Dwariko died in April 2010 and it was her wish that this creative work continued to be available to others. Note: for those familiar with the set, the large decks of cards are not currently available for sale.
As for the book, we think that’s pretty mind-blowing too, and not surprisingly, so did the kids who got a first look at it last week.
The book gets kids excited about STEM education and science exploration by putting your kid at the center of the story. It features a child (who coincidentally looks a lot like your own child and even has the same name) finding his or her way home from somewhere in the galaxy, getting closer and closer, with photos on the pages that look increasingly familiar. First your kid will get a view of his home country from space, and then start to recognize landmarks in your home state, city, and finally, an actual satellite shot of your home and neighborhood.
Like, here, we show you what a sample page would look like as your explorer arrives home to either Brooklyn, DuPont Circle, or Santa Monica. We’ve now learned the essential elements, thanks in part to the party-planning genius of Billie Christie and her ace team at Jargon Media. Thanks so much to our amazing partner, the indie publishers at Lost My Name, and their fantastic new personalized story, The Intergalactic Journey Home.
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This is a much loved set, co-created in New Zealand by Catherine Cook and Dwariko von Sommaruga.It is imbued with the wit and warmth of their friendship, their interest in spiritual reflection being part of everyday life and their belief that everyday life makes available the extraordinary. However, if people have lost or damaged large cards, individual cards can be replaced at a cost of $10.00 each in any currency inclusive of shipping.
They were about the most beautifully conceived, perfectly executed, personalized books for kids we had ever seen.
Plus, what kid doesn’t want to feel like the most important person in the whole universe?
Mini ice cream in the teeniest, cutest little ice cream cones you’ve ever seen which means kids can justify asking their parents if they can eat six or seven of them. A massive craft station for creating your own 3-D galaxies and rockets and alien monster whatevers. It’s our pleasure to help get the word out about books that get kids excited about reading, science, exploring and learning all at once.
Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings take on attributes of Innocence, Awakening, Creating and Resolving. This contains in-depth descriptions of the cards, meditations, stories, visualisations and ideas for tarot spreads.

The bag was featured in the Spring 2008 ad campaign that included actress Kirsten Dunst (see inside).Dig the tote? In today’s digital world, even the print copy of texts alludes to the ever changing and amazing abilities of modern technology. I agree, this book would make a good gift for children, particularly those interested in STEM based topics. I hated the way Madhoo wore it and although Tina does better by wearing a churidaar, there is just too much beige going on for my taste.
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