The man of God then prayed for me and said that if he did not pray for me no perfume in the world would diffuse the odour that I had.
From the time she was born everyone around Nobulali Myemane was aware that she had a strange smell about her but they never knew where it came from.
While home in Umlazi, I heard the cries of my daughter who had fallen outside while playing with friends in February 2006. Upon spending thousands on seeking a traditional African cure, I looked to western doctors to solve this problem. Her story changed in August 2012 when we attended a service at Jesus Dominion International.
Angel Mchunu (7 years old) fell down outside when she was three years old, while playing with her friends outside, and from that day she never walked again. At five months pregnant the man of God called me out during a service and asked me when last I had seen blood. In May 2002, the doctors measured the holes in her heart and inserted pipes into her body. The man of God then asked those who had missing body organs to also come to the altar to receive their own organs too.
We went back to the hospital for a routine check up and to the shock of the doctors, my daughter was now one hundred percent healthy.
During an evening service the man of God just said to me from the altar, a€?Take off those spectacles, I do not like them. The man of God just said, a€?Since you cannot look at people eyeball to eyeball, look at me.a€? I looked until I could see the man of God clearly.
Jabulile Ximba of Umlazi in Durban first came to Jesus Dominion International on the 5th of January 2012 after watching the a€?Just As I ama€? television program of the ministry.
I then heard about Jesus Dominion International from a lady who lives in my neighbourhood. We travelled home using public transport and upon arrival at home, we were welcomed with cries of jubilation as everyone heard my baby girl talking for the first time ever.
Ncumisa Ndlela started coming to Jesus Dominion International in June 2012, after being referred by a friend. This was a difficult time for my family but I told myself that while my child is still alive, I would try everything in my power to help my child. On the 1st of July 2013, I came to Jesus Dominion International to register for Holy Ghost Clinic so that my children will be prayed for by Rev. Thembelihle Shezia€™s children were tormented by demonic attacks since the 1st of January 2013 until God set them free from their torment.
In November 2012 I became ill with the influenza virus and for three days I began to experience severe pain in the right half of my body at night. I enrolled in 2009 at a local university in Durban to study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting. The following day I brought some of my university books with me to church as instructed by the man of God. Sandile Mafu started studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting in 2009 but he failed to complete his degree after three years. Revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7)a€?revealed the secret of his failure and turned his despair into joy.
I attended the crusade in Port Elizabeth last year (2013) with the rest of my family members. The man of God also spoke by word of knowledge that he saw a number of illnesses in my body and he even named them. Nosisi Mkrwele had been suffering from diabetes, lower back pain and a kidney problem for over twenty years before becoming a member of Jesus Dominion International. We were living in Pretoria at the time when my son, Solomzi, began to show signs of mental illness. Ever since that time, my son has been in and out of hospitals because of his mental illness.
There were times when he would leave the house for days without notifying anyone of his whereabouts. A I spent approximately R10 000 consulting different witchdoctors about my sona€™s condition, until I gave up on them as the consultations produced no results. I met a lady while in hospital in 2012, who shared some amazing testimonies with me about what she had witnessed at Jesus Dominion International.
On the 17th of June 2013, I went to the Durban branch of the ministry for prayer from the man of God, Rev. I am grateful to God for affording me my healing, by His grace, through the man of God, Rev.
Josephine Mbete, of Wattville in Johannesburg, lost her balance and missed her step as she walked up a short ramp in 2009 and could not walk properly since. After a series of x-rays, the doctors assigned to my case presented only one option for me.
The doctors ran a series of tests to confirm their earlier findings of tuberculosis, but the final report showed that I had kidney failure. I immediately began the six months dialysis treatment, with my wife at my side supporting me. After the prayer of the man of God, I was moved from the intensive care unit to a general ward in the hospital. Nhlanhla Ngubane from Newlands West in Durban began to lose his appetite and lost a tremendous amount of weight in the beginning of 2011.
Since I was in grade R, I would not get any higher than an F (Fail) for both my assessments and end of term reports. My teachers eventually wrote a letter to my mother and told her that they had failed in trying to teach me and that it would be in my mothera€™s best interest to home-school me, due to the poor academic marks in all my subjects. In June 2013 the man of God instructed all the students in the ministry to bring their school books, so that he could pray for us.
I am so happy to tell everyone that I went from being the bottom of my class to one of the top three learners in my class. Eight year old, Nothando Mathonsi lives with her single mother in the suburb of Berea in Durban. On the 3rd of January 2013, I received a telephone-call from someone while crossing a busy road outside a popular mall, in the central business district of Durban.A  All I remember was hearing peoplea€™s screams around me.
After a four day stay, I was discharged from the hospital and I decided to come to church.
When I came to the ministry, everything in my life was going down and I had dropped out of college, where I was studying information technology. Cebo Buthelezi is a journalism student at a creative arts college in Durban, originally from Ulundi. After moving to Durban in July of 2013 I was invited by a member of the church to fellowship with him at his church. Three weeks passed, and I decided to remove the attachments and immediately noticed the migraine I had had for over eight years had ceased.
It came to a point where I resigned from my job of seventeen years in a banking institution because of this problem with my left ear. The Man of God asked me to receive my new testicle by faith and place it in its proper position.
This is the testimony of how God performed a creative miracle in 24 year old Sabata Buthelezia€™s life.
Twenty one year old Kwazi Nyawo is a promising rugby player from a local rugby club in Durban.
My mother heard about Jesus Dominion International from a friend, though my father was skeptical, we all attended a Sunday morning service.
Prophet Tim Omotoso called me out by word of knowledge and asked me where my parents were. In the month of December 2012, I attend a service at Jesus Dominion International for the first time. The nurses told me afterwards that I am the first patient they had come across whose dialysis treatment had been discontinued after such a short period.
Seventy one year old Nonhlanhla Mary Ncube, of Marianhill in Durban, spent over three months undergoing dialysis after being diagnosed with kidney failure. I went back to the hospital in town to request new tests because I believed that I was healed. I tested myself by spraying deodorant spray and could slightly sense the smell around me. I heard about the ministry from my mothera€™s friend and I started to attend services in December 2012.
Later that evening I brought the cap to the evening service, as per the instruction of the man of God. Sibusisiwe Cele is a second year student at a tertiary institution in Port Elizabeth, but her journey to get there was not a smooth one. After suffering from tuberculosis twice and being diagnosed by doctors as having pneumonic lung destruction, I underwent an operation to remove my left lung on the 25th of July 2012. Busiswa Gomo (26) from Umtata had her left lung removed after suffering from tuberculosis twice and after being diagnosed with pneumonic lung destruction. I first came to Jesus Dominion International on 28 August 2011 after being invited by a member of the Church. On 2 December 2012 I was scheduled to do a night shift at the hospital but I informed them at the hospital that I would be coming a bit later because I began to feel ill as if I was getting the flu virus and I was struggling to move about. As I arrived at work some time later my supervisor noticed that I was physically struggling to move about. It was not long after we moved into our new home that that we noticed all sorts of strange creatures moving about the house.
We became accustomed to buying double the amount of groceries that we needed, though only the two of us lived there. Since October 2007 Nhlanhla Myeni and his wife lived in a house infested with every crawling creature imaginable.
Brothers Senzo (23) and Sanele Luthuli (24) and their close friend, Jimmy Nomabhunga (24) were heavy drinkers, drug users and cigarette smokers until God delivered them in a rather unique format. I came to find out about Jesus Dominion International from a lady who fellowships there and something told me to attend one of their services. I remember that it was a Thursday morning in the month of January, when I received a letter from the organisation. I never told the man of God about the letter or the results of the blood tests I had done earlier in the day but something miraculous happened to me as I sat in the church service. On Monday I went back to the clinic for further blood tests and the same doctors and nurses found no trace of Hepatitis B in my body. The doctors prescribed him medication to tranquilize his mood, but the only long term solution suggested was to place him in a psychiatric institution. Upon hearing about Jesus Dominion International, Mabhuti and I attended a House of Jacob deliverance meeting in Philippi in Cape Town on the 4th of December 2012. Siyabulela Lunkinki is 32 years old and lives in Emfuleni in Cape Town with his younger brother, Mabhuti. I heard about Jesus Dominion International through a member who lives in my neighbourhood.
Margaret Mbatha of KwaDabeka, on the outskirts of Durban, was attacked by a stroke in December 2012 as she slept one night. MyA  mothera€™s friend invited us (my mother and I) to visit her in Durban during the December 2012 holidays. Below are photos of some of the JMCIM brethren whose lives were changed and diseases healed by the great power of our mighty GOD.
I shared a testimony confirming the word of knowledge I received when I went back to Port Elizabeth and as I continued the man of God stopped me and asked, a€?Do you want to be set free?a€? At the man of Goda€™s question I replied, a€?Yes Sir.a€? The man of God then told me to ask my family first because it was more than what the Lord had revealed, before it was too late. I told her everything that the man of God had revealed about the source of the body odour I had carried my entire life. We arrived too late to register my daughter for prayer in Holy Ghost Clinic but we stayed through the duration of the service.
Her mother Buhle Mchunu (33) tells us how after four years of trying to get help for her daughter through man-made means, God revealed his Almighty power in a way they least expected.
My baby girl was diagnosed with anemia, asthma, reflux, there were three holes in her heart and she was born with one kidney.
Tim Omotoso, called out by word of knowledge that there was a young girl in the auditorium with three holes in the heart. People came out in numbers to touch the man of God and each of them went back home with new and restored body organs. The nine months preceding the birth of her child were marred with obstacles and the difficulty did not end there.
Come forward.a€? I hurried to the altar and the man of God asked me what I cannot do without the spectacles. An eye problem she had since 1978, as a high school learner, was solved by God on the day she least expected. Before she began to speak, I would have to write notes to communicate with her and when I would send her to the shop.
She attended a Sunday morning service with her six year old daughter Sithokozile Ndlela and without the man of God praying for her daughter, God performed a miracle.
In her own case, she was sitting in the classroom at school and began to see three strange animals.
I can climb on top of a building and scream to express the joy I feel today as I share this story with the world.

What started out as the flu virus, landed Nompilo in the intensive care unit, fighting for breath.
I was passing all of my modules throughout the duration of the course, except for managerial accounting.
The man of God stood on my books and then gave me R300 and told me to buy presents for the three brightest students in any of my classes. When asked, he too did not know where he was going and how he would always make his way back home.
I then started going to every church I could find for prayers for my son but his condition remained the same. I spent about R2000 buying faith water from different places for my son to drink to receive his healing. The area around my left lung had become so painful that I couldna€™t sleep on that side at all.
In 2011, after some time of experiencing difficulty in breathing and immense pain in the left area of her body, around the lungs, she underwent an intercostal drainage. The doctors stopped the dialysis a month before the allocated time, as my kidneys had recovered completely. A My teachers wrote my mother a letter and congratulated her on the complete change they have seen in me academically.
I felt my bones cracking in my back and neck and I could now slowly turn my neck from side to side without pain, I took off the neck brace and was completely free of pain. Tim Omotoso, prayed for the whole church as he foresaw some members being involved in car accidents.
I am even obtaining up to a hundred percent which was not possible before God revealed the secret of my life through His prophet, Prophet Tim Omotoso.
Cebo was invited by a friend to Jesus Dominion International to attend a Sunday morning service. For more than eight years she had been suffering from a migraine that refused to leave her.
I used to wear a hearing aid to be able to hear customers through the glass barrierA  between them and myself. Tim Omotoso, revealed by word of knowledge that, a€?There is a young man here who has only one testicle. The man of God instructed one of the ushers to fetch his piano chair for me to sit on.A  I sat down and briefly relayed my problem to the man of God. In March 2013 Kwazi went to train in the gym as usual,A  when he came back from his afternoon session, he felt an excruciating pain in his midriff area. I attend a private high school outside Pietermaritzburg where my parents are paying over R200 000 in school fees alone and other expenses, including hostel fees.
They both made their way to the altar andA  the man of God revealed by word if knowledge that I was performing poorly in academics although God has great plans for my future. He revealed to us that powers of darkness were targeting my brain because Ia€™m supposed to become a scientist and later, a man of God in my future.
In fact, my teachers have moved me to a higher averaging class in my grade and I passed very well at the end of the year. I was admitted in a local hospital in the Pinetown area and then transferred to another hospital in Glenwood. Many patients undergo dialysis treatment for years without treatment, but after the prayer I received at Jesus Dominion International I am completely healed. I thank God for preserving my life and setting me free from the excruciating pain I suffered from.
Omotoso then asked me, a€?What can I do for you?a€? I told Him that I wanted God to heal me of cancer, as the operation was already scheduled for the 18th of December. The doctors were reluctant and thought that I was basing my faith on something unbelievable and unheard of. This is the testimony of how God healed 45 year old, Sifiso Shange of Phoenix to win his soul for the Kingdom of God.
The medical professionals I consulted at the time prescribed tablets to treat my condition. However, the following morning as I was preparing to come to the House of Jacob deliverance meeting I realized that I could perfectly smell the perfume I had put on.
As a young person in this day and age, I have realized that I need God more than anything in the world.
It took the mighty power of God to uncover the secret to her failure in her academics for her to receive her deliverance and start passing at school.
I had suffered from asthma from the day I was born andA  have been in and out of hospital. What appeared under the scanner six weeks later, shocked doctors who had been in the medical profession for many years.
My colleague died within thirty minutes after having the same respiratory attack in June last year.
Over the years she has encountered many cases of Pulmonary Embolism that were only diagnosed post mortem because of its sudden nature.
Reverend Tim Omotoso approached our mother, whilst preaching, and asked her what he could do for her. I went to visit my brother, who is known to chronically believe in witchcraft, and while there I ate a piece of dry meat. I skim-read the letter as per usual until my eyes suddenly caught sight of the word, Hepatitis B. While preaching and walking down the red carpet that runs down the auditorium, the man of God, Prophet Tim Omotoso, stopped and looked at me for a few seconds and smiled.
He began hearing voices, he wouldA A  leave the house without informing anybody of his whereabouts, he developed a loss of appetite, he would complain about his awful nightmares and he would take off his clothes and run naked through the streets.
When the medication did not have any impact I then spent over R16 000 on consulting traditional healers but his insanity just became worse. Mabhuti was out of control during the service, even the protocol officers and ushers could not restrain him. This is the unforgettable testimony of how God healed Mabhuti of chronic insanity he had suffered from for two years. My son and I registered ourselves for a Holy Ghost Clinic prayer on the 15th of July 2013.
At first, she could not move her left arm and soon after the pain spread down her left leg.
They serve as living testimonies that GOD is indeed present and is working great wonders in the church of JESUS Miracle Crusade International Ministry. This fall affected her brain, her hands became coiled, she had a loss of appetite, she would foam at the mouth at times and all in all, she could not do anything. Upon sharing the grace at the end of the service, my daughter got up by herself and said, a€?Mommy, leta€™s go.a€? She took the plastic packet that contained her lunch and carried it herself. I was overjoyed at the news however I could not help but feel a sense of anxiety at the same time.
I was not coping both emotionally and physically, but I had to stay strong and believe that God could heal my child. On the 27th of May 2002 I heard about the Jesus Dominion International Port Elizabeth Crusade that was held at the Motherwell Sport Centre and I decided to attend with my daughter to receive our own miracle.
I replied that I could not cook, read, drive and I could not look at someone eyeball to eyeball. The man of God then said that God wanted to give me new eyes because my eyes were damaged. On the next visit to the ministry I testified in front of the whole congregation about the goodness of the Lord to my daughter and I. Strangely enough, after being prayed for, Siphume would be okay but as soon as we arrived in our home she would become blind and paralyzed all over again. The man of God laid hands on all of those who had registered for prayer and tore the placards that they had written their prayer requests on.
As a result of this miracle, I am now more focused on my studies because of the teachings of our father in the Lord, Rev.
At that point, his mother decided to invite him to register for Holy Ghost Clinic in January 2012. In 1993, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes and the doctors placed me on chronic medication. He just woke up one day and started to have fits and tried to jump out of the sixth floor window of the apartment building we resided in.
We have had plenty of incidents where he would hit me in an aggressive rage and I would have to flee my home in search of a safe place to hide for a few hours until his anger subsided. I reached breaking point one day and packed some clothes for him and myself and took public transport to Durban in search of help for my son.
An intercostals drainage is a medical procedure where a hollow tube is inserted between the ribs, into the chest i.e.
I had disputed their suggestions of consulting witchdoctors because I believed that western means of healing were just fine for me. My teachers did not believe that I could pass at the end of the year, however I brought my school books to the Monday evening service and the man of God prayed for all of us.
A Afterwards, the doctors who had been treating me, could see that I was healed from the x-rays I took at my next consultation. Smangele Mazibuko of Mayville in Durban was present in that service but never imagined that she would be one of the first victims of an accident.
I was subsequently, awarded with a learnership to study journalism at a creative arts college in Durban.
Honestly speaking, the cloth would only make me feel cold but it did not make a great difference. Omotoso, was teaching us about how powers of darkness use hair attachments for sacrifices to their gods. I removed the attachments sooner than I thought this time around and then only the revelation came to me about what had caused the migraine in the first place. Through this miracle, I have learnt to always listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I would be constantly frustrated because the hearing aid would make an unpleasant sound in my ear, like that of an alarm clock, causing me to lose concentration on the task I would be doing at the time. He then said that everyone in the congregation and those watching all over the world should touch where they feel pain as he prays for them.
I have got a testicle in my hand, come and receive it,a€?A  I immediately ran to the altar. My parents confirmed that this very true and that was what brought us to Church that morning. Tim Omotoso, instructed everyone in the congregation to stretch forth their hands towards all of those who had come for prayer and pray for God to meet them at the point of their needs. As everyone stood in a line for the man of GOD, Prophet Tim Omotoso, to lay hands on all of us during the service, something amazing happened.
After my menstrual cycle I checked myself and to my shock, I found a lump in my left breast. For years she suffered in silence until she received a prayer from the man of God, Reverend Tim Omotoso.
Yours is in the centre of the cap.a€? The cap was then cut along its four sections and the man of God placed the centre part of the cap on my head. By the time I arrived, my veins were popped out, my neck had widened and I was literally gasping for air to breathe. The letter was stating that upon tests conducted on my blood, they found me to be positive of Hepatitis B. At that very moment, something just entered my spirit, though I cannot explain exactly what it was. My brothera€™s condition had deteriorated so terribly that I had chained his feet together for over two weeks prior the deliverance service in a means to control his violent behaviour. The man of God, Reverend Tim Omotoso, instructed Mabhuti to be brought forward (as he was chained), where he sat on a chair. As I waited to be attended to in the waiting area prior the service, I felt a strange heat in my knees.
We assure you that these are genuine testimonies and none of our brethren featured in these photos received monetary compensation to participate or fake their testimonies. We will never again turn to witchdoctors for help, because all their potions never worked. The first miracle was that my child was dancing during the service though there was noise. After taking a few steps, the man of God told me to go back to my seat and that he was still ordering the heart from Heaven.
I would always sit in the front of the classroom in order to see everything written on the board. They would just start crying, rolling on the floor and they would start hitting themselves in a fit of rage. The same night, all my children slept peacefully for the first time in many months and are totally free from attacks. On the Sunday I suffered from a panic attack and the following Monday I was rushed to a hospital struggling to breathe.
My aunt had faith that God would heal me and that I would not have to take that medication anymore. In January 2012 my mother invited me to the ministry to register to be prayed for by the man of God, Rev.

I told the man of God that I had had a spiritual husband since 1972, when I was an eighth grade learner. I had been taking no less than twelve tablets a day and injecting myself with insulin twice a day and was paying R480 a month on medication alone. Although it was difficult to see my son this way, I never lost hope that one day he would get well again. At some point the man of God asked anyone in the congregation who had food, to give food to my son, Solomzi. I consulted several doctors concerning this injury but the medical doctors placed bandage upon bandage on my knee.
Whilst the man of God was praying, he came and prayed for me whilst I was seating in a wheelchair at the back. She took the picture to the church to the man of God, Jesus Dominion International, for prayer. At that point, my wife and I knew that God had heard and answered the prayer offered on our behalf, by Rev.
I replied, a€?Yes, Sir.a€? I went to the altar and was given a chair to sit on while the man of God stood behind me. She surely knows that if it was not for the prayer offered by the man of God, her life would have been cut short. Tim Omotoso, was the attire he wore and the words of prophecy he spoke upon peoplea€™s lives. I was raised in a Bible believing home, so we do not believe in consulting witchdoctors in my family. He paused at some point and instructed me to go and check in the toilet for anything new in my private area. I replied, a€?Yes.a€? The man of God then asked me if I wanted the testicle to be repaired or to remain the same. After the prayer, I went to my usual doctora€™s visit and after doing some pre-tests, the doctor found no need for me to continue with the dialysis.
I went to a local hospital on the 14th of November 2012, where I was placed under a scan. When it came to my turn, the man of God asked me to confirm what was written on my placard.
My close family members knew about it but I did not go to the clinic out of fear of my breast being removed.
I answered, a€?I am fourteen years old.a€? The man of God then described to me a cap that I owned.
I was given two doses of anti-biotics that day and I was supposed to have the third one the following day. The man of God did not pray but instead gave our mother an instruction to purchase R500 worth of alcohol for us, plead the blood of Jesus over it and give it to us to drink. I consulted medical professionals everywhere possible but no prescribed medicine cured me. The man of God, Prophet Tim Omotoso, instructed us to pray to God to destroy every sickness in our bodies. At first, medical professionals thought that the stroke was due to high blood pressure and diabetes. An excruciating pain seized my entire body and I screamed and cried in pain but I refused to leave and forfeit my time of visitation. I took my daughter to various traditional healers all over the city of Durban, but with all of the muthi they gave her, none of them resolved my daughtera€™s problem. Tim Omotoso, said by word of knowledge, that I need not worry and that I will see blood again and the gender of the baby will change. She could not cope in extreme weather conditions and she could not eat anything slightly solid. The man of God said that he had sent the other heart back because the angel had brought a heart that was too big for my little girl.
As I walked in the park beside her, my daughter noticed a white dove walking on the ground at her right hand side. A Omotoso, gave Sithokozile a bounty chocolate bar and from that day, she has become extremely talkative. In an act of faith, she took my nightdress to a church service at Jesus Dominion International and the man of God, Rev. One of them said, a€?This is incredible.a€? One of the doctors who was attending to me looked at me that day and asked me, a€?Do you know that youa€™re going home today?a€? I began to rejoice. All that the man of God said to me in his reply was, a€?It (the spiritual husband) has said sorry, it is gone.a€? That was the first miracle.
The man of God also gave my son water to drink and he declared from that day that my son no longer has epilepsy. At the time, the House of Jacob deliverance service was going to be held at Standard Bank Arena. After the prayer, the man of God told me to relax and stand up only when I felt ready to stand. After registering my case, I sat inside the church auditorium with the rest of the brethren. He decided there and then that this was the ministry for him and became an usher the very next day. I will openly admit that I was not prepared to immediately remove the attachments because they were brand new and I had paid good money for them.
I checked and I was astonished to find something already growing, it was a small testicle. I was exhausted constantly, my complexion became darker, I would frequently faint and I suffered from almost unbearable backache.
He instructed us to tear the papers we had written our prayer requests on and I did as instructed.
At first I said the name of a friend of mine but the man of God said that this friend he was referring to had died seven years prior. We came to the ministry at the beginning of December 2012 with a special prayer request in our hearts. Our mother says that she was confused as to why the man of God would instruct her to buy us the very thing that is causing her heartache. Omotoso instructed that his chains be removed, Once his chains were removed, the man of God asked my brother if he wanted to be healed, at which my brother responded,a€? Yes, I want to be healed.a€? Reverend Omotoso touched my brother on the head and said a short prayer and immediately my brother was healed of insanity. I was prescribed medication, a crutch to aid me to walk and I would regularly go for physiotherapy. Whilst in the service, when my turn came to be prayed for, Prophet Tim Omotoso asked me why I was scared.
She confirmed that she had noticed the foul odour when I was born and that is was the reason why she started purchasing deodorants for me from a very early age. She could walk and her hands that were previously coiled were restored to their normal state.
I had been told by the doctors that my baby would be born in January, but the prophet of God said that I will give birth in the month of December. I broke my spectacles after that because I believed in my heart that I was healed indeed. The strange thing about this dove is that it walked with us for quite a distance without flying away. Despite what was going on around me, I still continued to have daily prayer meetings in our home in the hope that God would someday answer my prayers concerning my children. My case was read out and the man of God instructed me to go and bring any book from my university that I had with me. As the service was underway, the man of God instructed all of those who had come for prayer to line up in a queue down the red carpet running down the centre of the church auditorium. To that I also replied, a€?Yes.a€? The man of God placed his chin on my head, placed one hand on my shoulder and he stretched forth one hand towards my lower back where I felt great pain, he did not touch me but just stretched forth his hand to that direction.
After the prayer, I could hear completely in my left ear after 41 years and I am so over the moon because of this healing. The amazing thing about this is that the secret was known only to myself and a childhood friend of mine. He then came to me and laid his hands on my chest, he instructed me to stand up and sit down three times. To my astonishment, I obtained a result of over sixty percent for the first time in my life (prior to that my marks averaged between 30 -40%, with 40% being the best ever). I did not tell the doctors that I had received prayer, but they were all shocked at how fast I had healed. With a smile, the man of God asked, a€?Do you know what we did when you were formed in Heaven? Immediately a heat filled my left breast and when I arrived at home I discovered that the lump was no more. The man of God even told me that the cap was in my wardrobe and where in the wardrobe, it was.
As soon as I did this, the cap started to burn at a rapid speed and as it burnt, white foam oozed out of it. During the service, the man of God made an altar call to the congregation to pledge for the work of the ministry. These specialists included a dietician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, to name a few.A  The doctors decided to discharge her on December 24, as they could see no improvement in her case. During the last trimester of my pregnancy, the doctors discovered that my child had breached.
From that day on, I can see clearly, drive my car without using spectacles, watch television and do everything I was not able to do, without wearing spectacles. As I slept at home that night the man of God visited me in my dream and told me that everything was fine and that I need not worry anymore. The medical reports showed that Solomzi had epilepsy, he was mentally insane and his manhood was not functioning properly for a boy his age. The man of God, Rev.Tim Omotoso, laid hands upon everyone before me and when it came to my turn, he instructed me to touch the area I feel pain in and breathe in and out three times. All he said then was, a€?You are healed, stand up and walk.a€? Instantly, the pain in my body ceased. It used to be very visible before but now there was nothing there and all the pain I used to feel had disappeared. He then revealed that my brain was in the cap and that was the reason I could not pass at school. He told me that I have the same respiratory problem that that person had and I was also going to suffer the same death too if he did not pray for me. I went home after the service, and I immediately realized that the sores in my mouth were drying up rapidly and cleared up completely in less than two days.
This disease is said to be incurable but I knew that there are no impossibilities with my God. As time went on, the pain grew worse and my feet would dry up but I would find solace in God the Almighty. I read a few psalms as per the instruction given by the man of God and I cried to the Lord to heal me. The man of God revealed by word of prophecy that the library book I had borrowed had been used by two other girls with contrary powers and that was why I could not reach my potential. He was immediately placed on a chronic medication and I decided not to take him back to school as he was extremely aggressive at times. When it came to my turn to be laid hands on, the man of God said to me that I must find it in my heart to forgive and only then would God heal me. Doctors inserted a pipe inside of me for further inspection and I was fitted with a neck brace.
He continued to say, a€?We put your sense of smell in your ear so that the Lord may be glorified.
The pain in my breast became worse to the point that I could not cope without pain killers. The man of God never prayed for me but just said that it is well with me and blew in my direction.
Today, my mouth is healthy and I feel so relieved after years of suffering in silence.A  This great miracle has made me eager to know God in a deeper way than before. Before the night vigil on a Friday, I went to my local clinic for further blood tests and they confirmed the news from the blood donor society. The reality of my life at that time seemed dark to the next person but I lived in the hope that as long as there is a living God, my weeping would soon turn into joy. The man of God instructed me to bring some of my university textbooks and notebooks so that he could pray for me. After being discharged, I consulted a specialist physician in East London but by the 8th of December I was back in hospital.
I had so many complications, I had frequent attacks of respiratory distress, my complexion became dark and I was placed on chronic medication. I gradually started to regain health and I was discharged earlier than expected on the 24th.
The symptoms gradually disappeared and I did not think twice about throwing away the tablets.

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