As the fall sports season gets underway, high school coaches in Illinois will be taking classes on concussion reduction thanks to a new bill signed by Governor Pat Quinn last week. The law, which took effect immediately, requires the Illinois High School Association to create a free online course that schools’ athletic staff members have to complete every two years on preventing and detecting concussions.
Additionally, the new law requires student athletes to watch a video outlining the dangers of head injuries and then sign a concussion awareness form before they can participate in a sport. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 175,000 children suffer sports-related concussions each year. A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a blow to the head or other excessive force. Fears about the long-term effect of concussions – for football players in particular – have become an area of extreme concern from youth leagues to the pros.
A recent study of collegiate football players found that players who had suffered a concussion or had been playing the sport for many years had smaller hippocampal volume, an area of the brain crucial to memory.
For more information on preventing and detecting concussions, the CDC offers this guide for parents of student athletes.
One particularly scary situation for a new coach happens in your head as least as often as it happens in reality, and that’s the “What on earth do I say now?” scenario. SPECIAL BONUS — If you would like step-by-step blueprints for generating a massive income from high paying coaching clients, I invite you to claim your FREE ACCESS to the “Life Coach Salary Secrets” video toolkit.
An athletic competition.This new(ish) style of training is quickly creeping into nearly every gym across the nation. Whether it be an individual taking up the entire gym for his circuit training madness, or a full blown class kipping their way to ripped glory, one thing is certain. CrossFit is all around us.
Considering the highly varied demands of the competition, I figured two very specialized (one aerobic and one anaerobic) athletes would have us covered.

Crossfit’s most unique specialty may in fact be their complete lack of specialties in general. Going in to the competition I was under the impression that two high level and specialized athletes would more than hold their own. While my guys did not compete as well as we had hoped, it was a great experience and tons of fun. Your average gym goer thinks of crossfit as a room full of people doing things like kipping squats or handstand curls. Similarly, the misconception that (most) crossfitters posses also tend to be due to misunderstanding.
Obviously they do not lack an understanding of crossfit, like the other group, but rather they lack an understanding of what fitness really is. Now, maybe I cheated by using Addrian as an example though, as the man is an absolute freak. To help you what I want to tell you think about a powerlifter, marathon runner, 100m sprinter and a CrossFitter and give them tasks to test their fitness (if you want to find the fittest not the best skilled in any specific sport). Yes you will find the CrossFitter not often in 1st place, but will the marathon runner beat the CrossFitter in deadlifts?
And breaking down that the most people have a very poor notion of what CrossFit really is (and isn’t). Sports Training Notebooks offer the best industry printing and feature full page diagrams for laying out training diagrams and in depth note-taking for your sport. An injury to the brain, which may or may not lead to a loss of consciousness, can impair a person’s physical, cognitive and even emotional behaviors for days or weeks, according to health experts.
Sooey Leave a Comment I keep a little list of life coach tips posted on the wall in my office.

It dovetails very nicely with the “What if I’m not good enough?” concern so prevalent among new coaches in particular. If you are truly committed you won’t let anything, including your fear, get in the way. If you’ve been paying attention to what your client has been saying, the right words will come through you.
Track meets, Powerlifting competitions, and various other sporting events, I’ve been blessed enough to experience nearly every popular sport there is. It is hard to walk into any facility and not catch someone partaking in their daily WOD (workout of the day).
You started to compare things you can’t really compare, like fitness and skill in a sport (football). If you find yourself getting freaked out either by not knowing what to say or by the fear that you won’t know what to say, do you remember what you need to remember? Give them a bunch of tasks you think would be a well rounded test of fitness (oh how about the CrossFit games, they test so many different things) create a table and see who gets how many points..
But it helped me out a lot in the past when I got in a panic on a call because I didn’t know what to do next. With that said though, it is easy to see why so many harsh feelings are directed towards the sport. -The unfounded beliefs that their sport (or training) is best.
Do you ever find yourself in that situation?Maybe my list of life coach tips will help you out sometime.

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