The Power of Positive Thinking helps us see the opportunities all around us, and gives us the courage to take action when the moments of truth arise.
Success, Accomplishment, and Achievements all stem from action, Positive Thinking is not enough, it’s the actions we take where the seeds of success are planted and nurtured… Day in and day out, one day after another, the results of our actions stack one on top of another and the Positive Thinkers wound up creating totally different lives than the negative thinkers. This is what Monalle is here for, for you, the Positive Thinker who desires a safe haven to recharge, to refuel and reset your determination day after day.
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The Power Of Positive Thinking Introduction B efore the manuscript of The Power of Positive Thinking was delivered to the publish- ers,” Dr.
The Power Of Positive Thinking - tion, and things will come out all right.” He pulled himself up, stood quietly for a moment, then said with considerable feeling, “Okay, Doctor.
Norman Vincent Peale wrote a short book that forever changed the way we think about personal development. Richard Wiseman of the United Kingdom spent ten years researching the effects of Positive Thinking in the lives of over 400 test subjects.

Thanks for viewing "The power of positive thinking ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. Peale and I sat in our living room re- viewing the years of preparation and writing of this book. He added, “It seems incred- Of the various causes of inferiority feelings, not a few stem from childhood. Many times I felt the message of the book was given to me by inspiration, for, as I wrote, I always struggled to understand the needs of people.” The Power of Positive Thinking has been translated into 40 languages and sold more than 20 million copies.
It retains the techniques and examples from the original text, which demonstrate that you can can be full of joy and satisfaction.
It is a philosophy of faith that does not ignore life’s problems, but rather explains a practical approach to life’s full potential. It is a system of creative living based on spiritual techniques, and its operation is demonstrated in the lives of thousands of people. I drank cod-liver oil, consumed vast numbers of milk shakes, chocolate sundaes, cakes and pies, but they did not affect me in the slightest. We offer this condensed edition because these are timeless truths that will work today and tomorrow.

The powerful principles contained here are given to us by the greatest Teacher who ever lived and still lives. In the second place, practically every member of my family was a public speaker, and that was the last thing I wanted to be. Without a humble but reasonable importance of this mental attitude, this book will help you believe in yourself and release your inner powers. After a convention, a man approached me and asked, “May I talk with you about a matter of desperate importance to me?” We went backstage and sat down. I listened to your speech tonight about the power of positive thinking, and I want to ask how I can get some faith in myself.” “There are two steps,” I replied.

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