With the recent changes in the economy, the issue of retaining and engaging top talent will be at the forefront. Talent Management professionals are continuously challenged, even more so in 2013 as new immigration reform processes and provisions to the Affordable Care Act have created additional talent shortages. As if legislation hasn’t already put pressure on executives, talent professionals have additional fires to extinguish as they battle keeping on pace with the technological changes affecting workforce management, bridging the knowledge gap as baby boomers retire and retaining top talent in light of a more increased job market. Regardless, executives are tasked with increasing demands to drive organizational performance. In a state of economic volatility, organizations cannot afford to jeopardize losing their high performers. If organizations take the appropriate measures to strategically implement initiatives to attract, retain and engage employees the rewards will be substantial. Human Resources IQ is proud to present Talent Management Online Summit, an online event designed to help you create and implement talent management strategies in a shifting economy. Secure your spot in the elite online event for Talent Management professionals seeking to attract, retain and develop top talent. Human Resources IQ and IQPC have conducted over 100 conferences worldwide on talent management, training and development, onboarding, succession planning, recruitment and retention—all including strategic initiatives on how to create and develop your high performing talent that will result in organizational success. You will examine talent management strategies that reap the greatest reward and see how you can adapt similar programs for your organization.
Eavesdrop on the closely guarded secrets of the industry's top experts (Interact live with talent management superstars from leading companies! This complete online summit will help you run your Talent Management function by discovering strategies that are delivered through extensive case studies, how to's and panel sessions from thought leaders and experts in the field of human capital management and people intelligence.
You'll be able to implement strategic initiatives on attracting, retaining, engaging and developing top talent that will increase productivity and organizational performance.
Creating and implementing a strategic talent management strategy is an ongoing struggle amongst HR and talent professionals. American Municipal Power has been on a journey—from automating its HR processes for greater efficiency to truly transforming the HR functions as a platform for strategic change and optimal use of talent. Transformational change requires altering and expanding the mindset in which the organization currently operates. Registration for online events also gives you free membership to the Human Resources IQ Community. Address your challenges through knowledge sharing with peers from our global network of specialists.

Start creating groups on and network with other professionals by creating communities around issues that are important to you.
By inviting your colleagues today, they will gain access to the growing library of multimedia content and networking tools available. Each license is for a term of six (6) months, beginning on the date on which the online event starts, unless another term is specified in the booking confirmation. Human Resources IQ is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing communities of Human Resources Professionals. Human Resources IQ’s Talent Management Online event is the leading talent event in the US dedicated to creating the next generation of excellence through innovative talent management strategies. Human Resources IQ now brings you the addition of Talent Management Online Summit, a new medium to bring together a truly global audience including those already utilizing recruiting, retention and development strategies to companies who are looking to expand their initiatives to remain competitive in today's marketplace.
Focused and high-level, the event is an unparalleled platform to initiate new business relationships, launch a new product or raise your profile amongst new markets.
Sponsorship options are extensive, and packages can be tailor-made to suit your individual company's needs. The premise behind our enterprise solution is that traditional phone reference-checks are an outmoded and inadequate way for recruiters and hiring managers to seek objective feedback on a job candidate's past performance. Watch to see why leading companies are using online events to demonstrate thought leadership in the eyes of a global prospect base. Kimberly Currier has worked for the American Cancer Society for 16 years including field-based fundraising, voluntarism and learning and development. Currier centralized the development practice enterprise-wide, including building a sustainable model for program design and implementation, competency-based learning, organizational development and performance management. Productivity will soar, thus increasing organizational financial performance and generating a return on investment. Talent management professionals’ focus must be on the employee lifecycle and how to attract, retain, engage and develop all talent throughout the organization.
Effective talent development and leadership strategies can enable your company to develop talented employees for future higher level and broader responsibilities as you bring them through the company change. This event is designed so that if you can't attend some presentations, ALL sessions will be made available on-demand so that you can view it at your convenience.
You need this membership to access the online event and it also provides year round information, ideas and interviews from industry leaders plus online networking opportunities! You'll also be able to join event-related groups to extend the networking and learning experience online.

Keep updated on the latest group activity, see contact status, and easily find the answers to your questions.
We provide industry professionals and senior business decision makers with exclusive information, news and trends through Articles, Podcasts, Webinars, Online and Live Conferences. Jacoby Professor of Management, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Starting in the Arizona, Southwest and Great West divisions, she joined the national home office in 2007 as managing director, talent development.
She built and implemented the Nationwide Leadership Development Program, which combines classroom learning, external learning, coaching and simulated experiences to create a rich learning experience for future leaders of the American Cancer Society. Whether you need a business management consultant, management consultant, marketing consultant, strategy consultant or any type of management leadership training -- Illuminative Concepts can help meet your challenges Talent Management"Our selection and recruitment process is very methodical.
As talent becomes increasingly disengaged, the health of any organization declines as well. Even if you do attend the live sessions, you will get access to all the recordings to keep for your own use.
Unauthorized reproduction will be actionable under the Lanham Act and common law principles. Should the client attempt to exceed the scope of the license, the client acknowledges that IQPC reserves the right to any course of action up to and including the invoicing the client for non-authorized access and seeking of damages against the Client. Simply put, you can interact, share solutions to your business problems and get answers from an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals. A specialist in human resource management and industrial relations, Professor Lewin has published 20 books and more than 150 articles. Among his recent books are International Perspectives and Challenges in Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management: An Economic Approach, The Human Resource Management Handbook, Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations, Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, Volume 17, and The Oxford Handbook of Participation in Organizations.
Program, Director of the Human Resources Research Center, and Director of the Senior Executive Program at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.
Through their training program, they have helped Woodtech Interiors to increase its revenue capture process and improve business operational efficiencies.

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