A lottery winner was killed the day after his scratch-off ticket won, prompting questions about the need to protect the privacy and identity of these often very highly publicized lottery winners. Lottery winner Urooj Khan of Chicago posed with his winning lottery ticket in this undated image.
Phoenix — The privacy rights of lottery winners are receiving new scrutiny after the recent poisoning of lottery winner Urooj Khan in Chicago, who appears to have been killed the day after his $1 million scratch-off ticket won.The varying options for lottery winners were highlighted after the recent $588 million Powerball jackpot. Lawmakers in Michigan and New Jersey think so, proposing bills to allow anonymity because winners are prone to falling victim to scams, shady businesses, greedy distant family members and violent criminals looking to shake them down. The Valero Corner Store in Fort Worth, North Texas has sold a winning ticket to the lottery, reports say. The win is confirmed on the Texas lottery website, which also mentions that the winning numbers are 8, 14, 27, 30, 47 and 51.
As you know, the store located on 1400 block, Bryant Irvin Road, off of Interstate 20, is getting a portion of the win.

Whoever bought the ticket is expected at the Texas Lottery Commission headquarters in Austin, as regulations specify in the cases of tickets worth over $1 million (€ 750,000). The Cook County medical examiner said on Monday that Khan was killed via cyanide poisoning on July 20, 2012, one day after he collected nearly $425,000 in lottery winnings. Some states require the winner to appear at a press conference, like Missouri winners Mark and Cindy Hill did on Nov.
28 drawing: A Missouri couple appeared at a press conference and held up the traditional giant-sized check. 30.Arizona and other states allow winners not to appear in public, but their names can be obtained through public records laws. The Arizona winner, however, skipped the press conference where lottery officials announced last month that someone had claimed the second half of the prize. The differing approach to releasing information on the winners reflects a broader debate that is playing out in state Legislatures and lottery offices nationwide: Should the winners' names be secret? Others argue that appearing at a news conference helps defuse media interest because the winner is available to answer questions that satisfy the media's interest in telling their stories.In Michigan, Republican state Sen.

It didn't pass, but in arguing for it, he cited cases where lottery winners were shot and killed because of their newfound wealth.A Florida woman was convicted last month of first-degree murder after she befriended a man who won a $30 million jackpot in 2006. Prosecutors said she took control of his assets, killed him, buried him in her yard and poured a concrete slab above the grave.An effort in New Jersey by Democratic Sen. Jim Whelan took a middle ground between public release and privacy, calling for a one-year delay in releasing winners' names. It also didn't make it out of the Legislature last year, but he said he'll keep pressing to get it passed.Whelan said a one-year delay would give winners a chance to adjust while still keeping the public disclosure lotteries say they need.

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