Social Care Training Ireland brings you courses on leadership & team support, encompassing all aspects of the holistic professional leader.
We use your practical experience in action orientated environments when it comes to developing your management and leadership skills. Social Care Training Ireland Leadership and management training specialists have extensive experience not just in the social care sector but also in the wider statutory and nongovernmental sector. If you are faced with questions that seem to have no answers, or are grappling with how to make your teams see the bigger picture and transcend above their silos, get in touch with us at The Orange Academy. Team building is vital part in communication as it creates strong leaders and increases ability to accomplish goals. If you could take your team leadership skills up a notch in 2016, how would this benefit you?  This is a question we began asking in 2015 and have come to some good conclusions for 2016.  Most forward thinking leaders would agree that team leadership takes being a leader to a higher level. The following is a check list designed to enhance your team and leadership performance in this coming year. Print this page and place a check mark before each item that you believe would take your team leadership skills to the next level in 2016.
Whether you are at the start of your career, mid way through your career, or at the tail end of your career, vow to make this year your most successful year ever. TIGERS Success Series is a Bend, Oregon Leadership and Team Improvement Consultant that helps committed leaders build more cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments for improved growth and revenue. We do this by deploying our proprietary TIGERS team process that improves trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success in the workplace. If you, as a leader, can’t inspire your organization to buy into that bold vision and get your teams to work collaboratively to implement the plans to achieve that vision, will you be doing justice to those who repose faith in you?
I have improved so much on my inter-personal skills and I know what it is to think like a leader.
When we went through the leadership program it really helped me learn strategies that can motivate my team and help them achieve their set goals. Team leaders or members should understand that communication between one another is essential to the success of the team.The first rule in effective team building is to establish the leadership with each member.
Cheryl Shurtliffe says burnout is most common among people who are phenomenal at their jobs.

Most people are “chasing opportunities instead of creating on purpose”.  According to Michelle Casto there are “6 stages in the destiny discovery process” to assist in moving energy from the head to the heart in order to create intuitive energy alignment.
Peggy Kelly-Davies states emotions are generated by your subconscious mind and are indicators and motivators to do something.
And if you can relate, start by identifying where you are playing small and identify the little steps you can take. Signy Wilson says it’s important to “notice when we are over-functioning” and to “stop running on empty”.
According to Susan Freeman, gravitas is critical to executive presence and can be cultivated. According to Val Cattelan, strategic financial planning can equate to significant dollar amounts in the long run especially when you consider tax savings and portfolio returns. According to James Graham people resist change because they view change the same way they view torture. According to Donna Serdula, your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction, a summary of who you are as well as a projection of your future success.
Catherine Meyer says there are 4 keys to developing resilience: optimism, stress management, flexibility and openness and the ability to see solutions within your control and influence. Michelle Butt uses the face as a guide to knowing how to interact with others based on their needs and communication preferences. Dianne Crampton says the leader’s focus should be on team development rather than team building. Our philosophy is to empower participants to improve, develop and progress their interactions with key stakeholders in social care, to expand their professional leadership ability and to assist them in accessing their own personal leadership potential. And while there are good levels of stress and bad levels of stress, it’s important to identify the early signs of burnout in yourself or in others around you. Becoming emotional Intelligent therefore starts with self awareness of your own emotions and feelings. Because we simply can’t do it all, we should list our passions, cull the list, then prioritize the list and find a way to blend our passions with our daily actions as well as ensure structure for self care. According to Alana Muller networking is not about finding a job or collecting business cards.

Your LinkedIn link will usually be the first thing that pops up when someone googles your name. According to Michelle, the face can be a tool to understanding people’s patterns and behavioral tendencies.
Team building can have a marginal effect and be demotivating while team improvement can have a lasting effect increasing collaboration and interdependence.
Remember that being open with group members and encouragement will allow others to express their opinions as well as improve productivity.Be clear when communicating. According to Linda, you need to focus on what you can control and influence by getting yourself ready. If you are willing to succeed, think laterally and invest in your team members and managers; you can optimise your leadership culture and effectiveness. Make sure you are clear and that everyone understands what is going on.Delegate problem-solving tasks to the team.
Let us help mold you into becoming the leader your company needs for success.A leader is to help inspire through trust. And there is no better time than the present to focus on yourself and your next career move. Letting the team work on ways to solve problems will allow the group to get closer together and find creative solutions.Establish team values and goals. Here at Craftsmen Communication Consultants, we look forward to investing all the time needed to help you improve your leadership qualities. Putting too much thought into one particular part could waste valuable time.Ongoing conflict between group members. Having continuous conflict could also delay productivity and cause important elements to be over looked.Group members too afraid to voice their thoughts and opinion.

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