Management Essentials™ is an innovative and highly practical management training seminar that teaches old and new managers alike essential skills required by their roles.
Every participant receives a personalized DiSC Personality Profile along with a copy of Management Essentials™ Participant Workbook of exercise sheets and handouts.
Placing a group of individuals together and expecting them to naturally work like a well-oiled machine is simply unrealistic. Therea€™s no doubt that employees who care about their project are much more motivated than those who feel they have no stake in the game. Consider planning a brainstorming session with your team dedicated to uncover the fundamental reasons to care about the projecta€™s success. Here are some questions you might consider using in a brainstorming session with your team that will help you generate a comprehensive list of reasons to care.
Once you feel the team has compiled a compelling list of reasons to care about the project, take a moment to check in with the team. Dona€™t be afraid to invest your time on collaborative, team building activities like this one. My strengths are communication, relationship building, a positive attitude and a creative mind.
I am dedicated to understanding your immediate needs, goals and challenges as well as your vision for the future. Coaches Training InstituteA®, commonly known as CTIA®, is the largest in-person coach training school in the world and the only program to teach CTI's ground-breaking Co-Active CoachingA® model in highly interactive courses.

If you have ever been interested in finding out what the Co-Active Leader Program is all about, this is your chance.
Our new Business Builder Virtual course is carefully designed to help you market your coaching business and help you address your most critical sales and marketing goals. Best of all, for those of you who were unable to travel to the in-person versions of Business Builder, we now have created an interactive Virtual program.
Fostering and encouraging diversity is an important aspect of being a leader, as discussed in Lecture 2. Subjects Biology Chemistry Engineering Humanities & Social Sciences Mathematics Physics Exam Prep Biology Calculus Chemistry Physics More Intro for Students Intro for Teachers Other MIT Resources What is Highlights? Participants in this workshop will appreciate a blended approach to learning that includes instruction, examples, and interactive group exercises which grow competence and confidence immediately.
But when your team isna€™t performing and the weight falls on your shoulders, it can also be one of the most disappointing and stressful.
Many times, employees just havena€™t had the time to contemplate what they value about a project or the reasons they care about their work. Pay attention to their body language and facial expressions and tap into the general energy that exudes from the group. Every moment spent on activities like this will encourage the growth of a positive culture, meaningful relationships and business success. I am committed to helping you understand yourself (and your business) and communicate it honestly with your audience in ways that lead to long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

Experience the first powerful leadership training called Leadership Discovery: Creating from Self, without committing to the full four residential retreat Co-Active Leader Program. We hope to instill in our students the four cornerstones of our program: charisma, knowledge, teamwork, and self-reflection. The focus in this management training seminar is on building day to day skills that managers need to Interview, Motivate, Inspire, Communicate, Develop, Evaluate, Realign and Delegate. Even a workplace brimming with talented people can feel like the loneliest place on Earth when you have a dysfunctional team. Discuss how you might be able to use this list to help keep the team motivated and energized in the future. Acknowledgments The curriculum for this course was created collaboratively by the following members of the Leadership Training Institute: Yeseul Kim, Semmie Kim, Sarah Han, Taylor Jay, Chris Olmacher, Ryan Jackson, Lauren Rodda, and Amanda Mok.
Aligning your staff and motivating them toward a common goal is a critical step in building an effective team. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA For more information about using these materials and the Creative Commons license, see our Terms of Use.
There are many different ways to align and motivate your teama€”this post describes a Co-Active approach.

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