The goal for all kids at TCR is to instill a greater love for tennis than when they first arrived. Children are grouped according to age and level with between 4 and 5 students per pro per court on our 20 available courts (6 indoor courts year round and 14 outdoor courts in the summer). Group II is for those campers capable of self-hitting, playing matches and being challenged physically. TCR will be installing four new Quick-Start courts in our basketball gymnasium just for our Future Stars. At TCR, we take great care with the all-important job of transporting our kids to and from home. We will pick up south to Battery Park in New York City and north to Greenwich, Connecticut with a $60 surcharge per week south of 60th street and from Scarsdale north. Now everything seems to be up in the air because it is summer; most professors are off campus and as I decide to do internships so soon to when the semester starts, this seems to be a problem. Some other exciting news is I finally found what could be a family to call mine in the new church I’ve been going to. As for the next couple weeks before classes begin on September 7th I will be keeping busy working, traveling, writing, and reading. We walked over to the edge of the pool where I see one other mom and a little girl floating in the water already. I highly recommend Physique Swimming classes for babies because they are totally professional and I felt safe with Maximo in the water. This entry was posted in kids activities and tagged classes, infant, kids, swimming classes on July 30, 2013 by Stephanie Barnhart. This will be done in a caring and safe environment that is certain to make your child enjoy their experience. Group I will stress fundamental development and self hitting with the ultimate goal of playing games and sets. Quick-Start was created by the United States Tennis Association to provide an easier to learn and more fun tennis court for our younger players. Other activities used as cool downs and functional breaks throughout the day include story time, playground play and a park excursion. We are in constant communication with our vehicles and one can always call the club to ascertain the location relative to home for both pickups and drop-off. Campers may purchase additional snacks and drinks when time permits throughout the day as well as their own choice of lunch from the TCR Cafe.

I will begin a new job at what is basically a bed and breakfast on campus, meaning I get to have night hours and do class work at the same time.
A friend of mine from Columbia University is coming to visit so I want to make her time as fun as Connecticut makes possible.
It was an upscale, luxury sports club and I didn’t exactly see any other strollers lurking around.
She totally took into consideration that it was Maximo’s first time in the water and went slow to introduce him to floating and kicking. Our buildings pool is finally open for the summer, so I took him him down yesterday right before it closed to let him try out some of his newly learned skills. Players will complete in interclub matches with clubs throughout Westchester during the week. Balls are lighter and are harder to hit out and therefore get kids to feel successful sooner than on a regular court. We pick up and drop off door to door anywhere in New York City, and as far North as Greenwich, CT. One can also change drop-off or pick-up locations with notice and can arrange for late pick-up or early drop-off. As for classes, I will be taking a policy course on the non-profit sector, modern dance, and environmental philosophy. And the popular vote went to Physique Swimming – with a huge rate of moms booking consistent classes. But the staff was extremely friendly and walked me into the locker room to show me where everything was and how to get to the pool. After lunch your camper will have a swimming period and a point-play instructional period, as well as match-play period. All students must wear seat belts and will be dropped off in front of the home, on the home side of the street, and the driver will not leave until the doorman or a member of the residence receives the child. The Golf Center at TCR includes 2 golf simulators, 4 hitting bays, PGA professional instruction and a fully stocked pro shop with custom fitting and repair. Even though Day Camp ended on August 6th I have been keeping busy by moving into my new apartment and working in the Registrar’s Office a little each day. What I am unsure of is if I should make my internship at the think-tank or at the American School for the Deaf academic, meaning I would be doing course work in addition. This weekend I will go visit a friend who goes to The New School in NYC and we should be able to get tickets to a play on Broadway.

Strollers are big and bulky, and I got a couple ‘too bad you have a kid’ smirks from the young, rich clientele walking in with makeup, who could more likely use a cheeseburger instead of a treadmill. It took him a few minutes to understand what all this water was – but once herealized I wouldn’t leave his side and he could float and kick happily – he was smitten. Then – Maximo did something I didn’t expect his first time – he went underwater! (If you blow in their face right before they dunk, they automatically hold their breath.) He popped up and looked around – a little surprised, but overly excited to do it again! I have also been planning on my what may be my last year in this part of the world, to be one in which I take advantage. If I do then I will likely drop the accounting and swimming courses I am currently enrolled in.
But I am never one to be intimidated, so I dressed Maximo into his suit via the stroller , rolled him right out to the pool area, and parked my City Mini. I went to a beach in Southern Connecticut last weekend and on Sunday I went to another in Rhode Island. I always hate the feeling of not having to push myself and the stroller into areas where I’m not sure if it’s allowed. Talking to my other mom friends, the consensus is that all their kids loved the classes too – and they have started their babies as early as 6 months!
As you may see, I went with (from L to R) my current flatmate, Nickie Strack, my close friend John Montalvo, and Katie Marinello, who was my roommate the fall semester of my sophomore year. But I figure when it’s just me, and I have all this stuff and a squirmy toddler, it’s do first, ask later. Moms also let me know that they played the same games as we did – so it’s going to come down to WHO is teaching your class, not WHAT they are teaching.
Nickie and I have the same scholarship, she reminds me socially of Sheena and domestically of Shari. Montalvo is an engineer who also dances, this summer he lived in the same house that I did with Nickie as the third flatmate. Katie was kind enough to take me home with her during Thanksgiving vacation of 2008 and during one of the four day weekends Trinity gives us in the spring of 2009, even though I left her to live in a single in a different dorm.

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