I see this list as being positive for lawyers and perhaps in particular law students.  While law students should strive to do well in school and take advantage of opportunities such as internships, law review, and moot court, ultimately, whether a person is at the very top of their class or has achieved certain status markers in law school does not correlate with their long-term happiness. At Marquette, an array of practical, skills-based course offerings, mentoring opportunities, and academic success programs increase students’ sense of competency and provide autonomy support.  Eckstein Hall’s open-concept design also encourages students to connect with each other and faculty, fostering relationships among those in the building. Scientists have actually been able to demonstrate that happiness is not the opposite of unhappiness. The problem with the newest study of happiness, I think, is that it emphasizes beliefs and attitudes rather than social conditions and relationships.

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But clients with money who leave me alone to do my work for them is what makes me happiest as a lawyer. Dean Kearney has gone a long way to make Marquette a special place for learning and friend making.

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