Diane Ricciardi retired from Clemson University as a faculty member in the educational leadership department and taught graduate classes for aspiring principals. Most of you are gun people.  Start here with Active Shooter Response for the Armed Citizen.
If you are a cop and may be responding to events like these, read Confronting the Mobile Killer. If you don’t regularly carry a gun, read Naked and Afraid to learn how to effectively set up an ambush against an active killer and neutralize him without using a firearm. Check them out.¬† They will give you a graduate level education on synchronized and symphonic terrorist attacks against civilian targets. If you would like to read more articles like this one, please sign up for my email updates. I changed the title of that article about a year ago, but never changed the link name on the back end of the site.

After studying the Nairobi mall incident and now this Paris attack, I wonder if attacks in America won’t follow more of the hit-and-run assault on multiple targets than a single concentrated attack on one target? Since seven of them killed themselves with explosive vests or belts I don’t think you were wrong.
Lance: We have had just 2 FMK pistols come through our store and both had magazine issues in under 50 rounds.
ExurbanKevin: Hmmn, I wonder how much that article was influenced by ad dollars, because they missed a whole bunch of decent guns. DonateIf you feel you have received some value from this site, donations will be gratefully accepted to help support my efforts to provide you with the best firearms and self protection advice on the internet. A crying need exists for teachers to lead by taking a more formal and explicit role in the supervision and improvement of instruction. Prior to that, she was human resources director in Jefferson County Schools in Louisville, Kentucky.

They found a proper ambush location and attacked when I (playing the role of a terrorist) made entry. Participants learn leadership skills and collaboration, the parameters of teamwork, how to design and organize teams, and how to provide the training they will need to be effective. She served in middle and secondary schools as a principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor and English teacher.

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