The SkillPath Corporate Strategies Effective Teamwork Strategies training course is an opportunity to provide your team members with the skills to work efficiently and effectively as part of a team. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction.
We think the best way to get a flavour of our approach to teamwork and team development is to take a look at some of the courses we've run for our clients. After taking a look at those, come back and read more about our general approach to programmes to develop your team. Our training courses in helping people and teams develop their teamwork skills fall into two categories - courses for groups from a single company, and teamwork development courses for individuals. The way we cover teamwork skills varies enormously, and depends heavily on a joint pre-courses assessment of what the needs are, and the flexibility during the course to change and adapt the approach as needed. We've found that using Myers-Briggs (MBTI) profiling as part of creating an understanding and appreciation of differing operation styles and approaches hugely valuable.
By looking not only at the individual dichotomies, but looking at specific combinations, we can access a rich resource of information about people's preferred styles of behaviour.
As with all our courses, we introduce the theory, use real-world, practical, and usually outdoors experiential learning to flesh out and internalise the knowledge gained, and then focus on reviews to really capture the essence of what has been learnt and ensure that it is translated into practical benefits back at work.
NLP, it goes without saying, has a massive amount to offer in terms of developing a greater understanding of our own behavioural styles, and how our styles come across to others.
It is almost impossible to overestimate the power of having a greater understanding of your own behaviour, and the differences between when your behaviour delivers what you are looking for and when it doesn't.
We regularly operate in the great outdoors, as well as in classroom training environments, and have developed a suite of flexible courses to really push and challenge teams.
The exercises provide a huge amount of "raw data" that can be reviewed later and translated into the actions that will really make the difference back at work.
Sounds obvious, but common sense is missed far too often on training courses, overruled by the latest fancy theory and snazzy quotes from the "gurus". Our skill here is in genuine, open facilitation, and in creating the environment for people to come up with their own answers - much, much more powerful than listening to a lecture. Published by Sarah Foster on October 4, 2011 in Customer Service, Food Safety, Food Safety Humour, Food Service Humour and Food Service Training.
Tags: Food Business Training, Food Humour, Food Safe, Food Safety Supervisor, Kitchen Safety, Motivation, Restaurant Management, Teamwork. The leader must also be a part of the team whether this is making sure all wait staff, cooks, chefs and other key players is all on the same page or through demonstrating how tasks need to be completed.
A great example of poor teamwork is the famous Hell’s Kitchen television show with Gordon Ramsey as the star.

If a sense of camaraderie isn’t established before the shift begins, then rank in the kitchen takes over the feeling of being part of the team. Kitchens are definitely a challenging place to work which means that motivation must be put at the top of the priority list. This doesn’t mean hold a cookie on a dangling string in front of your staff; it means care about getting to know your employees so that you can lead and inspire them to become better at their profession. Managers have to provide the motivation by fully training their staff, spending time on the floor with their cooks and giving constructive criticisms instead of degrading, sardonic remarks when someone isn’t performing up to their standards. There’s no way around the chaos that will ensue but if respect formed as a mutual bond amongst staff, from employee to supervisor and vice versa, motivation will stay high. Teamwork is a continual loop that shows teamwork can never be underestimated in ANY company – especially in the professional kitchen! Subscribe below to automatically get ALL blog posts sent to your inbox so you’ll never miss out on that profit-making, lead-generating and business-building strategy for your business! Enter your details into the form to register and get immediate access to the learning materials. This Master Class is aimed at everybody within an organisation who need to improve their working relationships with all of their colleagues and by doing so gain a thorough understanding of the impact this will have on customer satisfaction and loyalty. This Master Class is designed to get all the people within the organisation working together as a team, giving EACH OTHER the best possible service which automatically gives External Customers (the people who buy our products and services) the best possible service. Delegates on this Master Class will experience in a lively atmosphere continuous improvement from current practice to ‘world class performance’ with links to financial and non-financial measures throughout the day.
Unless stated otherwise, all open Master Classes are held at our central UK venue in Preston which is within easy reach of the motorway and rail networks.
If you require further information please call 01772 611115 or 020 7100 1331 and speak to one of our course advisors who will be happy to help. As with all the management training tools we use, we don't "teach" MBTI as a subject in itself, but use it effectively to deliver the teamwork training our clients need. This knowledge is then advanced to develop the skill to both adapt our own behaviour whilst being part of a team, as well as create a greater appreciation of the styles of others, enabling the individuals and the team as a whole to be much more flexible, resourceful and successful in working together.
By enabling us to take a very deep look at how we behave, why we behave in certain ways at certain times, and what the impact is of this on others, we can analyse our behaviour and model more successful behaviours in order to help clarify and understand what will deliver the results we want.
It's also hugely powerful to develop the skills and attitude that helps you to change the behaviour patterns you use at will.
By creating safe but challenging missions for teams to achieve, and carefully monitoring their performance, we help each individual to understand much more about themselves and the team around them. This marks us out as significantly different to many training companies - with our "real world" experience, we know that team building and teamwork training is about much more than a nice day (or 3!) out - it's about learning how to perform better every day.

With one part of its whole missing, the food business no longer functions as one smooth operation and guess what?
Ramsey is renowned for his bad temper, use of profanity and degradation of anyone in his kitchen. There’s waiters rushing in and out, bringing in orders, taking them back out; too many cooks and not enough chefs and that forever short period of time the food must be prepared before the customer gets angry. The end result of that can be disastrous causing a lack of helpfulness towards each other, leaving each to their own task and basically asking for potential accidents to happen in or outside of the kitchen. This is because the two most powerful motivators are trying to make a difference and the opportunity to work closely with others to achieve a common goal. It’s a completely natural feeling for people to work extremely well together when there’s motivation present. It’s up to the staff to carry out their responsibilities while staying attuned with their colleagues.
This little shift in the professional kitchen paradigm will have everyone working together as a well-oiled team, not to mention, keeping the kitchen running as a smooth operation. The only way to acquire that is to start working as a team from the bottom of the faculty chain all the way up to the top of the management line!
It then shows how this, in turn, helps ensure that the level of service provided to the external customer is the best there can be which ultimately impacts on customer satisfaction and loyalty. We use purpose-built training rooms and facilities that enable the training to be conducted in a relaxed stress free atmosphere, conducive to effective and focussed learning. If this is the case, the date and location will be shown in the Master Class title bar at the top of this synopsis page. It will instill a passion that will allow them to rally their other team members to high-quality, top-notch performances day after day.
Whether you are motivating, supporting, encouraging or even disciplining others, sharing your ideas, listening to others, or driving towards a common goal, enhancing the range of your capabilities to do so will make you far more successful.
By giving teams the opportunity to undertake challenges and tasks, and then simply reviewing with them what went well and what didn't, it's (no longer, to us!) astonishing what comes out. While this is surely great for the network ratings and brings a lot of attention, it’s also a great example of what can happen in a kitchen without teamwork present or the leader setting a solid example.

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