A major publisher -- McGraw-Hill -- has drafted new social studies textbooks for K-12 students in Texas that teach denial of climate change. In response to pressure from Climate Parents and allies including the National Center for Science Education and Texas Freedom Network, every publisher except McGraw-Hill has taken steps to fix misinformation and inaccuracies about climate change. HW #31: Intro to the DerivativeTo be completed after the first day of learning about the derivative. Have a Great Spring Break!!I have posted all Chapter 6 (trig ) test grades to Engrade (posted on Sunday). HW #14: Sine and Cosine TransformationsGraph 2 of the functions from the following page (Page 396 #29-42 ).
REVIEW FOR THE CHAPTER 6 TEST:While I will not CHECK this HW, these are the problems that I would suggest doing to review for the Chapter 6 Test on Friday. Unit Test on Conic Sections will be TuesdayJust a reminder that your conic sections test will be moved to Tuesday (Feb 18th) because of Thursday's snow storm.
HW #5 - 8 (40 points).The following is the Homework that will be due the day of the test (Thursday Feb 13th). Suggestion for tonight…Finish the midterm from 2013 and come with any lingering questions. MIDTERM PREP MATERIALS:All midterm prep materials are available online under the Honors Precalculus Tab titled "Midterm Review".
To Study for the Unit Test on ThursdayRemember that I will be collecting HW 37-43 on Thursday. HW #34: Hypothesis Testing for ProportionsHanded out in class (2nd period-some of you might have only taken the one page, but there were 2 pages - the printer didn't double side them unfortunately). Reminder: Quiz tomorrow!1st Period, please come straight to class so that you can start your quiz. HW #6: Review problems for the quiz (Due Tuesday - the day of the quiz)Complete the review problems that we started in class (Link below). 6, 7, 21, 25, 37, 40, 41, 45, 49Also read section 2.5 (we will go over even and odd functions tomorrow so you can skip that part).Don't have your book yet?
This page contains resources for all my science classes including Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Biology.
Familiarize yourself with the online book content.  These pages contain everything from videos and flashcards to review quizzes and are great ways to study for tests if you need a little extra help. Link to ONLINE resources for a newer version of your textbook (NOTE: Chapters may be a bit out of order. The concepts of physical and chemical change have been treated in a variety of ways in textbooks.

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Since Texas is the nation’s second largest buyer of textbooks, books produced for the state are often sold nationwide.
Unless McGraw-Hill corrects factual errors about climate change -- including obscuring the overwhelming scientific consenus -- in its textbooks, students across the country could be denied accurate information about the biggest global challenge their generation will face.Sign the petition below to tell McGraw-Hill to immediately correct all factual errors about climate change in social studies textbooks. Complete #1-9 ODD.Definition of the Derivative (complete 1-9 ODD)Stuck on the derivative of a square root function? You may NOT use the internet, your peers, teachers, parents, etc.Don't forget to copy all answers neatly to the answer sheet. 5 will be on Friday, April 11th for all classes (there will be 1-2 review problems from Ch.
Your conic sections projects will be posted under a new tab under Honors Precalculus called "Conic Sections Projects."Have a restful break!
Make sure the group member names are included in your project.***If you have a file bigger than that (like a movie).
Again you certainly don’t need to do them all but I would do enough so you feel comfortable. Use the materials below, and your notes to review.HW #44-47 will be checked - Have your HW Journal In Order (with the HW NUMBER LABELING EACH HW)The Quiz will be 17 Multiple Choice Questions. Video of some solutions to 3 problems below are also posted.Solutions to HW 40Though the problems below won't be checked, these problems would have been the problems from after today's class. Complete exercises:#6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 23, 41, 53, 55, 57In addition, be sure to watch the video that I have posted online below where I have taught tomorrow's lesson.
Also, don't forget that we will be doing course evaluations tomorrow in class for the first 10-15 minutes. Derive the Quadratic Formula (link below if you need clear notes on how to do it)!Quad Formula Derived. NO HOMEWORK Tonight (unless you decide to try the extra credit)Remember to bring in your extra credit assignment to class the next time that we meet.
You should try to come right at 8:10AM if you can, so that you have sufficient time to finish the quiz.
The Texas State Board of Education is reviewing drafts of these books now, and will decide at its November 21 meeting whether to approve final versions. Bring a thumb drive with the video or post it to youtube (privately) and send me the link.***If you used prezi or some other media source that has a link, email me the link.*** If you made a poster, bring it in! I will check it at your desk while you complete the quiz.Start by rereading concepts to deepen your understanding.

The world's largest solar plant started making electricity today in California using a principle very similar to the one we used in my demonstration on Wednesday.
Remember that you can complete your homework on any paper that you want and can submit your homework in a 2 pocket folder (when homework is collected).
If you decide to do it at home tonight than you can take the first 10-15 minutes of class to do what you like tomorrow. Do these without a calculator as it is the only way to practice this for the quiz on Tuesday.
1 and 2)Remember to bring your HW journal to class with the review packet in the HW journal.
This is not to say that these problems are easy (in fact, some are quite difficult), but this first homework is a great way to warm back up into some key mathematics principles. Make sure to practice the Law of Cosines (6.6 as I didn't assign a specific HW from that section). Or you can keep using your homework journal if you prefer (it's up to you).You only need to correct the portion of the problem that you got a wrong if it is a long problem.
I will give you 1 BONUS POINT on your last quiz if you fill out the worksheet below for Usain Bolt's regression and use the derivative to calculate Usain Bolt's max speed in MPH for his record breaking run. Be sure to review HW exercises, the review packet and your notes to help you succeed on this test! If you struggle with any particular concepts try some extra ones from the Chapter 4 Review.
Do your best, try every problem, and make sure to complete the HW in your HW journal with the HW "title" at the top of the page (i.e.
Also, be sure to be able to graph and transform the 12 basic functions without a calculator!
Below is the link to the pages from the textbookHW #5Section 2.5 pages (even and odd functions). When was physical and chemical change first taught and is it still appropriate to teach this topic? Below is the link to the pages from the textbook.HW #2 Textbook PagesPeriod 2 Precalculus - recall that you can skip problem #7.

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