Nolta Lab - Team Training:A The fields of stem cells, immunotherapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine are poised to change the face of healthcare. The CRM Learning weblog will be regularly updated with helpful training tips, articles, and other news.
Conflict is a part of life and not something that we can avoid, especially in the workplace.
Like most people, healthcare workers want to be able to resolve conflicts with co-workers in a way that solves the problem at hand without undermining the working relationship. The video training program Dealing with Conflict, Healthcare Version teaches how to take responsibility for, and resolve, conflict in the workplace.
Immunotherapy is giving terminal cancer patients a second chance at life, gene therapy can cure rare diseases, and living stem cells are beginning to be prescribed for certain indications.
When developing this skill, employees must be willing to look at how they typically behave when faced with conflict and consider if this behavior is conducive to finding win-win solutions. Based on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, the program uses multiple scenarios to highlight the five most common positions people take during contentious situations: avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, and collaborating. This changes the fields of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, since the new generations of healthcare students will need to learn how to handle drugs that are not pills or liquids in a vial, but rather are living biological medicines.

Conflicts often turn into more of a competition than a collaboration and things “go south” quickly. It then explains why collaborating is typically the best course of action and provides tips for using this conflict mode.
The new medicine is performed in large teams of experts with different expertise and backgrounds, including those with cell biology and manufacturing knowledge, in addition to experts in medicine, surgery, imaging, monitoring, outcomes, health technology and statistical analysis. At UC Davis we are committed to training the science and healthcare work force of the future, and to continuing to improve and deliver these novel cutting edge therapies that can offer cures rather than remedies or palliative care for patients who currently have limited options.A Social media enhances teamwork by allowing closer interaction between scientists, patients and patient advocates, MDs, Veterinarians, technology experts, foundations, philanthropists, funding agencies, industry partners, and students at all levels, including interested members of the public. The common passion to treat a specific disease or disorder unites these interesting multifaceted teams, and each member brings a unique perspective to the group.
It is important for members of these broad and committed groups to remember to always seek evidence-based solutions for developing novel treatments that have the best chance of impacting the disorder that they hope to cure. Through the hub at the 109,000 SF Institute for Regenerative Cures building, these teams share knowledge, students, equipment, and ideas, to best leverage skills to develop novel life-saving therapies.A A Dr. Nolta's talk on team training at the 2015 meeting of the World Stem Cell summit is linked hereA i»?We have a large number of trainees of all ages who work with us at the IRC. Nolta's talk on team training at the 2015 meeting of the World Stem Cell summit is linked hereA i»?We have a large number of trainees of all ages who work with us at the IRC.

VIcki Wheelock, who runs the UC Davis Huntington's Disease Clinic, which is recognized as a Center of Excellencei»?A UC Davis Juvenile HD gene editing team. Diana Farmer, Chair, Department of Surgery (center) and her team do incredible work in fetal surgery.
They are developing a novel stem cell therapy for spina bifida in collaboration with our team at the IRC.A Wound healing and revascularization team led by Dr.
Peter Belafsky (center, white shirt) is working to make a difference for patients with swallowing disorders. The team received seed funding from the National Foundation for Swallowing Disorders (NFSOD).Dr.

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