One faithful day at work, I was on a€?hall way dutya€? (making sure the kids went to class and not played around all morning). At some point, the conversation made it to the proposition of a€?making sure one pray every daya€? for whatever particular reason. As a practice, prayer is the setting of an intention; it is not a plea, but a resolution, and that resolution takes many forms. When people pray, they are either praying a€?outside of themselvesa€? or a€?within themselvesa€?. Even if prayer doesna€™t a€?change thingsa€?, they can sometimes have the power to a€?change youa€? or even a€?change how you feela€?. Although there are studies that show prayer as being a€?ineffectivea€?, there are also studies that show prayer as being a worthwhile force of peace and healing.
The Power of Prayer Throughout the Bible, you see all sorts of stories illustrating the power of prayer. The measure we develop our hidden life is a measure of how well we will do in our outer life. A student known more for her maddening behavior than using common sense came through the hallway.

I didna€™t find it hilarious because of the lack of religious context within the young persona€™s life.
Whatever that form, the psychology that underlies prayer issues forth from two fairly distinct perspectives. One study held in Mozambique noted the healing effects of prayer on the a€?sick and shut ina€? [3]. It doesna€™t matter if one believes in Elohim, Karma, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pastafarian), prayer will always be seen as that effective practice of reaching out for forces that have more power and promise that we may have within ourselves. As she lumbered down the hallway (she is obesea€¦I apologize), she seemed to have an attitude. Yet, they all fall back into looking at one respective practice as having some seen power: prayer.
Although the sample was small, the results were heavily consistent and powerful (making the results worthwhile). However, prayer can even help focus on the being within to help harness the power that you already possess to do the things you need to do (call it a form of meditation).
There have even been studies that show how prayer reduces anger and pushes for reappraisal [4].

Our intentions alongside our actions are all prayers and this was our focus this week during our midweek check in via the church I’ve been attending lately and it is a beautiful reminder. Secondly, to pray, one must humbly go before a power that they feel is greater than themselves. However one wants to toss it up, it all will fall down as prayer being an effective means to making some peoplea€™s lives better.
This reality is what also led me to the Unitarian church as I needed a way to identify, recognize and embrace the divinity that was within me and my fellow brother and sister. Too hard to explain without going down a rabbit hole that might take me 2 hours I do not have. For many people, a lack of receiving the answers that they wanted leads to a life of misery.

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