Business leaders in today’s global environment recognize that supply chain management is a critical and complex business process that impacts all disciplines including finance, marketing, logistics and production. The cost of the seminar is $75 and will be instructed by Paul Moriarty, MBA, CPIM, CSCP, PMP, of PFM & Associates, experienced instructor and consultant specializing in supply chain management and operations. Recent Northern Essex Community College graduate Johnathan Paulino of Lawrence, is the recipient of the NECC Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement from the NECC Alumni Association as well as the NECC Male Athlete of the Year Award . To the rest of the world he was a renowned poet, author of “The Road Not Taken,” a former U.S. Under the old model, the different parts of supply chain often oppose each other because of conflicting objectives.

This situation caused that supply chain to be inefficient and unresponsive to customer needs.
Therefore, the companies have improved the level of integration across whole the supply chain. These companies are now using extensively advanced information technology as well, in order to redefine their supply chain structures, supply the new customer segments, and to expand the portfolio of services for customers.
Managing these elements well contributes to gaining a competitive advantage, increased market share and improved profitability. The supply chain generate most of the costs of the company, due to the width and complexity of the function .

The modern concept of supply chain became a tool for creation of value, not just money saving robot. This interactive and informative supply chain management overview seminar provides an overview of the supply chain, including fundamentals of manufacturing and service supply chains, logistics, basic inventory strategy, transportation trade-offs, tiers, and information flows and explores operations’ role in including VOC, planning, scheduling, purchasing and more.
On the other hand, good supply chain management can bring huge benefits and competitive advantage to the company.

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