Supply chain management is an emerging field and therefore not uncommon to many career aspirants. To meet these elements for a career in supply chain, supply chain management training sessions would be an ideal choice. Therefore, if you make a career in this field, you will be associated with roles pertaining to manufacturing and retailing, operational management, logistics service suppliers, and others. A preliminary knowledge of supply chain management helps you build the foundation for your preparation for a career in this field.
If you have completed your undergraduate course with supply chain as the major, it is of great advantage to you.
With a large number of training institutes and colleges that offers course on supply chain, it becomes a hefty task to choose the best. In addition to these available options for taking up supply chain management training courses, you can also refer to various study materials related to supply chain. In addition, you can also get access to various training materials from the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing – a popular library website. Only one Logistics Institute supported directly by the largest Container Freight Station (CFS) in Kerala. First Logistics Institute to introduce virtual classroom with online class delivery for outstation candidates.
VidyaBharathi Institute of Logistics Management is an initiative of VidyaBharathi Group of Institutions in association with Falcon Infrastructures Ltd, the largest Container Freight Station in Kerala. Students of VILM benefit from the insights, experience and knowledge from a team of experts from academics, industry and research. With industry accepted curriculum, training and internship, VILM builds the necessary skills and competencies, which companies need, to put the right products at the right place at the right time. Logistics involves so many critical business activities that nearly every Fortune 500 and Global company can be considered a potential employer for logistics managers. We have a unique internship program for 3 months for our students and 100% assured Placement support for all successful candidates. To create the strong bent of mind for a career in supply chain management, you will required to educate yourself about different aspects of supply chain, execute certain necessary skills, and be career-oriented at every step you move towards supply chain management. However, before you decide for enrolling for a course, it is necessary to learn about supply chain and supply chain management.
The logistics involved in the supply chain field are the basic strategies for the supply chain business to grow. The first step to build your career path in the supply chain management field is to join an MBA course that provides training on supply chain management. However, based on your field of interest, you can decide for the supply chain management training course that suits your requirements. News & World Report in 2009, there were various colleges that made their names into the list of top rankings.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is well know and quite popular for posting their case studies, lecture notes, and samples on their web site. All these forms of education and skill development are part of your supply chain management training to make a successful career in this field. In order to fulfill the industrial demand and requirement of logistics professionals in India and abroad, VILM conducts various courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in its campus at Kochi. VidyaBharathi Group of Institutions was established in the year 2000 under the Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act, 1955. These experts have contributed substantial content and knowledge to the course , providing learners with access to leading-edge thinking and best practices in Logistics and Supply Chain Management sector.
In fact there are hundreds of potential career paths.Your career path will be largely influenced by your skills, interests, and personal decisions. Photo: M ZhazoAbhay Kumar, an assistant professor at the Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi, laughs as he talks about a student who has missed many classes but runs a successful start up. Supply chain deals with the retail and manufacturing sectors where an employee needs to focus on customer satisfaction, operation of supply chain process, and outcomes.
Therefore, you need specific skill set, such as sound knowledge of product processing and customer dealing, to get hand-on experience in applying the necessary logistics. While the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michigan State University was found at the top in the list, Pennsylvania State University bagged the second position for providing effective supply chain management training. All our programs are accredited, affiliated and certified by top most Universities and Institutes in the country.
It will also be impacted by the size, type, geographic scope, and organizational structure of the firm that you choose to work for. As you demonstrate your managerial capabilities, you can progress to logistics positions of greater responsibility. In India, the absence of focused Logistics education, logistics users and service providers have faced a dearth of qualified Logisticians; VILM strives to bridge this gap by offering programs which are tailor made to the requirements of the industry.
Ltd., CARGO WORLD INTERNATIONAL, SDV INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS, POTA GLOBAL LOGISTICS,ACM LOGISTICS, LORDS FREIGHTINDIA Pvt. It is this challenge of fuelling entrepreneurial ambitions while also keeping the focus on academics that SRCC has managed to balance. India's Best Colleges 2016Several students at SRCC, while pursuing degrees, are also nurturing their businesses. You will work with people throughout your company- logistics, manufacturing, and marketing. Depending on the size of your company, your initial responsibilities may deal with one or more logistics functions. The aspirations of young India have changed phenomenally, it is no longer just about a fat salary or a big company, it is more about finding fulfilment, which could mean different things for different people. There are numerous opportunities and career paths in this field it is up to you to seek them out and develop the appropriate skills to be successful.

The syllabus is the same as other DU colleges but I wouldn't have got the practical experience I am getting here," says Mohta, a first year BCom Honours student.
He is also part of an SRCC organisation called Enactus which works on building businesses for poor people and is quite active in the debating circuit.
The range of societies students can opt for is fairly extensive, from fashion, music, dance, photography to financial investment and Dalal Street.There is also a robust international student exchange programme wherein students get the opportunity to spend a few months in a reputed college abroad. SRCC was host to students from Penn State University (USA) in January this year.Reacting to the changing dynamics of the Indian economy, the college has also started special sessions on supply chain management and accounting frauds. Is it any wonder then that Google CEO Sundar Pichai confessed at a college event here that he wouldn't have been able to meet the cut-off criteria at SRCC.
At the age of 17, I decided to skip college education in favour of starting my own company. Besides accelerating the process of learning, it provides opportunities to network, and also enhances aspects of your personality.
There was no set minimum standard of quality and service at non-branded hotels, and the degree of distrust among customers was high. I saw a potential opportunity, started worked towards solving this problem in India's hospitality market and launched OYO, which has today become India's largest network of branded hotels.
As I started on my journey, I realised I needed more than just my enthusiasm and personal inspiration to convert my idea into a real business.
Today, we have some of the brightest minds of the country partnering with me to solve problems that have plagued the Indian budget hospitality sector for ages.India offers a huge opportunity to entrepreneurs who want to solve a problem in a meaningful way.
A growing number of people are leaving their 9-to-5 jobs to start businesses that make a real difference in the lives of people. This helps the economy in more ways than one-while the entrepreneur can use his acumen to create a product or solve an existing problem, thereby earning a livelihood, many a time they are also able to generate significant employment for other members of the communityOne doesn't have to build a multi-million dollar company to be successful or to help the economy grow, in fact, small businesses act as the employment engine of the economy. As for the job-creating capacity of a company, the size of the business doesn't matter as much as its vintage. New and young companies are the primary wellspring of jobs.The growing penetration of smartphones in the interior parts of India, and investment from retailers are contributing to the rapid growth of mobile-commerce in the country. By creating jobs, we can uplift and empower the less-privileged sections of society and transform India.
Creating the right jobs is also equally important for a robust, secure and healthy economy.
In order to fill this, we are working with the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) to train and certify hospitality staff across the country and deliver skilled manpower to the industry.
As a part of this Skill India initiative, we aim to train approximately 3 lakh workers across 150 cities in the next three years.It takes a lot of courage to leave a stable, well-paying job and enter the uncertain world of entrepreneurship.

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