The Monster at the End of This Book is an animated, interactive storybook a€“ the paperback version of which has been around since I was a kida€“A and whether the $3.99 is worth it for the story that takes roughly 8 minutes to get through will depend on your kid and their love of Sesame characters and YOUR tolerance of hearing Grover scream, as that 8 minutes can loop into an hour or more of repeat readings. I found a perfect Grover stuffed toy (which took some hunting as there are a lot of just a smidge odd looking ones) and read it to my kids doing my best Grover voice with the toy trying to stop pages and climbing on their heads.
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Anyway, if your kids (or YOU) are fans of Sesame and Grover in particular, or if you want to re-live a childhood memory, pick up The Monster at the End of This Book ($3.99 iTunes). But this somewhat limited interaction is more than enough, as the REAL star of the story is Grover, and he is well-voiced by Eric Jacobson.
For those of you who are slightly younger and can tolerate Elmo, there is also the Elmo-themed sequel, Another Monster at the End of This Book ($3.99) , which I found to be somewhat derivative.

My kids are now just on the far edge of being too old for this kind of thing, yet they laughed out loud at Grover’s panicked freaking out.

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