responding cited leadership development as important, yet only 7 percent thought their organization was doing this effectively! It’s designed to give Charge-hands or Assistant Supervisors a taste of the skills that their Managers use. Geological Survey provides appropriate firearms safety training for any employee or USGS volunteer who uses, handles, carries, or stores a firearm as a part of his or her official duties. How is your organization doing?There's a blizzard of theories, opinions, arcane thesis papers, inspirational quotations, training programs, books, frameworks, and approaches addressing leadership. Not only will this help them to lead their teams, but also to support the initiatives of their Supervisors. These tools convert Adobe PDF documents into HTML or ASCII text, which then can be read by a number of common screen-reading programs that synthesize text as audible speech.

For maximum benefit we recommend that supervisors attend our Leadership Skills for Supervisors course and follow it up with On-Job Trainer. In addition, an accessible version of Acrobat Reader 6.0, which contains support for screen readers, is available.
This course seeks to train Supervisors so that they have the confidence to implement what they have learned.

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