All our informal, structured corporate team building activities and multi activity team building days will help motivate and unite your team. We carefully work with you to tailor-make each team building activity specifically to suit the areas of team development you are trying to improve on, the objectives you would like to achieve and of course your budget. Our team building days and shorter team building activities are not just physically and mentally exhausting they are enormous fun for any number of employees. To find out more about SN2R's team building events or for our team building information sheets containing full details, please contact us or call 01491 640990. The team handsets are a state of the art technology that enables us to plan, create and carry out amazing teambuilding experiences.
Teams are challenged and entertained with hi-tech missions that are carried out in their surrounding environment, wherever that may be; in the UK or internationally. The digital handset device is pre-programmed with missions and challenges and the teams typically have the time given to accomplish their tasks. Each team is equipped with a pre-programmed handset that is used to receive instructions, send answers and take pictures. The City Shakers treasure hunt is themed around cocktails and this team building event culminates in a fantastic group cocktail shaking session. Your teams collect everything you need on the treasure hunt for your own exotic team cocktail - alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your people on your event. Make your next corporate event the sweetest day of the year with a chocolate making team building workshop. A qualified chocolatier will give your group an introduction to the history of chocolate production which will involve tasting a few samples, and a demonstration of how to produce and decorate the perfect choc. Then it'll be your turn to make some delicious sweets from the chocolate, fudge and praline provided with the help of the chocolatier and assistants. The proof of the chocolate is in the eating, and the team building event will conclude with the all-important taste test. SwordfightingA provides Corporate Experience Team Building Days for executives who wish to challenge both their mind and body.
Specially designed, unbreakable polymer swords are provided and instruction is from internationally experienced, qualified coaches. Tailored fencing and swordfighting team building programmes can be designed to support your company's objectives and suit your budget a€“ please call SN2R Ltd on 01491 640990 for more details.
Fencing is a unique team building activity that most will have seen, but very few will have experienced, so participants start on a level playing field. All participants can enjoy fencing and swordfighting regardless of age, gender or fitness levels. Our drumming team building events are the perfect combination of a highly entertaining activity and a practical team experience. Drumming team building events will effortlessly transform your team into a drumming orchestra that will support, inspire and ultimately lead itself.
This is your team building, an 'in the moment' drumming performance that is completely personal to your company. You'll have a great fun on our Multi Activity Team Building Days and you will remember your colleagues in a different light with these very popular and veritable events. You choose the team building activities that best suit you and we will arrange the rest - all you need to do is bring your team. Call the SN2R team on 01491 640990 for more details about our multi-activity team building days. Working with video cameras, props and a free reign, your challenge is to produce a hard hitting, attention grabbing, and entertaining film. Around the room are make-up stations offering wigs, make-up, fake moustaches and various pairs of glasses - everything you may need to make that silver screen transformation! The festival incorporates a mini awards ceremony with accolades available for categories such as 'Best Actor', 'Best Action Scene' and 'Best Actor in a Cross Gender Role'. For further information our Film Day team building activity, please speak to one of the SN2R Ltd team on 01491 640990. Hells Bells is probably the most popular and effective indoor team building activity in the world. The objective is for the group to work as a whole to complete a giant 3D working sculpture.

Because the activity involves solving puzzles using many different disciplines, creating costumes and constructing model sculptures it appeals to the widest range of participants. Finally the sculptures are set in motion to recount the story like a sophisticated giant game of "mousetrap" or "dominoes". For an information sheet on the Hells Bells team building activity with full details please speak to one of the SN2R Ltd team on 01491 640990. The Different Class team building activity is a fun corporate team building event designed to give your teams the chance to go back to school for a day and have a laugh together. The variety of team activities provides something for everybody and suits all ages and abilities. Dino Dash is a high energy team building game designed to give your team a competitive thrill. The assault course will challenge the teams in a variety of ways as you race to cross the finishing line first.
For further information on the Dino Dash Team building game, please speak to one of the SN2R team on 01491 640990. The Rat Trap team building game is great fun and empowers your team to work together towards a common goal.
The Rat Trap game works well at most venues because it is very versatile with the space it uses and it can be indoors or outdoors in the summer.
If you are interesting in hearing more about the Rat Trap Team building game, please call SN2R 01491 640990 and we will be pleased to help you. Scrapheap Challenge is an exciting team building game that is designed to promote communication and inspire creativity.
If you would like full details on the Scrapheap Challenge Team building game, please call SN2R on 01491 640990. Team Work of Art is a powerful team building activity that unites your team and creates a real buzz.
Team Work of Art brings people together to create a giant work of art from a series of blank canvasses. Everyone gets involved because there’s much more to it than just painting and the dramatic unveiling of your Team Work of Art at the end gives you something real to keep that your whole team is really proud of. For more Team Work of Art Team building activity details and an information sheet, please speak to one of the SN2R team on 01491 640990. The Twelve Tasks of Hercules corporate team building activity challenges your team to conquer Poseidon, Athena, Apollo and Zeus and relight the flame of unity.
This team building activity requires your team to work together to undertake the 12 tasks completed by Hercules. Challenges will range from practical, hands-on design and building tasks to creative, visual and problem-solving activities giving everyone the opportunity to shine. In the finale set by Zeus a€“ God of Gods a€“ your team will come together to find out just how much you know about your team mates, how well you’ve worked together and how well you know each other. For further details on the Twelve Tasks of Hercules corporate team building activity, please speak to SN2R on 01491 640990.
The What NOT to Wear team building activity gives your teams the chance to live the excitement of the catwalk.
For further information on this team building activity, please speak to one of the SN2R Ltd team on 01491 640990. The Mole is a 'top secret' corporate team building activity where suspense and anticipation hold you rapt and absorbed from the beginning to the end of your mission. A frantic 'head to head' race between the teams to unravel the mystery and submit their deduction as to who is The Mole will then ensue. For an information sheet on The Mole team building activity with full details please speak to one of the SN2R team on 01491 640990. To find out more about our team building events and multi-activity team building days please contact us or call 01491 640990. We offer a wide selection of team building activities that can be tailored to your budget and group size.
We can organise and manage the launch party for your latest product, your company's annual conference event or incentives and corporate family fun days to reward your staff and improve performance. Please don't hesitate to email or call us on 01491 640990 for more details or a no obligation quotation for your next corporate event.

All missions include an interactive quiz that keeps the team members active throughout the challenge.
The technology enables instant feedback to be created and true unpredictability to be simulated, which makes for a greatly enhanced teambuilding experience.
Indulge your sweet tooth with velvety, mouth-watering chocolate, lovingly crafted by your own fair hands. If you've followed the advice of the chocolatier and given your chocolates your own unique creative twist, they should hopefully be a melt-in-the-mouth sensation which will make your taste buds purr with pleasure!
It offers a unique opportunity to experience an unusual activity, with numerous individual and team outcomes.
Fencing and swordfighting sessions can be held at your office or offsite location.A Alternatively, either an indoor or outside location can be provided. The hilarity and excitement is high as all of the final creations are shown for the first time on the silver screen!
Teams do not instantly work out that it's essential for them to work together and this gradual realisation culminates in a "light bulb" moment of realisation when the penny drops.
The key is for all these people to use their individual skills to come together successfully as one big team. Will your team rise to the challenge of the theories of physics or will they blow up the chemistry lab?
Your meeting room is transformed into a school hall and teams are seated in their own school 'house'.
For an information sheet on the Different Class team building activity with full details please speak to one of the SN2R Ltd team on 01491 640990.
Each team is tasked with racing their Dinosaur through an assault course a€“ but first it must be constructed.
Dino Dash can be brought to your office or to the conference centre or hotel where you are having your event. Teams of 6 a€“ 8 participants concentrate on their own part of the model that they must design and at the end each team fits their model together with their colleagues’ models to trap the rat. It’s also very flexible time wise and can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours according to what you want to achieve. Using their imagination and ingenuity teams need to build their very own model a€“ for example, an airship which is capable of flying high above the meeting room in a race at the end of your activity. The game allows them to get to know each other in a fun and social way without common workplace politics and competition getting in the way. Each task has been specially designed by a different God and will challenge your team in different ways in different activities. In addition to the costume design you will be performing all the roles it takes to get the show on the road. You will be part of a team of covert investigators united as you face the challenges to unravel a case hampered by red herrings and dead ends. These range from 'Action Thriller' and 'Spaghetti Western' to the traditional British 'Carry On' films. Each class will accumulate as many house points as possible during the different classes which are all different team building exercises.
Once you have named your fashion house, you will have to think on your feet and deliver the challenge. The team with the most points at the end of the day's team building will win the school cup.
Time is normally tight with this activity so time management skills and sharp communication skills are important to get the job done successfully. As things slowly start to make sense, pieces of the case fall into place, and excitement builds as teams gain ground to solve the riddle.
You will be given hi tech video camera equipment with a branded team pack offering hints on storylines and script writing, camera angles and technical equipment.

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