Simple teambuilding exercises are a great way to teach youth about trust, communication skills, and working cooperatively with others. Before playing, use duct tape to make a small line on the ground as the group’s starting place.
All of the following activities can be done inside or outside with very minimal supplies needed.
Each square should be big enough for someone to stand inside; there should be 16 squares total. Starting with one tennis ball, have the first person throw to another group member and say the name of who they threw the ball to.
Next, have everyone turn to the right and put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Then place another duct tape line on the ground about 30 feet away (depending on the size of your room) for the finish line.
The length of the lines can be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet, depending on your preferences and amount of time for the activity.
Since young people are full of energy, all of these teambuilding games encourage active, physical participation. Tell them to each raise their right hands into the air and join hands with another person across the circle. For smaller groups, you can give them more specific requirements, such as lining up by the actual day of their birthday, by month, and by year. That person who catches the ball then throws the ball to another person and says that person’s name.
The player without a chair stands in the middle and says the statement “I like everyone, especially people ________,” filling in the blank with a description, such as “people wearing glasses.” Then, anyone sitting down that is wearing glasses must get out of their chair and find a new chair.
Tell the players that their group must get from the starting line to the finish line; however, in-between the two pieces of tape is a “boiling lake of hot lava,” so they absolutely cannot touch the “lake” with any parts of their body. This is “The Bridge.” Make the bridge line wider by adding one or two more strips to your duct tape line.

Then, have them raise their left hands and join hands with a different person from across the circle. You can also add variations, such as lining up by shoe size, by height, or in alphabetical order by middle names. The participants must all try to fit themselves inside the square without any of their other body parts touching the ground outside of the square. The person from the middle should then try to sit down in one of the seats left empty from someone wearing glasses. This is your “minefield,” and the plates are the “mines.” Have your group divide up into pairs. The last person to receive the ball finally throws the tennis ball back to the first person. Once the group has found a strategy to fit everyone into the square, they must be able to hold themselves inside for at least 3 seconds.
Tell them that these are “magical stepping stones” that can be used to help them cross the lava lake.
One partner puts on the blindfold, and the other partner must guide them through the minefield using only verbal communication. Then, have the group members untangle themselves to make a circle, without letting go of their hands.
Then, the first person starts over again throwing the tennis ball to the same person they threw it to the first time and also repeating their name again. When the leader gives the signal to start, the participants must find a way to get their entire group across the LavaLake, using the magical paper plate stepping stones to step on. They can either do this activity in silence, or the facilitator may allow groups to communicate. If any group members touch the ground with any part of their body, the whole group must go back to the starting line and start over. Instruct the participants that the groups must now switch sides on the bridge, keeping their same order.

Once half of the group is finished, allow the other half to go through the minefield and the other partners guide them through using verbal communication only. If you did not mark this square with an ‘X’ on your Cheat Sheet, let out a buzzer noise to tell them their choice is incorrect. After a few tosses have gone by, the first person can add another ball into the game, again following the same pattern of people and also repeating names. Keep trying the activity until it works seamlessly and the group can hold the pose for at least 5 seconds.
Make sure to add the rule that when participants have to find a new seat, they must move at least two seats away from their previous one. If any players touch the ground off of the bridge, everyone must go back to their original starting positions. If there are multiple groups, have them compete against each other to see which group can untangle themselves the fastest.
This activity can be done with communication, or you may prefer to have them complete the activity in silence for an added twist. If they choose the correct square you’ve marked with an ‘X’, then they can try to choose another correct square in the pattern.
If they step on an incorrect square, let out a buzzer sound, and they must go to the end of the line, and it is another player’s turn to try. Group members keep trying until the pattern you’ve drawn on your cheat sheet is discovered.

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