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Padre Pio had the gift of perfume, of conversion, of bilocation, of miracles, of curing the sick and the infirm, of discernment of spirits, of penetrating the future; the gift of scrutinizing and of bilocation, that of prophecy and the stigmata. THE GIFT OF PROPHECYThe gift of prophecy generally refers to the ability of a person to see into the future about a coming event or series of events with particular consequences for others, with moral-spiritual and social implications. Prophecies do not carry the weight of infallibility, so we are free to be guarded in our response; if the person is a Saint, we ought not dismiss them outright.
But we must remember that sometimes what the Saint actually said and how it is portrayed or depicted later on by devotees can involve discrepancies, through simple misunderstanding and human error, not necessarily nefarious motives. Whatever contribution you make, will be matched by an anonymous supporter, thus doubling your gift.In an effort to reach our financial goal of $10,000 we will be absent from posting and working behind the scenes until the goal is met. My Dad then asked me to sit down and straighten my legs, because recently my leg had been hurting during football matches and in athletic races.
My dad asked me to sit on a chair and straighten my back and my legs and we compared the length of my legs and one was slightly shorter than the other, so my Dad asked Lukas; my older brother (15 years old) to pray for my leg.
As Lukas prayed, I felt a power going through my leg as it grew out; so both legs were the same length. If everyone that visited this site today contributed just a few dollars, the goal would be reached in a matter of hours.

I was overwhelmed and grateful and from that day on I knew, that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what situation you are in, God will always listen to you and help you, if you ask. She was no sooner there then she no longer was ill.A young woman from Bologna had broken a bone in such manner that it did not heal right, the fracture had never closed.
Francis of Assisi.A chaplain serving in a hospital that regularly received 37,000 patients within a two-year period had lost only 37 of its patients.
He considered this astounding fact as attributable to another, that Padre Pio had blessed a crucifix which the chaplain used to bless the wounded. When the doctors came for the next visit the leg seemed improved and soon there was no sign of any fever.At San Felice a Cancello, Naples, a young woman, Nicoletta Mazzone, was dying of a complication of bronchial disease and could no longer speak. With heart-filled gratitude the woman took a gold chain from her daughter's neck, the one thing of value they possessed as they were of poor working status, and gave it to Padre Pio for the Virgin. When she arrived home she told what had happened to her husband who became intensely angry at the offering she had made, insisting she should have given some other article rather than the gift he himself had made to his daughter.
It was impossible for a letter to travel from Avandrace to San Giovanni Rotondo in less than several days, so the father of the patient sent a telegram to Padre Pio, asking for the speedy recovery of his daughter, who needed was needed in her duties at the parish, as there was no one who was able to take over for her.
The hospital would only keep her for a single day as they expected her to die; but she recovered. The priest told Father Carty that he attributed her cure to the intercession of Padre Pio.Wanda Sari of Treviso who was suffering from a serious malady and in great pain.
Father Carty had seen the child afterwards and she was robust with an angelic expression.The son of Count Marzotta of Florence, a child of eight, had advanced myopia bordering on blindness. His parents took him to Padre Pio who asked them to pray very hard, at the same time promising to pray with them. They remained several days at San Giovanni, and by the time they had returned to Florence they noticed a boy child was completely cured, as he did not even need to wear glasses.In 1947 Gemma Di Giorgi, who was born without pupils, lived in Ribera in Sicily.

She made the long journey to San Giovanni Rotondo with the little girl, full of faith in the powers of Padre Pio. The Grandmother pushed her way up to the altar with the child and knelt down before the Saint whom they had come so far to see.
At this moment the child gave a frantic cry, she could see a permanent cure although her eyes still had no pupils!
She has been examined by many doctors who have testified to the case and are able to offer no scientific explanation.
Padre Pio would often tell people to have an operation that they had been told by doctors was dangerous or had a doubtful outcome.One such person was Grazia Siena also born totally blind. Her parents were against this because of the risk and they had no money to pay for such surgery.
But a benefactor came forward with not only the money that was needed but the energy and initiative to take her to Bari to see an eye specialist. A priest gave her an image of Padre Pio before she went to the hospital telling her to make a triduum in honor of the Holy Trinity invoking Padre Pio's intercession for a cure. She went to the dentist who was to remove a number of teeth before the operation could take place.
He was surprised to find her tongue completely healed, and immediately called in Doctor Marchetti, who as soon as he had seen her dismissed her from the hospital, declaring her completely cured.At the beginning 1925, Signora Preziosi Paolina, the mother of five, developed first bronchitis which then turned into pneumonia.

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