Teamwork helps young performers learn how to get along with others, to communicate, cooperate, work together, share, trust, lead, etc. Besides missing some of the above macro characteristics, I’ve also seen my younger, non-team clients struggle more with confidence, anxiety, focus, motivation, etc. All of these characteristics are important for adults to have in social settings, family environments, love and business. There are so many skills inherent in teamwork that are important to kids performance but also their life. Kids don’t directly learn how to deal with mental states or emotions by being part of a team but they do indirectly (for good or for bad) learn how to develop and deal with these things.
A child does not necessarily need to be a part of a sports team, dance troupe or band to learn teamwork skills.

Michelle Cleere offers sports psychology coaching to professional athletes, Olympic athletes and amateur athletes and provides peak performance coaching to musicians, writers, actors, business executives and non-profit leaders. She works with people around the world via Skype and meets with clients in San Francisco County, Marin County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Solano County, Napa County, Sonoma County, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Orinda, Lafayette, Mountain View, Palo Alto and San Jose.
If kids don’t learn how to be a part of a team, chances are they will struggle as an adult.
All of these provide an opportunity for growth in character however the former also allows kids to learn how to deal with pressure and competition which are also important characteristics to have dealt with and conquered before adulthood.
The concepts learned from being part of a team are the foundation to being an effective, efficient adult. Her passion is unlocking the power of the mind so that athletes, musician, leaders and other performers have the confidence to perform at their peak.

Some of them shutdown in group situations because they don’t know how to deal with the group characteristics. If they don’t learn how to deal with them as kids, what do you imagine will be the results for them as an adult in the working world?

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