Unique corporate teamwork training puzzles custom made jigsaw puzzles from your art or logos.
Your presentation Story Tell, Story Sell [Sales Through Storytelling)] taught our members to confidently share their successes, skills and experience with style using your effective storytelling techniques.
As promised, you delivered suggestions and practices that spark our work environment and liven up the day. Your haiku exercise brought out the poets in our midst, and back scratchers have taken on new importance! This week I’m nursing a back injury so training has been light and not as jarring as in the past. Looking at the NorCal Goruck Facebook page, it looks like several of my gorucktards are nursing injuries as well. Reading the comments on the NorCal Goruck Facebook page is a cornucopia of insults, training tips, gear recommendations and ribbing that can only be described as a lovingly swift kick in the nuts.
Teamwork will be a vital part of the challenge since it’s going to be you and 29 of your soon to be closest friends that need to navigate whatever challenge is thrown at us. It’s been a light week due to injury so all the work outs have been low stress and focused on maintaining my cardo fitness. I bought some carabiners for my ruck and they work well as a nice finger hold when carrying it without the straps.

This next week is all about getting better and staying healthy so that I’m ready for the challenge. This post is the sixth in the series about my training for the Goruck Challenge on November 3rd 2012 in San Francisco. Your warm style and interactive program allowed each member to craft, deliver and receive coaching on their stories. We enjoyed your underlying messages of supporting each other in a team environment and recognizing others for their contributions. Our staff not only enjoyed your presentation, but they found your training tips to be very useful in their everyday work. No quality time with the ruck like I wanted to but that’s just part of training — eventually you’re going to get hurt and will need to deal with it. It’s amazing how a common cause or event can bond a group of people together — some of whom have never met.
It’s comforting to know that at least some of the guys have done this before and know what to expect. I think it has to do with a common focus and a shared experience, even virtually, that makes it easy to relate and feel part of a tribe. Each time I add a brick to my pack, I’ll name it and post a training update (there’s 6 total).

Ten dollars from the entry fee goes to The Green Beret Foundation to help our wounded, ill and injured special forces soldiers.
That’s always a vital part of a teams success — having some team members that have been there, done that and can help others get past the mental and physical struggles. No amount of balms, elixirs, massage, voodoo or pushing through the pain will make an injury get better faster than letting your body rest and heal itself.
Thank you for providing giveaways for the participants who actively participated in your role-plays. Man, those guys kicked some butt and all I’m doing is resting, eating cake and pie and getting fat. You kept notes on each participant and used them accordingly to ensure the seminar was indeed customized.

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