During this activity remain focused on Nelson Mandela’s quote to understand how his development improved leadership and team resilience. To become a great leader you must identify and manage what causes you to slip, trip and fall before you can successfully lead others.
Maya Angelou’s quote reminds me that employees make choices of how much they will give of themselves based on how their leader treats them.
The five stages of team development will help you create and sustain a productive team working environment.
The first stage of team development is building, which is when the members of the team are made familiar with one another. After the team is built and the leader has set down the basic expectations and roles everyone is to fill, the next stage is challenging. As work begins, one team member or another may begin to raise questions as to the goal they are working toward, or the basic goal of the group project. The third stage of team development is productivity, which is when the team hits its stride and does the work necessary to reach the ultimate goal. During the fourth stage of team development all of the work done by individual team members comes together and the goal of the project is achieved.
Leaders should use this stage as an opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the team’s successes as a way of lessening the negative aspect of ending a team project. The five stages of team development can be used as tools that strengthen a team leader’s management, or as distractions that derail a project’s success.
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Team Leader zespolu odpowiedzialnego z rozwoj i testowanie aplikacji Sage Personal Tax Online i SageCRM.

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A We believe one of the most effective ways to positively impact any organization is to strengthen the leadership team responsible for insuring the company’s vision becomes a reality.
A group of people, strangers aside from the fact that they work together, cannot be expected to work as a well-oiled machine immediately. Team members will start the long process of learning how to relate, both socially and professionally, to their newly designated coworkers.
This stage is especially prevalent if one or more team members have never worked under the supervision of the team leader.
At this stage, it is important for the group leader to reiterate the intention of the group, what is expected of their work, and what role every member plays. At this point, team leaders can take a step back from directly managing every task because team members have found a comfortable and reliable working pace. At this stage, team members will feel proud of the completed work and potentially excited for whichever project is coming next.
Properly navigating the stages can help a team reach the intended goal in the most effective manner possible. More often than not, professionals will be on their best behavior during this initial stage.

People have a tendency to push back against boundaries to see how much power they have in a group and how much they can get away with under the leader’s supervision. As team members stop challenging the leader’s authority and settle into their roles, productivity can begin. There will also be a bit of hesitance to leave the familiar working environment of the current team or sadness that they will be spending less time with one or more fellow team members. By responding to the change leaders prepare followers to focus on learning and discovery instead of security and control. On the other hand, when great leaders treat employees as human beings they choose to use their talents to serve each other and customers at the highest level. The leader of the team should clearly state the goals for the group as a goal and for each member individually at the beginning of this stage.
People hit this stage at different rates, as no two people respond to new leadership in exactly the same way. 1204 z pozniejszymi zmianami) w celu prawidlowego swiadczenia uslug okreslonych w Regulaminie oraz Polityce Ochrony Prywatnosci. Wyrazam rowniez zgode na nieodplatne przetwarzanie danych osobowych, w tym nieodplatne wykorzystanie wizerunku w rozumieniu art.
631 z pozniejszymi zmianami) umieszczonego w Profilu w celach statystycznych oraz dzialan marketingowych prowadzonych przez Serwis lub za jego pomoca. Oswiadczam, ze poinformowano mnie o przyslugujacym mi prawie dostepu do tresci moich danych oraz ich poprawiania i ze wszelkie dane osobowe zostaly przekazane przeze mnie dobrowolnie.

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