With so many different medical professionals present at the average birth, it’s no wonder studies are emerging that emphasise the value of strong teams in improving patient outcomes. With an emphasis on teamwork and active learning (over the all-too-familiar PowerPoint presentation), In Time involves three teams of midwives, junior doctors, consultants and anaesthetic teams in an immersive all-day course. In Time explores a variety of crisis situations – from maternal collapse to pre-eclampsia. Throughout the day, participants develop their understanding of communication, roles and responsibilities and situational awareness through a series of debriefs.
Team building, teamwork and team player are terms that everyone seems to use when describing a work place.
That’s why Mike Hourigan’s teambuilding programs are crafted to give team leaders and members the tools and skills needed to produce repeatable and lasting results.
Simply giving out team hats and shirts does not make a team gel – but having the right management and communication skills do. From the theoretical in the boardroom to the practical application in the office, the intricacies of team building in a corporate setting are one of the most essential practices to ensuring a smooth-running, high-producing, work place.

Many companies have been able to turn their bottom line and ultimate success around, just by working on team building. The longer I am in business, the more I realize that the success of any business almost never hinges exclusively on the efforts of just one person in an organization.  It involves, to a larger extent than you may realize, the efforts of an entire workplace – making team building, a practice no organization ought to go without. A Keynote Speaker can be the most important thing to pack for your next convention or association meeting.
The three things a keynote speaker wants to hear from his meeting planner to make his keynote speech a total success. This most important aspect of In Time happens after every single drill, with insights being emphasised through repetition. Companies know that a successful team can produce incredible results and it is up to the company to equip their teams with what they need to succeed. Unfortunately, without the proper understanding and training, most teambuilding events produce more team injuries than team results. Sure your team will laugh and have fun learning the rules of the game, but more importantly they will leave wanting to play again and with the same team members.

He was very engaging, personable and provided an interactive teambuilding session that allowed us to take back real-life concepts for implementation in our respective departments. All too often people think throwing a bunch of people together and calling them a team will get better results. A keynote speaker or corporate trainer has the skills and proven-practices of working within organizations to strengthen teams of exceptional talent and find a role for all employees – that will benefit the company in a positive and lasting way. Usually what happens is the dedicated, hard workers end up doing more work and the slackers get to do less. Everyone acts in their own role and behaves as if it were a real life situation; from calling the emergency number to administering drugs. You will learn problem-solving methods to optimize team effectiveness and get the tools you need to achieve superior results with your teams.

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